Karate-Blog.net fête ses 5 ans – Merci !

Hello. I BANDELIER Bruno, Professor of net Karate, creator of karate-blog.net and karate3G method. And today I am a little sad because you forgot to wish me my birthday. Actually, no! I am very happy and it’s not my birthday, but the anniversary of karate-blog.net. It is not even today. It was there two or three days and were really head to the grindstone, we, and we do not even realize. It has been five years karate-blog.net exist five years KBN exist. And I wanted to make this little video to thank you because really without you, we could not; without you, karate-blog.net would not exist. There would be no comments, it would not interest. The advantage comes from the fact that there are readers KBN. There are people who train with KBN and with 3G karate method. And that is what allows me to move forward,
This is what motivates us. You should know that KBN, in five years, it is 670 000 visits. It’s getting a lot 670,000 visits. It seemed to me at the beginning, I would not have believed. 2.5 million page views. So it’s great, I’m really happy. And you are 17 400 members at present to KBN who are on the lists KBN is great. It is also present on Facebook. We have a Facebook page where, unfortunately, you are only 1,800 fans on the Facebook page. So you have to come to this page to click “Like” for you to be much more because you are 17 000 members on this site. So good, I know everyone is not Facebook, but you must be more than 1800. So all those Facebook, do not hesitate, come and click “Like” on the Facebook page. I’ve put the link just below the video. Otherwise there is also a Facebook group where there can be discussed. You can come and discuss. You are 3800 members. It is also present on YouTube. It has a YouTube channel, the karate-blog.net chain where there you are 3700 subscribers, and we will soon reach 1 million views. It is 915 thousand views, so it’s great. Listen, thank you. I will continue to make videos. We are preparing new videos and then hopefully that we will be able to continue for years as As you know, I had already explained, I quit my job to devote myself entirely to karate-blog.net and 3G karate method. So the more you will be busy and then I would have more chance to continue as since then, for the moment, I took a year of availability. I hope I can continue full years and then I’m going to continue working with you. So the more you will know karate-blog.net, the more you will know karate 3G and I can continue to make videos, both free videos that paid courses; but now, more I could bring to everyone, to all those who want to learn karate with me or who want to learn karate. So in the meantime I wanted for these five years, thank you. It’s really great that you are here all the time. So thank you. I wanted to show my gratitude. We’re doing you new videos. We’re you prepare programs Trainings by belt, complete programs that is, the beginning of programs to black belt. So there will be a program from beginner to yellow belt; yellow belt to orange belt; orange belt, green belt; green belt, blue belt, the blue to brown After the training program for black belt. As each, depending on its level, will be able to choose a program and be able to train. So, I hope that we will be able to take them out, out these programs by one or two weeks or so. For five years, and to thank you for your support, I wanted to make a short video presentation of my new Dojo (Dojo studio, that we will call it that), my new Dojo studio and then you have a little bit, that’s where I work; Behind the scenes, in fact, KBN and 3G karate. So I invite you to follow me. So I will introduce our new Dojo. We put the floor mat. This is the Dojo that will allow us to all videos
one does. It was bought with the camera that you are filming. This is an HD camera that allows us to really shoot in high definition. We put a green screen. I put the lamps. So you see, I put the lamps on each side that allow me to have a lighting much more professional than I usually have. So far, I still was filming with my phone. Right now, this will be much better. I also purchased Bob. So I present to you Bob. Bob, will allow me, in the videos, to show you where you have to strike; to show you a little typing zones and all that when I do the videos. So Bob will often accompany me in the videos. Otherwise, the green screen, the big advantage of this green screen is that it allows me, in fact, be both in a Dojo then with one click, I find myself with a classic protection Dojo with gray protections and everything. And if I want, I make a click and then I find myself at the seaside, or so in the mountains and then come back to the Dojo. This is what’s great with the green screen. And, I can also be accompanied by myself, Here, returning with me. Hello Bruno. Yes, that’s the big advantage of the green screen is that there can be multiple Bruno to work on the same video. Well, I do not think we will
videos where one is the same two above. It was just to have a little bit of humor and then that’s it. I’ll take you to see the rest of the company. So I let you go with Bruno. He’s going to show you the rest of the company. It will show you the offices. So I let you go with him. So, I make you into my office. Here, the company’s offices where they settled temporarily. I think after we will settle near our Dojo there because it has room for offices, but this is still not possible now. So that’s where we work. Usually Margot is there. There she is behind the camera. It can not be everywhere. And me, I work here. I have my
computer and then that’s where we do all mounts; edits videos that we do; I prepare all the comments sections. Everything I do, I do it from my computer here. Here, look, again, I you
sincere thanks for your presence karate-blog.net and 3G karate. It is thanks to you that we manage to do all this and it is thanks to you that we will get to expand the business to continue to develop karate Internet. Again, thank you and tell you in a year, in two years, three years and I hope in ten years, and in 50 years still on
karate-blog.net and 3G karate. Bye.

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  1. Bonjour et bon anniversaire à Karate-blog.netun grand merci pour l'effort pédagogique apporté aux vidéos ce qui m'a permis de largement mieux comprendre et progresser [email protected]+ jluc

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