Kaalia (HD) – Amitabh Bachchan | Parveen Babi | Pran – Superhit Hindi Movie (With Eng Subtitles)

So kids. Have you ever
heard of Mukhtar Singh? No.
– Then what do you know of this world? Mukhtar Singh is such a man.. ..both the police and
the public of.. ..this city fear Mukhtar Singh. When he passes through the
market, it seems there’s a curfew. The market turns empty,
and shops are closed. -Then? Today he made the mistake
of challenging me. -How? Like the Government.,
he collects tax from everybody. From shopkeepers,
merchants, workers, etc. Today he came to demand tax
from me. Ask why .. -Why? For walking on the road!
-Well? I asked.. ”Why only me?
What about the other pedestrians?” He said..
” Because the road wears..’ ‘..out more due to
your long legs.” The trouble started this way. First, he caught my neck.
-Then? I tripped him,
then hit him this way! He lost his senses, and froth
came out from his mouth. What happened then, Kallu? I saw his dog coming.
You know what dog? -What? An Alsatian dog! Really?
-Yes. He was bigger than a lion! We looked at each other
and growled. -Then? Like his master,
he leaped at my neck. But, before he could jab his
nails into my neck, .. .. I put my hands into his mouth
and tore his body into two! What happened after that?
-Then .. Go away! Go away! Run! Get lost! ..
Auntie, restrain him! Move aside! Why are you panting, Kallu? Who’s panting? Do you know what happened in
the market today? -What? Have you heard of Mukhtar Singh?
-No. Then what have you heard? He’s the man who’s feared by both
the police and the public. When he passes through the
market, it seems there’s a curfew. The market turns empty,
and the shops are closed. -Then? He challenged me ..! He’s come here! Then what happened, Kallu?
-Sister-in-law ..! That.. Out! Uncle,
your friend’s gone, come out now. He didn’t go, he ran away! He’s scared of me! Everyone’s scared of you.
But you had gone to buy potatoes. I had forgotten,
I’ll get them right now! Munni, how are you? Auntie,
why are so many people here? Don’t you know? Ramdin is going
to have a child. -I see! Where are you going?
-I may be required inside. You’ll be required outside,
if possible, help Ramdin. Ramdin, what’s the matter?
There’s no need to get tense. This is your first child,
but I’ve sired ten children. You? -Yes! I’m not married,
but held the hands.. ..of wives on such occasions. Don’t worry, you’ll get a son! Listen.. have you heard the
name of Mukhtar Singh? -No! Then what have you heard? Both the police and the public
are scared of Mukhtar Singh! When he passes,
it seems as if the city .. The child’s born!
Listen everybody! Aunt, listen!
Ramdin has got a son! Ramdin has got a son! Ramdin has got a son! Has your father sired a son?
-No.. ..Ramdin has! Get lost,
or I’ll cut you to pieces! Did you bring the potatoes?
-No! Narayan bashed me up on the way. See this!
-My God! Did Narayan beat you up? Listen to why he did it.. I was telling everyone the
news of Ramdin’s son. Is this any reason? Don’t worry. I’ll talk to your
brother about Narayan. I’ve heard everything from
Narayan. It’s all his fault! He’s getting out of control. Why did you’ve to go there
as a local reporter? Narayan only slapped you,
I would’ve broken your face! Rogue! Even you’re scolding him!
-What else should I do? He’s making life difficult
for me. He doesn’t do any work,
but can only eat. He plays marbles and flies
kites with children. When he gets time,
he rubs salt on people’s wounds. Narayan hasn’t had a
child for 15 years.. ..and he went there to celebrate! I won’t listen to complaints
against you again! Understand? Uncle! You just did what everybody does. You’re angry with your bosses.. ..but took it out on your brother. Is he responsible for the
strike in your factory? Or the fact that there’s hardly
any food in the house? Sorrowed by your anger,
if he leaves our house .. .. then even I won’t stay here!
-He won’t go anywhere. He can leave me.. ..but not you, he’ll return. Long live mill workers!
Fulfil our demands! Long live mill workers!
Fulfil our demands! Bonus isn’t charity,
but a right of workers! Long live mill workers!
Long live mill workers! Bonus isn’t charity,
but a right of workers! Bonus isn’t charity,
but a right of workers! Long live mill workers!
Long live mill workers! Fulfil our demands!
Fulfil our demands! Long live mill workers! Long live mill workers!
Fulfil our demands! Bonus isn’t charity,
but a right of workers! I agree to this. I’m the new owner of this mill,
I’ll grant all your rights. Who’s your leader? Shamu, go .. I’m ready to give you
two months’ bonus. But work should start right
from this moment. But we have one more demand.
-What is it? All the machines in your factory
are either old or rusted. An accident can happen any
moment, killing some worker. So, we demand that the machines
be replaced with new ones. Time is required for that,
and I don’t have it. If the time of rich people
is valuable.. ..so is the life of a worker. Unless new machines
are set up in.. ..your factory, work won’t start! All right! I ask the workers .. What do you want? Your leader wants to strike,
but I want work. What do you want? Hunger, or money? Strike, or bonus? Bonus! Then it’s decided!
Those who want bonus can enter. Those who want to strike
can stand outside. Abdul Uncle! You had demanded the machines
to be changed .. but now .. I haven’t forgotten anything,
but remembered my children. I can accept danger to my life.. ..but not my children’s hunger! ..but not my children’s hunger! Times have really changed! Before, the leader used to walk
in front of the public. Now, the public walks in.. ..front of the leader! You’re an old player
of the races. But you’ve erred today,
Sahani Seth .. I’ve come from the mill just now. You’ve put 15 lakhs
on a lame horse. Rawat, I’ve spent my whole life.. ..in the race-course, you’re new. You don’t know.. ..whoever wins
on a lame horse, wins a lot. And you don’t even know
which game I’m playing! Rawat. I haven’t bought this mill
just to manufacture cloth. These lorries are carrying
the gold.. ..that was in our
godown at Dongri. It could’ve fallen into the hands
of the police any time. Now that gold.. ..will be hidden with
the cloths of this mill. And will be sent all
over our country. Abdul Uncle! No! Shanti, nothing’s happened to me. Nothing has happened to me. No! Doctor, what have you done? My hands ..
