17 thoughts on “Kalos Agon: The Christian Martial Art. How To Win A Street Fight Philosophy – “To Conquer a City”

  1. What the shit does this has to do with Jesus, or religion at all? it's just martial arts and saying, that you should just use it to defend yourself and that it aims to control the opponent is what most martial arts were created for.
    I liked the video though, it's a good video, nice editing and a good explanation of how to stay focused on what's happening in the fight.

  2. Really liked this! Hollywood does play up fight scenes and leaves people with the impression that's how it will be in a street fight.

  3. I've kicked a knife out of a guy's hand before. I've also kicked the Super Nintendo controller out of my sisters hand as a kid too. I'm a prodigy.

  4. If you guys are looking to do this, definitely sign up, one of the best decisions of my life. These guys are great MMA mentors, and life mentors. My first lesson they made me feel like i had been attending for weeks. They are great friends and mentors definitely  drop by. Hope to see some new faces.

    – Coletrain

  5. wow man this is great stuff as a martial artist iv been looking for something similar to this. we dont get tought the philosophy only to strike and so on. but this, this is great man this is powerful stuff. beauCh where did you get the idea to do something like this?

  6. I've enjoyed watching this video because of the Kung fu following with the music, I'm still a fan of your channel because 60% of those video.

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