Karate-Blog.net au JT 12/13 de France 3 Champagne-Ardennes

Finally a forceful comeback: with these online karate courses a professor of LANGRES offers
train home this free educational tool has already attracted over 15,000 subscribers worldwide. Bruno Bandelier is our guest! Thank you for being with us. Welcome back to your 12/12 and welcome on France 3 Champagne-Ardenne And performing the tatami to start on the right foot this
back and if you put yourself the Karate from home! If if
possible thanks to Bruno Bandelier Hello. Thank you for being with us.
other then you are teacher graduate Karate Club de Langres.
3rd Dan black belt and you offer online courses. What is it about ? in fact, I created Karate-blog.net for people who do Karate revise and progress faster alternating current to the dojo and courses at home, and those who do not do karate, learn karate to make them want to do And to understand, we will immediately see a clip. We’ll talk in just after There, right away, you release and then you turn your arm and you come back. So it is: clearance backwards … I pulled my hips back I maintain the strength here. I do not go like this, I maintain the strength here and everything that happens here, happens on the arm. And I bring, and there goes the arms above the head and knock Tettsui Okay ? Come on, back there And then you explain the Heian Shodan You talk a lot finally what is the concept? What is your method? In fact I do the current video in the same way as I would to my students So actually, I tend to explain everything in detail, visualize the defect that could have and explain so
someone on camera can self-correct and progress in As In fact it’s really karate classes. It’s not fair demonstrations It must already have the basics of Karate or your site even when intended for novices? Yes ! In fact when you arrive on site, there is a heading “beginner” where I put a specific training program for beginners with the very first course: how to make a basic punch a kicking and therefore the courses are followed A beginner may well take lessons and evolve progressively. Of course there is no confrontation with someone else therefore, it is better to go together as a club How did the idea? There was a real demand? In fact, I always thought it was
practice at home in addition to courses in the dojo and I wanted to create the site Karate Club de Langres I created the website and wanted
Karate to their courses in video and looking on the internet I’ve realized that there was not, it did not exist. include some courses but there is no real site So I decided to create my own site Is karate-blog.net. I called the crystal clear karate because … I say all I know. I hide nothing, I tell everything I know … I have no taboo After I do not know everything but I know I say There we saw a running club with students face to face. It’s not just the limit of your site will not be able to correct them directly? Actually, yes and no because the gros’avantage Video is that already in the videos, when I
the fact I really this feeling of a student
front of me and it’s still of course I
usually do so I know the mistakes they will do and I say this in the videos. I mention the common mistakes that students make and explain how not to do and how to fix them. And the advantage of video is that the student can watch it 10 times, 100 times if he wants and each time get back the explanation. And students from around the world, you tell me … Oh yes ! Good, especially in the Francophone world … In France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada And I have many students the Maghreb, Africa because they have problems … them … they do not often resorts. There are places where they do not have a club. so it allows them to discover karate. But yes I have students from around the world, and who write to me … Many thank you Bruno Bandelier for accepting our invitation. Thank you for coming to us. I recall that your online karate classes are available for free on the site karate-blog.net

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