– Please keep your courage. Brace yourself. Please keep your courage.
– My hands have been cut! Brother, lie down. What are you doing, Uncle? I’m searching for my God in
the darkness of my heart! I want to ask Him.. why are you
kind to sinners like me .. .. but angry with
angels like him? You should have cut my hands! Why did you cut the
hands that were.. ..always raised to
you in prayer .. .. or to save the
lives of others? Munni, take your milk! Come and take your milk! Take this.
-We don’t want milk anymore. Why? We spent all our money for
my husband’s treatment. Then take it on credit and pay
me from his salary next month. Where will any salary
come from now? We don’t want any milk.
-I’m feeling very hungry! I’m feeling very hungry!
– Keep quiet, there’s no milk! I want milk.
– There’s no milk! Shanti! Which one? -This! Move! I hit it! Come on, bring them out! -Here. Brother! Brother! Brother! The doctor told
you not to get up.. ..and you’re pulling this load! The weight of Munni’s tears
for a pint of milk .. .. was far greater than the
weight of this load! You go home, I’ll take this. From now on, Munni will never
have to cry for anything! Take this milk ..
drink as much as you want. The doctor is inside. You shouldn’t have lifted such
a load in this condition. The stitches on your wounds
have been torn. I advise you to get another
operation done by some big doctor. How much will this operation cost?
-At least Rs. 500 Where will we bring this money from? I’ll bring it! “We don’t exchange hearts.” “We don’t exchange hearts.
That’s your question.” “We don’t exchange hearts.
That’s your question.” “You’ve tied me with a bond.
That’s your style.” “We don’t exchange hearts.
That’s your question.” “You’ve tied me with a bond.
That’s your style.” “We don’t exchange hearts.” “You come close making promises.” “And I trust your false words.” “You come close making promises.” “And I trust your false words.” “Whenever you want..” “..you steal my heart.” “You always deceive me.
That’s your charm.” “You’ve tied me with a bond.
That’s your style.” “We don’t exchange hearts.
That’s your question.” “You’ve tied me with a bond.
That’s your style.” “We don’t exchange hearts..” Sir, save my brother’s life! Rs. 500 Is required for
his operation! Rs. 500?
-Yes, Sir! Rs. 500 Can save my brother’s life!
-I can’t give it to you. Look. I’m a simple industrialist. I’m not responsible for
anyone’s life or death. Your brother.. ..was at fault,
but I suffered a loss. His blood ruined cloth
worth thousands. And there are also the repairing
costs for the machine. For me, you come next to God. My brother is fighting
for his life. Please save his life!
I beg you at your feet! Watchmen.
-Yes? Show him the board on my gate. ”Dogs and beggars aren’t
allowed inside.” -Sir! Please listen to me! Save my
brother’s life! I beg you! Save my brother’s life!
I beg you! Wonderful! You came as a beggar first,
and now as a thief! You’re progressing! My request is the same even now.. I need Rs. 500 For my brother’s life! My reply is also the same..
I can’t give you any money! You’ve a river of wealth here.. ..I’m asking you for only two drops! Put back the money, or I’ll
have to use this revolver! I beg you, Sir! Rs.
500 Can save my brother’s life! I beg you, Sir! I beg you, Sir! I’ve brought the money! Brother! .. No! Brother! Brother! Brother! Inspector, he’s the thief.
Arrest him! Sahani, you killed my brother!
I won’t leave you, Sahani! You killed my brother!
I won’t leave you, Sahani! Sahani, you killed my brother!
I won’t leave you, Sahani! Move! I won’t leave you!
Sahani, you killed my brother! I won’t leave you! Never! Leave me. Move! Accused Kallu, because of robbing
at Mr. Sahani’s house .. .. and attacking a uniformed
police officer, .. .. the court sentences you
to nine months in prison. Have you anything to
say in your defense? Yes, your honour. I feel this sentence
to be really unjust. A child is born after
nine months.. ..even Kallu will be reborn. If a child makes a mistake.. ..there are two ways of
correcting him.. To make him understand
with love.. ..or to punish him. This is Kallu’s first blunder,
which could be ignored.. ..but it hasn’t been forgiven. By punishing him,
I feel the court is putting.. ..him straight into
the university. Stepping into the university.. ..he’ll meet big professors of crime. Each professor will be an
expert in his subject. They won’t rest until he too
becomes an expert like them. After 9 months,
Kallu would’ve got his new life. ‘Kaalia!’ ‘Kaalia!’ ‘Kaalia!’ ‘Kaalia!’ You haven’t finished
with the clothes.. ..when will you do the utensils? You thief! Get lost! What has she done? -She stole,
the way you taught her! Feeling very hungry, I took some
leftovers from their plate. I didn’t steal, he’s lying! He’s lying!
-Yeah! Your mother and uncle are angels! Don’t say anything against my uncle!
-Get lost! Sister-in-law, take Munni! You hit this innocent child,
Narayan! What a stride!
-Where are you going? To kill his old enemy Sahani Seth!
-I see! We have all the items
required for murder. Take this English pistol.
-And this Rampuri knife. Take whatever you wish! Kallu, tell us something. But, when Sahani Seth dies,
and you’re hanged, .. .. then what will happen to your
sister-in-law and Munni? You should kill your enemy
with his own weapon. And Sahani’s weapon is gold! Kallu, sit inside, fast!
-You all go. I’ll come afterwards. I’ve to settle an old account
with this mill. Fire! Inspector, he set fire to
my mill! Arrest him! Through this fire, I declare
war on you, Sahani Seth! Henceforth, any step you take
will go towards your death! If you dare,
tell these policemen about.. ..what you’ve lost and
what I’ve gained! Kallu, because you set fire
to Sahani Seth’s mill .. .. this court sentences you
to two years in prison. Your sentence is very long
-Two years! On the path which Sahani
has pushed me into .. .. there will be many more
courts and prisons. Behind me, there’s only the
darkness of poverty. But, ahead, the bright sun
of wealth is inviting me. Kallu is about to turn Kaalia!
Come on! Are you Kallu’s sister-in-law?
