Ok guys, here we are. But we are never traveling without my OBLAC bag. If you want a good travel or design bag, check the instagram of OBLAC. In the airplane, ready for take off. Istanbul, here we come. What are you doing? A game. Did you just say that you defeated the big boss? They are taking good care of us here. Enjoy your meal. Oh yes boys, and the winner is: Yassine. The winner is Yassine and Dylan lost again. Can’t you stand your loss? Filling the bath, because I have to lose another kilo. I always bring my chocolate milk. There they are, the pretty boys. And team PORTUGALL. Goodmorning! The day of the weigh-in. I am very tired and completely dehydrated as you can see. Let’s see how much I weigh now, do a trial weighing. The scale now indicates: 60.6 Still 600 grams. Waiting for the weighing. Very tired and it is a chaos in the weighing. They do the weighting per country. So per country you are called to weigh. And we are the Netherlands. I tried to make it into Holland, but unfortunately they didn’t fall for it .. So let’s see what the stadium looks like. Here the fights are held tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and Sunday. They are still working on it, but it looks good. I am now going to try again to see if Holland can get through, but probably not. There we are with our competitor, but now our friend. We have achieved the weighting, here a signature. We can fight tomorrow. This man also wants to be added. He also wants to say something, tell what do you want to say? Oh, a bar.. Finally on weight, finally. I’m really tired, but luckily we’re all on weight. Now it’s time to restore and focus. On to our fight. Now it’s time to give Dylan a big defeat. Come on boy. Big defeat with UFC. I’m going to destroy you. Finish it. Hit, hit, hit, hit. I almost had you there. You have to keep it straight. He shouldn’t have won it. He was bad. Ouch.. my skin.. What did you do? I didn’t even notice it. Everything for the vlog. There we are. On Taksim square. We are going to enjoy our food right after our weighing. Wow, how delicious it is. Today is day 1 of the tournament. We have a quick dinner before it starts. With Portugal. Portugal is in the house. Nice view at the Grand Bazaar. Here we go. Ready to rumble. It’s the women ‘s turn. They are fighting now. Now we are going to encourage our teammate. Come on Anouar! I can’t blow. May this evening last a very long time. May I thank you all for this beautiful cake. Time to eat well. Cesar is cooking. Tomorrow is a fightday We are at the warmup room. Chaos here, but we are going through it. Unfortunately the game didn’t go as expected. I faced Algeria the first round. Last week suffered a knee injury that fell into it.
I still felt it, but I thought I’d try it but it didn’t work. Nothing more to do about it, it is bales, it is a shame, but I can do nothing about it anymore. All I can do now is eat my grief away.
So here we are. We just arrived, we make a new friend. You Holland, you brother, you always be my brother, no problem. When you are coming to Turkey, come and see me. Yes Angola!
Show me the dance moves. Yes, ready? Smile! This is not even a photo, this is a video. You are recording a video. We are now walking and sight seeing. We are at the SultanAhmet mosque. Look how beautiful it is here. They are still building here. We go inside the mosque.
Then of course you have to take off your shoes. We are about to do the prayer here in the Sultan Ahmet mosque. Almost time to eat, then we immediately pray and then have a nice bite to eat. We are back on Taksim square. We’re going to walk around a bit here. It is our last evening here.
He has to fight tomorrow so we have to take it easy. Just eat something and then back to the hotel room, play on the playstation, relax, but now eat first. We were not the only ones with the idea to eat something. You should eat here when you are in Istanbul.
So nice here. Not only sweetness, but also good food. Güzel. There we go guys. It looks delicious. This is more of a food vlog than a fight vlog, but it doesn’t matter. Why do I love Istanbul so much? Starbucks is so cheap here. Just half the price than in the Netherlands. You can find me here all day. On the way home and the first thing these guys are going to do is .. ..losing from me.


  1. He yassin ik ben ikram mag ik je iets vragen wanneer mag ik op je vlog kan het donderdag inchaallah
    Ok of volgen de week maandag in nieuw sloten

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