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Hello and welcome. I’m Bruno Bandelier, the karate teacher of the net. And today I want to talk meditation. So, you are free to download, I’ve prepared a deep meditation week. So you go to the site, you click. You leave me your email address, and I send you a week of meditation. You will receive the “mp3” meditation you access to a one-week training. Here. So why I wanted to talk about meditation, and why this is important in Karate, but also in your life: “meditation” ? So, without specifically be a very meditating and then … meditate for hours. There is no need that to … But meditation is important. You brush your teeth every day, right? Wash your teeth every day because you have impurities in the teeth, everything. And if you do not wash your teeth, well, here, your teeth will spoil. And yet you do not wash your mind. Every day, your mind: you store things, full head. So in Karate in addition, we learn many things. You will store things full head. You store, you store … And you imagine your brain, like a “cup”. Well, your brain is a cup of coffee, and you is a cup with dirty water because that by: you think you have lots of thoughts in all directions. So we will consider that such thoughts are parasites. You want to focus on something, and you, you have all these stray thoughts. So you have dirty water. And you come up with fresh news thoughts and you put in clean water. What is happening ? In the cup, the water is still dirty, it overflows everywhere. Can not really stay focused. It is an image that I give you. Can not stay focused because you put new thoughts, are mixed with old, everything is mixed. Occasionally, it is necessary … We must empty these thoughts that are in your subconscious. Okay ? Yeah, in your head and you need to empty these thoughts, so as to recover further, so you can focus on new things. And it feels really good. Meditation, wholesale, that’s it, is try not to think about anything. So it’s not easy. What you can do is every day, at least … go, five minutes, five or ten minutes in the morning. This is not bad in the morning. You close your eyes, and you try to put yourself in a situation where you do not think of anything. So it’s not easy, and it does not mean that we must fight against the thoughts that happen. When you have thoughts, do not say “no, I do not want it.” You look at them go, but you do not hang on you. When you have thoughts that happen to you, because you will see in full, you do not hang on you. But of course, at first you’ll think of something, and suddenly, you think, you think … And after a while: “I’m thinking about it.” “Ok! I think no more.” Then, as and you’ll get used removing at As thoughts, you’ll realize that you have less and less. And sometimes you’ll find you for two to three minutes “That’s two to three minutes I do not think about anything.” It makes a world of good. You’ll see that empty head, it feels really good. So, train yourself to do it, five or ten minutes every day. And you will see that you will have a much easier after when you focus on something, when you have a task to do a Kata to learn, you will get there. And even if you have thoughts that come from elsewhere, since you, you get out of work, because I do not know … well, you have thoughts. Well there you put on your Kata and you’ll have a lot more, this habit to empty the head, and go on your Kata. And to have an empty head. And this approach, learning to meditate, even if it is not … I do not ask you to put yourself in the position of “lotus” or anything. It’s not that. It really internalize all that, listen to everything that is happening around you, but you hang in there. That, like: you are … you hear something … But you will not hang you, you do not reflect, You do not think. You have thoughts that cross your mind, but do not you hang it. You do not think about it. They only spend, watching them pass. Okay ? Try to train yourself to do this: to look at the thoughts pass. And to listen to what is happening around you, but think about it, here. Your head is empty, and no longer in reflection. In fact, you let your mind rest. It washes mind you, but in addition, that you rest the mind. So try to do that. You will see that it really will do you good. It will allow you to concentrate much better in Karate. So to move through it. You will see as you progress in Karate. And even in your everyday life, it will do you good because when you have a task to do, a job to do, you will get far better to concentrate. To remain what is called: to be “focus” on something. Focus on something, and not have the cup is full of dirty water each time. You empty your cup. When doing meditation in fact, you empty your cup of dirty water, and you arrive with your new thoughts … new, all beautiful and all clean. And then you get to work, and stay focused on the goal that you have. Here ! Listen! I hope this short video you enjoyed. Do what I told you. Work every day, five to ten minutes of meditation in the morning. It feels really good. And once: you say, five minutes of meditation, you empty the head. And then, you are five minutes when you think about what you did the day before. And then what you have to do in the day, your goals for the day. And then it’s gone. You get up. I hope you like this video. I invite you to subscribe to the channel, to receive a video every morning. At breakfast, I send you a short video like this, or a purely technical video or Kihon Kata, we’ll see. And so this video, you think a friend might look at her and she could please him, well, share it here. On Facebook, YouTube, … whatever. Here, you click “Like” and you share. I say “very soon” on karate-blog.net and Karate 3G. And tomorrow morning. Bye !

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  1. Bonjour j'ai commencé la pratique du karaté en septembre dernier. Tes vidéos vont m'aider à progresser plus vite et à faire de cet art un art de vivre. Je te remercie pour tes vidéos et tes e-books, et pour ta générosité. J'ai aussi pu travailler mes katas grâce a tes videos pour mes passages de ceinture cette année et Ca m'a beaucoup aidé.

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