-Yes. Has he done something wrong again?
-Ask about what he’s done. What has he done? In one day, he has made profits.. ..worth millions for our company. We’ve made him our
fourth partner. Kallu made profits.. ..worth millions in one day? I don’t understand! Just understand that
we are jewelers. At first sight,
we knew that your.. ..brother-in-law was made of gold. He’s! See this! What is all this? Kallu has earned this money.
And these are two keys. One is of your new house,
and the other of your new car. Before becoming a partner,
Kallu put two conditions.. That you won’t stay in this slum,
and.. ..won’t have to walk
all the time. So sit in your new car and
visit your new house. In one day, you’ve taken
Kallu to such heights! God, give him success in
his work and earning. That is my plate!
-But you’re not even in line! The line always starts
from where I stand! ‘Kaalia!’ My name is written on this plate!
-Who are you? I’m also a person who never
stands behind anyone. The line always starts from where
I stand. Fill the plate! You’re lucky that you survived
today, Michael. Your death was as near as
this bar is from you! Kaalia can never attack
an unarmed man! Sir, as you ordered, all
prisoners have been lined up outside. That bloody jailer is coming! How do you know? -Jailers and prisoners are
like husbands and wives. For a successful marriage, they
should understand each other! He’ll descend four steps,
then stop. Then he’ll feel his
trouser pocket. But he’ll find his cigar in
his left shirt pocket. He’ll chew on the cigar,
then spit. He’ll now light the cigar,
and the.. ..matchstick will
land on my back! Prisoner 602! Here I’m! Talk with your head bowed! This head can never bow in
front of any human being. It’ll only bow at God’s door,
or His court. Very good! I respect such heads. But what you did in other jails
shouldn’t happen here. If it does,
you’ll be really sorry! I’ve read all your records. Then you’ll know that the jailer
of whichever jail I go to .. .. gets himself transferred,
or goes on a long leave. I’m not like that! I won’t go on a leave,
nor will I apply for a transfer. You have record.
Even I’ve a record. Any criminal who’s been
released from.. ..my jail has only one prayer.. Never to come to my jail again! Dismiss. You haven’t eaten your food. Has some prisoner
irked you again? Yes, there’s a prisoner. He’s completely wild and
unbridled like a wayward tempest! I’ll have to bridle this tempest! There was such a prisoner before.. ..whom you bridled. But could you ever
forget the hoof.. ..marks he left on your heart? No, I can never forget it! I had only one daughter. She was 3 years old.. ..when that devil abducted her. But I can’t also forget
that I’m a jailer. It’s my duty to define to them
the meaning of hard punishment. So that,
after their release, they’ll.. ..never want to return
to jail again! The Sessions Court has
accepted your appeal. I’ve commenced the order for
your release. You can go. You must be sorry that you didn’t
get time to reform me. I’ll get it in the future. The path you’ve taken
ends right here. You’ll come again,
and I’ll meet you here. Your unfinished training will be
completed then. -All right. Just think that our
contest with each.. ..other has ceased for some time. When the game starts again,
we’ll pick.. ..up the pawns from right here! Gopal! How was it? -All right. But has my sister-in-law
learnt anything? No. She only knows that you’re
returning from America. Here’s your luggage. There are saris for
sister-in-law.. ..and frocks and toys for Munni. Come. The plane from New
York has arrived.. ..Sir will be here any moment. But nothing’s ready here!
The dining table is empty. As soon as he comes, he’ll say..
”I’m really hungry” ! ”Everything’s available abroad,
except food cooked by you.” He’s arrived! .. Ramu, set the table and get
the ”aarti” items. -Ok. Sister-in-law. Wait, first let me do the
”aarti” (veneration). Oh, Sister-in-law. I keep going abroad all the time. For how long did I go this time? The house gets empty without you. Give! Your ”aarti” is done.
What have you cooked for lunch? I’ve come hungry from America. Everything’s available there,
except food cooked by you. I’ve told you so many
times not to bring.. ..such expensive things for us. The wardrobes are already full. -I bring them in my own interest. Wear whatever you like,
and put away.. ..the rest for Munni’s dowry. And nothing for your bride? Before Munni,
I’ll get you married. My husband desired your marriage
so much! -Don’t ever weep! For one drop of your tears,
I can shed my entire blood! These are tears of gratitude! How do you earn so much money? My money comes from a gold mine. Do you know where it’s?
-Where? Beneath your feet! You’ll never change! This is just a pistol ..
I’ve a license Here it’s! Here it’s! There’s a govt. seal.
Do you believe now? I trust you the same
way I trust God. My entire world and life stand
on these two pillars of faith. It’s a full-moon night,
and you’re in this darkness! You don’t know what happened today.
-What happened? Seeing the revolver, sister-in-law.. ..shivered once, and I got scared. Today, I lied
and handled the situation. But.. ..for how long will I hide
the truth? -I understand! Your conscience is troubling you! Then leave this luxury and
pick up a beggar’s bowl! Forget you ever had a brother
who died for just Rs. 500! Send your sister-in-law
to some widows’ home! Put Munni in some orphanage
from her hostel. Our country has lots of them! As long as I’m alive, Munni can’t
be an orphan! -My throat! Sorry.
-Never mind. See this card. There’s a party,
which will be attended.. ..by the princess of Jeetnagar. She wears a particular
diamond on her neck. If you manage to get it,
your life will be blessed! I’m ready, Sahani Seth. Rawat, people who go to get
priceless diamonds.. ..shouldn’t be dressed
as washermen! Your bow looks as if
it’s been borrowed! Big shots of the city
will be coming.. ..to the place we’re going to. Kings, rich people .. Also hoodlums.. ..like you’ll come.. ..who’ll be eyeing the diamond. But today, that diamond will
become forever mine! “I know what has caught
your glimpse.” “I know what has caught
your glimpse.” “Nobody could escape..” “..from my wide reach.” “Behold, friend!
Where are you lost?” “Behold, friend!
