Karate (4-6) Angles

Ya ever feel the world is weighing you down You’ll never be a cool kid in this… town
Well I’ve got news for you my friend This is the beginning… It’s not the end [PRE-CHORUS]
I gotta change it Turn this day around…and around and around [CHORUS]
Forty-five Ninety One-thirty Five You will feel alive
One Eight Oh
to two-twenty-five
As you shuck and jive two – hundred seventy
feelin’ rather heavenly and three-fifteen
All lights are green! three – six – zero
you’re a workout hero Come on come on
Make it lots of fun You’re doing it right if you feel the burn
when you Move to Learn! [VERSE 2]
Ya ever feel a little bit less than good Judge yourself a little more than you should?
I’m here saying “You’re not alone”. And together we’re gonna change that tone. [PRE CHORUS]
I used to feel the world was weighing me down And everyone was dogging me in this town
Then I finally found out what was true The way to change it is to believe in you [PRE CHORUS]

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