Karate Bag | Martial Arts Gear Bag | What’s In My Martial Arts Bag?

Welcome to Ultimate Male Academy! In this video I’m going to do a review on Karate Bag or Martial Arts Gear Bag. This bag is perfectly for anyone who is looking for a bag to carry your gear
for your Taekwondo Muay Thai Krav Maga or whatever martial arts that you practice. Now you’re looking for a bag to carry your gears. This bag is
perfectly for you. What I like about this bag is that it has a shoe
compartment. As I open this compartment, as you can see, you can store
your sandals, flipflop, or shoes in here As I pull this out, this is very lengthy
which means that if you shoes that is big, you will be able to put
your shoes in this bag. What’s good about this compartment is
that it has two zipper. Now the next compartment is the front compartment.
Not only that it has the logo that’s why I love, but this has a
compartment where I can store my phone . I put my phone in here. I also put my
mouth guard in this compartment. I also put my keys in here, and I’ve
my little training knives in this compartment. I can store
a lot of stuff in this little compartment for me to easily access to it. This compartment has
one zipper and also a string. Here is the biggest compartment that I can store a
lot of gears and a lot of stuff in it. What is in my martial arts bag? I will show you what I
have in here. The biggest compartment has two zippers. In here
what I have is I my focus mitts. You can put your hand wraps into this biggest
compartment. I also have this little jump rope and my belt. These are the finger gloves, boxing gloves fake gun, and training blade. I also have my water bottle that I put it in here. Inside the bag it also have another compartment where you can store
whatever that you want Warrios! Make sure to get your karate
bag or your martial arts gear bag. It’s on sale right now for $34.99
including free shipping within USA Click the link below, and it will take
you to the website where you can purchase this incredible gear bag for your martial arts

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