Where are you lost?” “I know what has caught
your glimpse.” “Why don’t you realize..” “..this isn’t your cup of tea?” “Why don’t you realize..” “..this isn’t your cup of tea?” “Come to your senses,
Oblivious one!” “I know what has caught
your glimpse.” “Anyone who confronts me..” “..has fallen flat on his face.” “Anyone who confronts me..” “..has fallen flat on his face.” “Who can dare to challenge me?” “Who can dare to challenge me?” “I know what has caught
your glimpse.” “If I make my move..” “..things vanish from
closed fist.” “If I make my move..” “..things vanish from
closed fist.” “You can see this miracle here.” “You can see this miracle here.” “I know what has caught
your glimpse.” “I know what has caught
your glimpse.” “Nobody could escape..” “..from my wide reach.” “Behold, friend!
Where are you lost?” “Behold, friend!
Where are you lost?” Who took the diamond straight
from my hands? Sahani Seth.
-Yes? The diamond is with me.
-Who are you? Your master, whom you created
yourself. Kaalia! Kaalia. Who’s this Kaalia? -Don’t worry!
Whoever Kaalia may be .. .. I’ll get you the diamond
within 24 hours! -24 hours? If you can do that.. ..I promise.. ..to give you this seat. To get it,
many of your colleagues.. ..are ready to die or kill! Search the entire flat.. ..you’ll get the diamond right here! Greetings, Sir! Greetings. Did you see anything?
-I see many things. My hands work on shoes,
but my eyes roam everywhere! Did you see anything particular
last night? I saw, but my tongue feels
scared to move! Will it move now?
-This isn’t enough! I need more to speak. Now? Last night,
a car came and stopped out there. The men inside were
watching your flat. Then you came downstairs and
went off in your car. Then? -They went and barged
into your flat. After sometime, they returned
and went off in their car. Here’s Rs. 50. Tell me the number fast! What are you doing?
-I’m searching for the number! I don’t know which cell of my
brain it’s hidden itself in! Number! See the 100-rupee note
and come out! It’s come out! MRH. 9067. I like this toy of yours.
-Sir, it’s not a toy! It’s a magical bird that
flies in the air! You won’t get such goods
everyday, buy it immediately! First I’ll take a test drive.
-Absolutely right. Here are the keys
-Drive and see how it glides! What a beautiful smooth start! Tell me a little thing. -Yes? Who took this car from your
showroom last night? That’s top secret. I can’t tell it to you!
-You can’t? My showroom! Stop the car! You’re crazy! What are you doing? Stop the car. Apply the break. Please. Have you come from an asylum?
Leave me! God bless me, please! Hello! Hello.. please! Police. Police. Where are you from?
Why are you punishing me? Leave me!
Where did you come from? Brother,
have you come from asylum. There is rod ahead.
This car isn’t iron-proof! Put on the brakes!
What are you doing? The hood’s gone! Stop. Press the brake! Get down. No, I’ll get down. Wait. Reverse gear! You broke the door. There is mud road.
Beautiful driver! There is mud road.
There is potholes. And bridge? It’ll fall down. Let’s the mud-guard break. Guard too got lost! Let it be. Stop. Stop! Don’t run into it! Let it be. Back trunk is broken! Watch for the front! Watch it! Building! Car in the building. Building in car. Oh my God! Stop it. Where are you going? Ok? Beautiful! It’s gone too! Mr. Champion,
I’m the only son of my parents! I’m only Adam of my madam.
Only one. Only one. Pillar. Only one. It’s broken! Tell me who it was,
or I’ll strip this car! I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you! Sahani Seth’s man Rawat! Rawat! Rawat! ‘Kaalia!’ You entered my house last night! Henceforth,
if you even look towards.. ..it, you’ll become like this! There won’t be any roof over you,
or ground beneath you. And the pieces of your body will
fly in the air like paper! Understand?
-Yes. One more thing! Those who know the value
of diamonds .. .. don’t hide them in mattresses
or pillows. They attach them to themselves! Like this! I want that diamond, and you can get it!
-What diamond? Due to it, my life is lying
at stake with Sahani Seth! It’s tied to Kaalia’s wrist
in a gold chain. “My beloved! My beloved!” “My heart is with you.” “My heart is with you.” “Why do you act aloof?” “Why do you act aloof?” “Come and quench my thirst.” “My heart is with you.” “Why do you act aloof?” “Come and quench my thirst.” “My heart is with you.” “My beloved is here.” “My love is here.” “My beloved is here.” “My love is here.” “Life is filled with
intoxication.” “Now this is the night
of our union.” “My heart is with you.” “Listen, by dear.” “Don’t go away now.” “Stop making excuses.” “Don’t go away now.” “Stop making excuses.” “Don’t waste this precious
moments.” “Let the hearts dance merrily.” “My heart is with you.” “Listen, by dear.” “What are you looking at?” “This is eternal bliss.” “What are you looking at?” “This is eternal bliss.” “This is true love, not a sham.” “My heart is with you.” “Why do you act aloof?” “Why do you act aloof?” “Come and quench my thirst.” Did you get the diamond? -Yes! Where is it?
-With me. Where are you?
-Me? With the diamond! What rubbish!
-My job’s over from today. I want a share.. Fifty-fifty! Look behind you. Those two guys will turn
you into fifty-fifty! Mother! See what I’ve brought!
We’re not poor anymore! Get up and see.. ..what the sun
of wealth looks like! My nights are over. My days are over. My daughter Rina.. ..whom you
consider your younger sister.. ..isn’t your real sister. What are you saying?
-Many years back .. .. someone.. ..had abducted
and brought you .. .. and left you with me. Why didn’t you tell me before? How could I? That butcher.. ..had threatened to kill me. But.. But what fear do I’ve now? He was .. -Tell me! Tell me, mother.. Mother. Mother! Mother! Rawat, I’m drinking this to your
success and my happiness. I applaud you. Taking the diamond from Kaalia
was as difficult as.. .. snatching a chunk of meat
from a tiger’s jaws. I’m now fit for this seat,
Sahani Seth. -No! Not as yet! The diamond in Sahani’s glass.. ..is a fake.. ..like your success! What rubbish are you saying?
