Today, I will explain you why he should stop attacking me with an Oi Zuki. Traditionally in Kihon Ippon Kumite, he goes down in Hidari Gedan Barai, he announced the strike : Oi Zuki Jodan Oi Zuki Shudan, Mae Geri, Mawashi Geri Yoko Geri … After we go on Ippon Kumite, we are in guard both of us, then in Jyu Ippon we move. but the Oi Zuki is a technique that is done all the time, at all levels. Unfortunately, this is a technique that will never happen, for example outside the dojo. No one will be attacked with an Oi Zuki. There is no such thing. Having someone attacks you in Oi Zuki is fine in the dojo to learn what? To learn not to be afraid, learn to manage your footworks, learning to be in the right time, but that’s all. After, change the attacks. For example, it can attack me with a hook punch, by a double grabs of my lapels and butt head, in low kick, grabbing my jacquet, where he can pull, or he can also push… We need to defend ourselves against those techniques. These are techniques that exist outside and that is almost never done in dojo because we are attacking our partner only with Oi Zuki and codified techniques. If you spend 99% of our time practicing against attacks that we never used outside the dojo, I personally do not see any interest. I rather spend 99% of my time to train against attacks that can happen and hope that I will have never to use it. I’m not against the traditional side, especially must spend at the beginning when you are beginner. He attacks, absorption, striking, I come, that’s fine. You have to go through that. But then we ahem to change,
you must not be stuck on it. Or you’re gonna remain stucked in something that never evolves. And you never evolve in your karate and it will only be effective on a tatami, as against a partner who will attack you with codified techniques and the rest, you will not be what to do. If you like the video, show it to me by liking it, leave a comment. See you soon for another video. Thanks for you time.

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