Karate de Okinawa, base dos estilos

Karate of Okinawa, base styles Currently, most of the contentes that we see out there Karate, is of Japonese origin The Japan helped yes, to expand Karate, expand their knowledge, their doctrine But the foundation of everything, came from a small island called Okinawa What is the relevance of that? Above all, we argue that Karate is Karate, although school The important thing is you know the ideal behind each of them The Okinawa Karate is, and has Always been oriented to self defense of its practitioners Okinawa was a Strong point in passing shipping route And with that, martial systems fighters from around the world fighting systems Eventually meet, and put into practice, put on test your knowledge The first masters were those who delved into a combat system They tested more strictly their knowledge, so organizing ideas, concepts Being born three big great schools in Okinawa That went Shuri-Te, Tomari-Te and Naha-Te Based on the Goju Ryu is based in Naha-Te But its spread was the deeping of the creator in the White crane style A kung fu style, he can study a little more on their trips for China The supplement may bring a softness to the most rigid style we met in Okinawa A Strong brand of Karate, Katas Which are set defenses moviments and attacks Be impact, projection, floor The important thing is to study the purpose of each movement Le targeting their applications Kata is an open book Where the practitioner has to get past knowledge and add your martial experiences So he can understand what to do and how to do Another feature of Okinawa Karate bases high because they are more natural Equipment for muscle building and burst gain movements Technical short distance you can Staple your opponent, design, twist Between techniques on pressure points, such as the eyes and throat The Karate in Okinawa is not only more physical activity is not a sport, it is a cultural thing It is something you get to do to undertand and remains because becomes part of you a lifestyle

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