-I’m speaking the truth. Bathing fake diamonds in wine
doesn’t turn them real. Like bathing in the Ganges
doesn’t turn donkeys into humans. This is the real diamond! You’ve recognized this diamond. Now look carefully and
try to recognize me. I’m that same Kallu,
whom you turned into Kaalia. I had heard that God writes the
destinies of human beings. But you wrote mine by cutting
my brothers hands. From now on.. ..don’t try to use
your hands too much .. .. nor should you try to
stretch them too much! If you stretch them,
I’ll cut and crush them! She’ll become conscious after
some time, I’ll come again. Till then, give her these
medicines every two hours. Thank you, doctor. -Nurse. What are you looking at? -What I haven’t seen in
you for many years. Anxiety, hope, and love. When your daughter
had fallen ill.. .. you had sat like this for
three days and nights. Yes, uncle. Rani would also have been
of the same age now. Who knows where she’s.. ..and in what condition? Look after her and give the
medicines every 2 hours. -Yes. How’s your wife? She’s well, and has returned
from the hospital. Good. Satnam.
-Yes, sir? Did your daughter pass her exams?
-She passed last year.. ..and is now attending college. Good. What’s happened to him today? For the first time,
I’m seeing him so gentle. He treated us like humans,
and also spoke like one! Uncle. Uncle.
-Yes, sir. Where’s the girl?
-She’s gone. Where?
-I don’t know! Why did you let her go?
-I didn’t let her go. I had gone to make tea.
When I returned, she was gone. I regret even leaving this place. Sorry, uncle. It’s not your fault. For how long
would she have stayed here? Daughters have to leave their
homes one day or the other. And she didn’t have any kinship
with this house or me. Madam, it’s ready.
-Keep it here. Good evening, sir. Where are you preparing to go? You’re going.
-Where? To visit Munni. See her letters. She asks only one question.. ..”When will Uncle come to meet me?” If I could, I would’ve gone
to meet her every week. But what can I do?
My feet are tied. I wonder when you’ll be able
to stay with me restfully. Very soon. Very soon. I’ve to settle some accounts
with the world. Once they’re settled.. ..there’ll only be rest after that. I’m leaving the school,
but why are you crying? Because you’re leaving.
-Don’t cry! Life offers only two paths
to human beings.. The right, and the wrong. I used to follow the wrong path. But I promised my dying mother
to leave that path. That’s why I can no longer pay.. ..my sister Rina’s fees. Don’t get disheartened. You’re sitting in front
of the Son of God. And God surely helps those who
decide to help themselves. I’ve full faith that He’ll
send someone to help you. Good morning, mother.
-Good morning. I trust my God. I never thought God would answer
anyone’s prayers so quickly. I don’t understand.
-I prayed to Him just now .. .. to send a kind angel.
And He has sent one! Angel? Where’s this angel?
-He’s standing in front of me! Uncle! Uncle. Why are you crying? She’s also crying,
she hasn’t paid.. ..her school fees,
and is leaving. If she leaves the school,
I’ll cry a lot! -Enough! I won’t let anyone of you cry. And I won’t let you cry either Your school fees had been paid.
Now you’ll not leave Munni. Really, uncle You too give me a kiss Come on Sister You paid my fees.
-Not me. He paid it. Let’s go. I didn’t even imagine that we
would meet again. That too here. I didn’t even imagine that
you would do thing to me. What have I done? You’ve made a charity You know that you’ve
given it to me. Won’t you like to take it back? No. Mother Superior
told me about you. In some way our sagas are
similar, and not are well. We were both following
the same path. You faced a bend from which
you could’ve turned back. But I’ve reached a position
from where I can’t return. Even I didn’t have any way. But you arrived .. .. to save my wayward
and dissipated life. If you look carefully, you’ll see
my selfishness even in this. I didn’t save you,
but saved myself. I thought I had lost everything. But, after coming here,
I’ve found that.. ..there’s still something
remaining. A bit of idealism.. ..and integrity.. ..that could help somebody. I’ve met you before, but now I
feel I’m meeting someone else. Even I’ve met a person.. ..who had become completely
alien to me. After a long time.. ..I’ve met myself again today! “I can’t take my eyes of you.” “I can’t take my eyes of you.” “What has happened to me?” “LOVE.” “LOVE.” “LOVE.” “I live and die for you.” “I live and die for you.” “What has happened to me?” “LOVE.
– LOVE.” “LOVE.” “This world seems like
a fairy tale.” “The ambience has
become romantic.” “This world seems like
a fairy tale.” “The ambience has
become romantic.” “What spell has been cast on me?” “LOVE.” “LOVE.” “LOVE.” “I live and die for you.” “What has happened to me?” “LOVE.” “LOVE.” “LOVE.” “Beloved, you’re captivated by
the pleasant surroundings.” “Behold the dream my heart
has woven for you.” “Beloved, you’re captivated by
the pleasant surroundings.” “Behold the dream my heart
has woven for you.” “You’re everywhere I see.” “LOVE.” “LOVE.” “LOVE.” “I live and die for you.” “What has happened to me?” “LOVE.” “LOVE.” “LOVE.” “You’ve changed my life.” “Let this season of
love never end.” “You’ve changed my life.” “Let this season of
love never end.” “We got what we desired
in our lives.” “LOVE.” “LOVE.” “LOVE.” “I live and die for you.” “What has happened to me?” “LOVE.” “LOVE.” “LOVE.” “LOVE.” “LOVE.” Jagir Singh.
-Yes. Your goods have arrived.
-Good. ‘Kaalia!’ ‘Kaalia!’ ‘Kaalia!’ ‘Kaalia!’ Wow! How superbly you
lifted the glass! Now do something for me.. My briefcase is there.. ..in that cabin. I’ve kept a gift for you inside it. Go and get it. That was Jagir Singh.. ..the uncrowned king of our docks. Our goods would reach the docks,
but Kaalia would take them. The situation is similar
at Madh Island. Gold is sent to us from abroad.. ..but reaches Kaalia. And these Madh Island people
sit on the shore, fishing! Let bygones be bygones. If this happens again, you’ll
all end up like Jagir Singh! Don’t stare at me like that! Think of some way
to defeat Kaalia. He’s not some angel, but human ..
like you and me. A human being can be destroyed,
he has to have some weakness. Find Kaalia’s weakness.. ..it’s our strength! My biggest weakness is
my sister-in-law. Will you go this way
in front of her? Then how should I go?
-This indecent dress won’t do. Wear this sari. I’m ready! I’m ruined!
-What happened? This is how you wear a sari? It looks like you’ve tied
a turban around you! Let me show you how
to wear a sari. A part of it should be attached. A part.. A part should be suspended. And a part should be folded ..
like this! After that.. Now the sari is ready! Instead of dropping the hem
from your shoulder .. .. put it over your head. Like this. The face should be covered,
like the moon by a cloud! Exposure is a western fashion,
shyness is India’s ornament. My sister-in-law really likes it. Sister-in-law. She’s here?
-Who? The girl I would told
you about is here. Bring her inside.
-Ok. She is here. So she’s the one who you’ve
been lauding so much. Don’t you like her?
-Let me see her first. Why has she covered her face?
Is there some mark? No!
-Isn’t she as lovely as the moon? You never see anything in
sunlight, how can you see moon? She’s beautiful,
but what about other qualities? She’s very educated..
she’s done her matriculation! I didn’t ask about her degrees. Can she use her hands for
household work? -Hands? She’s an expert in sleight-of-hand!
-You shut up! I’ll ask everything myself.
Don’t mind, Sister.. Before buying gold,
one has to examine it thoroughly. Can you cook?
-She can cook all dishes.. Indian,
western, Chinese, Russian .. She can cook pulav,
biryani, and.. ..my most favorite dish.. omelet! Then come to the kitchen
and make an omelet. Ruined! Here are the eggs,
frying pan, and ghee. How long will you take? Two! .. in two minutes!
-All right. What have you done? She’s very nervous today,
so she erred. She’ll learn everything in time. Just tell me whether she
has passed or failed. Passed!
-She’s passed! Why are you closing so early?
I’ve come to buy flowers. A customer came and bought
all the flowers. Who’s this connoisseur
in Bombay city? There’s only one.. Kaalia! Make me a nice bouquet.
-No flowers are left. But what about all these flowers,
and the ones on that truck? All these flowers are
for Mr. Kaalia. Is this man new in Bombay?
-You don’t know Mr. Kaalia! His name is on everyone’s
lips nowadays. Yes, they’ll reach there. Can you give me address please? Yes. B10. Bonmaril. Warden Road.
Ok. It’ll reach there. Can I help you, sir? You can’t help me.
I wanted to buy a small bouquet. But it seems all the flowers
in this city have been sold. To only one person -Kaalia! Yes. Do you know him?
-No. But I definitely want to know
-Who’s this Kaalia? Kaalia is the king of crime,
like this pawn is of chess. In chess,
others are killed, but the.. ..king remains safe till the end. This might be the same Kaalia
who had once come to my jail. How did he become a king so soon?
-Go and see for yourself. Kaalia is giving a party today,
and.. ..dared to even send me a card. He’s written that I should bring
a full platoon with me! There’s Kaalia.. ..whom you wanted to meet. Congratulations! I’ve recognized him. He’s come very fast from
prison to this palace! I’ve seen something else, which
you may have missed, Mr. S.P. Today, crime is so prosperous,
and the law so helpless! Mr. Jailer,
I would forgotten to invite you.. ..but I’m happy you’ve come. I was your guest once,
now you’re mine! Whiskey.
-Thank you. You must be sorry that I didn’t
stay with you too long. And you couldn’t extend
me the hospitality.. ..you would’ve liked to. I’ll get more opportunities
for that. But now,
I want to meet the person for.. ..whom you bought
so many flowers. But I don’t bought
any flower. Thank you very much. Shalini. This is Shalini, my fiancée.
-I’ve met her before. She was unconscious then ..
and even now! You’re not in your
senses to say.. ..such things on such
an occasion. I wish I could pray.. ..for your eternal happiness
as a wife. But I can see what
none of you can. When criminals travel on the
flashy road of success .. .. they forget that
this road ends.. ..at the prison, or the scaffold! Then listen to me too.. What delight is there
in troubles.. ..if death doesn’t come at youth? What delight is there in a
funeral, if there’s no weeping? “With you beside me,
I’ll show the world..” “..how to conquer death
in lifetime.” “With you beside me,
I’ll show the world..” “..how to conquer death
in lifetime.” “Darkness casts long shadow.” “Darkness casts long shadow.” “But who fears dark nights?” “I can fill night with daylight.” “With you beside me,
I’ll show the world..” “..how to conquer death
in lifetime.” “Lovers don’t die.” “Lovers don’t die.” “Lovers of beauty don’t
fear death.” “We’ll turn noose into garlands.” “With you beside me,
I’ll show the world..” “..how to conquer death
in lifetime.” “O’ world!
You’re obsessed with hatred.” “O’ world!
You’re obsessed with hatred.” “You can spread fire and venom.” “But with love we will
douse all fire.” “With you beside me,
I’ll show the world..” “..how to conquer death
in lifetime.” “With you beside me,
I’ll show the world..” “..how to conquer death
in lifetime.” “With you beside me,
I’ll show the world..” “..how to conquer death
in lifetime.” You? .. Here? I had come to meet Kaalia,
but it seems he’s not at home. Yes, he’s gone out for some work. But I’ve met you at least. When I had met you first,
what a condition you were in! But see your grandeur today! You people have really
progressed! We have progressed only due to
Kallu’s hard work. -Wrong! Through hard work, one can build
a hut, not such a palace. I know this, because I too
live in such a palace. The tree of wealth grows only
on the soil of crime. -No! My brother-in-law
can never bring.. ..sinful earnings into my house! It seems he keeps telling
you false stories.. ..and you believe them! He would go to jail, but tell
you that he was going abroad. If you don’t believe me, then
go and enquire at any prison. You’ll find his entire life story
in the registers there. Where are you going?
-I won’t stay in this house any longer! What happened? What have I done? Even outsiders didn’t
do what you did! They had only cut my
husband’s hands .. .. but you’ve stabbed my heart!
-What are you saying? What have you left for me to say? The light of my life left
me along with my husband. But the lamp of faith
in you kept burning. Even that’s got extinguished
today! -Sister-in-law. I considered your brother to be
Ram, and you to be Laxman. I didn’t know that my Laxman
had turned into Ravan! Sister-in-law. Let me go,
you can enjoy your golden Lanka! Who had come here to tell
you false stories? If they’re false,
swear on me and tell the truth! That you’ve earned all this
wealth through labor, not crime! Through labor, one can erect
a hut, not such a palace. Enough! You’ve started speaking the words
of your brother’s killers! I can no longer stay
in this hell. -Then was the place
we left heaven? Where, to save the repairing
costs of a faulty machine .. .. two strong hands and a
young life could be cut! Where Rs. 500 Could be spent for
some brief entertainment .. .. but not to save a
life and a family! There’s no sin in my blood.. ..nor was it in my mother’s milk. The venom of sin was
injected into me. Until I spit this venom onto
the faces of my enemies .. .. I can’t even think
about sin or virtue. But I can!
Therefore, I’m leaving! If you even step outside,
you’ll see my corpse! What oath have you sworn? I can’t go outside,
yet can’t stay.. ..here with a sinner like you! Even if the sinner
wants to reform? Think that the sinner
has changed his ways. Henceforth, whatever I did
won’t happen again! You won’t leave me now, will you? I could’ve left Kaalia.. ..but where will I go
if I leave my Kallu? Yes.
-Sahini Seth. Who? Kaalia?
-Yes.. I want to meet you. When, and where?
-Whenever and wherever you wish. It’s ten now. Can you meet me at 11 near the
ruined church at Madh Island? Why not? You’ll come first, but you’ll
keep your car headlights on. Okay. Rawat. Get my car.
-At once! But you won’t drive, I’ll.. ..because I’ll have to go alone today. Sahani Seth, today I’ll do to you
what you did to Ramani Seth. It’s the rule in our profession
that seats are only snatched! What’s this? You’re not taking me along,
so you might need this! Thank you. I like that. But, seeing your conduct,
I’ve changed my decision. You and your weapon will
now come with me! Come. Drive my car. Come on. I don’t have time, boy. Why are you glancing at your
watch all the time? -what? A driver should always look
at the road. -Yes. The car is air-conditioned,
but you’re sweating! What’s the matter?
-Nothing! Rawat, stop the car. Open the bonnet. You should have thought of some
new stratagem to kill me. I’m an old player of this game. Sahani Seth, you had drawn a line
of blood between you and me. It would’ve ended with the
death of either of us. I’ve come to tell you that I’ve
erased that line myself. Your death was near But thank those hands that
turned back the clock. But don’t think that
you’ve defeated me. Today, I’m not drawing.. ..but throwing a weapon
in front of you! But.. ..fear that day.. ..when you’ll
force me to pick up a weapon! The court has heard the full
story about the murder .. .. and the testimonies
from both sides. The accused has himself
made my work very easy. The corpse was found.. ..in the arms of the murderer. The accused’s fingerprints
were found on this knife. Bloodstains were found on.. ..the accused’s clothes. There’s no doubt now that this
killer committed the murder! I don’t have to tell the
court what punishment.. ..such a murderer deserves! That’s all, your honour. Such a murderer deserves death.. ..but the crime should be proved! The foundation of our country’s
law and justice is that .. .. one cannot be considered a
criminal unless proved guilty! None of the witnesses
produced were.. ..present at the scene
of the crime. They spoke about what happened
before or after the crime. In a murder trial, an eyewitness’
Statement is the most valuable. Until such a witness is produced,
the accused cannot .. .. get the punishment that
my colleague is demanding! I agree with my worthy colleague. An eyewitness is most valuable
in a murder trial. I’m sorry that I couldn’t produce
such a witness before. But I can do so now! This witness saw the murder
happen with her own eyes! Swear on this Gita.. ”I’ll speak
nothing but the truth”. ”I’ll speak nothing
but the truth”. What relationship do you’ve
with the accused? He’s my brother-in-law. Is it true that he was dearer
to you than a son? -He’s even now. Did you see him commit the murder?
-Yes! I’ve nothing more to ask. Your witness. Don’t ask anything to
my sister-in-law. For me, her words are always
like the words of God. Throughout her life,
she has spoken only the truth. If she’s seen me commit this murder,
then I’ve committed it! After this, I don’t want
to make any statement. I only want to confess.. I only want to confess that
I’ve committed this murder! I did it! I did it! I was waiting for you, Kaalia. I had told you that
the path you were.. ..following ends at the scaffold! I’ve myself opted for
that scaffold! The judge only wrote
my death sentence. But, even now.. ..I worship as God
the person who sealed it! I told the court whatever
you asked me to. Now please return my
daughter to me! The death sentence has
only been passed now. Till Kaalia is hanged.. ..I can’t return your daughter to you! What is this?
-Your Kallu’s shroud! You’re so different from what
he thought you to be! He brought you here.. ..but see where you’ve sent him! What did his enemies give
you that he didn’t? How much did you sell his life for?
-Enough, Shalini! How deep is your lust for wealth,
that.. ..only Kallu’s death can fill it? No, Shalini! If possible, put this shroud
over me and burn me alive! I deserve this punishment! ..
I’ve no way to go .. My Kallu is in prison,
and my daughter ..is with Sahani Seth! What? My sister-in-law did the right thing. The story begun by Sahani Seth
doesn’t end.. ..but starts from here. He wrote the first word
of this story.. ..but I’ll write the last! The meeting time is over. Meetings can end, but not time! You’ve leaped really high today! Many prisoners have tried
to escape from my jail. But nobody could reach
as far as you did! Freedom is every prisoner’s
dream. But now,
your entire being will regret.. ..ever seeing it! Chain him so much that.. ..he’ll never think
of escape again! Till now, you’ve seen the iron
of chains and bars .. ..but not the steel of my guts!
Shackle my entire body! Erect iron walls all around,
but I’ll tear them apart! I’ll break all the shackles and
show you! .. Understand? Chain him so much that.. ..he’ll never think
of escape again! “Nobody could be restrained..” “..it’s an illusion
of the hunter.” “Some day the bird will fly
away from the cage.” “It’s hunter’s illusion that
he could restrain its prey.” “Some day the bird will fly
away from the cage.” “The youth is filled
with vigour.” “The youth is filled
with vigour.” “The dream is new and
shackles are old.” “God save from the trap!” “Beware!” “In pitch dark night,
this world is your foe.” “Some day the bird will fly
away from the cage.” “It’s hunter’s illusion that
he could restrain its prey.” “Some day the bird will fly
away from the cage.” “Windows can’t stop the breeze.” “Create a din to shake walls!” “Windows can’t stop the breeze.” “Create a din to shake walls!” “Break free with a bang!” “Beware!” “You’ve to perform a
vanishing act! ” “Some day the bird will fly
away from the cage.” “It’s hunter’s illusion that
he could restrain its prey.” “Some day the bird will fly
away from the cage.” “Tell the hunter to
lay his trap.” “Tell the hunter to
lay his trap.” “Let the courageous one dare us!” “The lion is out with vengeance!” “The prey will escape
with head held high.” “Some day the bird will fly
away from the cage.” “It’s hunter’s illusion that
he could restrain its prey.” “Some day the bird will fly
away from the cage.” “It’s hunter’s illusion that
he could restrain its prey.” “Some day the bird will fly
away from the cage.” “Some day the bird will fly
away from the cage.” Run, Kallu. Death arrived before you, Jailer. Kaalia.. Now he released from jail Kaalia is no more! I wanted to hand over Kaalia
to the law alive. By dying,
he has really wronged me! But you’ve my full sympathy. And I sympathize with you, Jailer! The tables have turned now! If you follow me even one step.. ..I’ll put all the bullets inside you! I’ll take all the bullets,
but won’t budge from my place! You’re an escaped prisoner.. ..and it’s my duty to arrest you! Like you,
even I’m bound by my duty! The tables have turned again,
Kaalia! If you advance even one step.. ..I’ll put all the bullets inside you! How can one who swallows fire
get scared of sparks? Shoot! You came here following
a line of blood .. .. but I’ll go, even if I’ve
to swim on a canal of blood! You’re fighting for medals.. ..but I want to save a small life. Small life?
-Yes, his niece. To save her, his sister-in-law
falsely accused him of murder. And he accepted it. If you don’t believe even this.. ..do whatever you wish, I’m going! Stop! Like you, even I’ve drunk
the milk of a tigress! By mentioning about
that small life .. .. you’ve made me decide to
take a risky decision. I’ll accompany you wherever
you’re going. Think that now you’ve four hands! Where’s Sahani? Speak, or I’ll shoot you! Get up Sahani,
and take me to Munni! You’ve done enough
of your firing. You’re now standing on a
chess-board of death! If you’ve the guts, come forward
and make the first move! The game will start later.. ..first see your stake! Uncle! Mother. Mother! You did the right thing by coming
back to the white spot. Else, Munni would’ve got crushed.
Now look there! Beware! .. Don’t step forward! On this board,
only that white spot.. ..means life,
the rest mean death! If you step on that red spot,
Munni will die. If you step on this green spot,
your sister-in-law will die. They’ll stay alive only if you
remain inside that white spot. There’s one more rule
of this game… ..only I’ll make all the moves! But you will not make any moves. Now.. ..I’ll show you the
strength of this.. ..hand, which you wanted to cut! If you even try to
raise your hands.. ..you’ll be riddled with bullets! That was for stealing from my
house, so it was a bit gentle! That was for setting fire to my
factory, so it was a bit hard! That was.. ..for the priceless diamond.. .. which was your biggest
victory, and my biggest defeat! Uncle, save me! These blows were for that gold,
which reached the docks for me .. .. but landed up in your godowns! You’re already staggering! I’ve many more accounts
to settle. If you must settle your accounts
with my death, do so. But let these innocent people go. -And climb the scaffold myself? I’m not that stupid. One’s own life is always dearer
than that of others. Maybe for scoundrels like you! .. If I had thousands of lives .. ..I would’ve sacrificed them for
my sister-in-law and Munni! I admire your love, that’s why
I’m killing you so slowly! Stop firing. Well done! You’ve saved Munni.. ..now watch your sister-in-law
die! Hands up! Tell your men to drop
their weapons! Kallu. Now I’ll arrest you and take
you to the place .. .. where you wanted
this innocent.. ..man to be hanged
for your crime! Drop your revolver, Jailer! Or she’ll be killed!
-Well done, Khadag Singh! You’ve given a new twist
to this story! Tie them up! Mother.
-Munni! Mother. Do you remember, Jailer..
twenty years back .. .. one of your prisoners had
abducted your daughter. Look at me closely ..
I’m that prisoner! Jaswant?
-Yes! Would you like to know where
your daughter is? Where’s she? Right here! Father!
-Rani! Father.
-Rani, my daughter. My daughter! Rani.
-Father. I’m so happy today! You scoundrel! Your meeting time is over! Twenty years back, a prisoner was
meeting his wife this way. Then you used your whip and said..
”Time’s over” ! Your whip was fiery.. ..so many year gone but
my back still burns. Now it’ll be cooled! I won’t hit you.. ..but your delicate daughter! You devil! Mother. Mother. You rogue!
-Brother.. You’ve made all your moves!
It’s my turn now! You taught an inexperienced
foot soldier.. ..like me the game of crime! You made me a powerful minister,
who could hit like this! That was for the Rs.500.. ..which you gave to a harlot,
but not to me! That was for my brother’s death,
who had taught me idealism! That was for turning
an honest man.. ..like me into a devil like you! I won’t give you an easy death. I’ll definitely kill you,
but very slowly! Get up! I’m arresting you and taking you
to your rightful dwelling! Pray that.. ..you don’t land-up in my jail! Mr. I.G.P… ..you’ll escort me outside! Come on! Come on! Now I’m handing my prisoner
over to you. Watch him carefully,
he has a habit of escaping! I want to ask you something.. Have you heard of Mukhtar Singh?
-No! Then what have you heard?
The name of Mukhtar Singh.. “I live and die for you.” “I live and die for you.” “Tell me..” “L O V E” “L O V E” “L O V E”

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