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Are we actually in the game? RUN!!! The jewel of Jumanji! [Screaming] Bye, bye! [Hi-ha!] Text: Kids Fun TV [Jumanji drums] What’s that noise? What the heck? There’s something in the sandbox! WHOA! This is cool! Whoa, what is it!?! It looks like a game! Mommy, look what I found! I wonder what’s inside? It looks like a game. [Jumanji drums] What’s that noise? [Screaming] What’s this? Mom, we’re home from school! It’s Friday, no homework! I can play all the video games I want! Not if I get there first! Wait a minute, what’s this? A board game? Who plays board games anymore? Jumanji? What’s Jumanji? Who cares. It’s not a video game. [Video game sound effect noises] [Jumanji drums] It’s a video game. Jumanji. A game for those who seek to find… A way to leave their world behind. Let’s play it! Good thing Dad’s old Nintendo is still out. That’s weird. This player’s called “Jammin Jazzy.” I wanna be her. Strength: Dance Fighting Weakness: Babies??? I’ll be karate Kade. Strength: Karate, Naturally. Weakness: Doughnuts??? Guys, do you think it’s weird that our names are on here? Look, there’s “Jumpin Jack” and even, “Cute Kalia.” Kalia’s strength is cuteness? I can’t select Kalia. You don’t want to be a girl anyways. You wanna choose “Jumpin Jack.” Fine. It looks like my strengths are “jumping.” That’s pretty awesome. Just select your player. [Jumanji drums] Huh, what is happening to us? [Screaming] Jasmine, my gosh, I thought I was here on my own. Oh my gosh, where are we? And what are we wearing? I would never wear this! I think we got sucked into the game guys. And where the heck did I get this backpack? Why do I need it? Why do I look so buff? Yeah, you really are buff. Really buff. Yeah, and I think my muscles are bigger too! Oh no, I’m not an overweight, middle aged man, am I? No you look the same. Why would you ask that? I think I saw it on a movie once. Is this JUMANJI? Are we actually in the game? How is that possible? I think we turned into the players in the game. That means I’m “Jumpin Jack?” And I’m “Jammin Jazzy?” And I’m “Karate Kade?” Wait a minute? What are these yellow flags hanging down from our belts? I’m not sure, but it looks like we each have 2 of them. Maybe they have something to do with the game we’re in. Jack! Look behind you! Holy Harambe! Who’s Harambe? Jack, don’t move! [Boing!] [Boing!] [Boing!] [Boing!] Hey guys! Did you see how high I jumped? [Yoink!] NO! What just happened? You got distracted by that big gorilla! And he took one of your flags! Wait a minute! Maybe once we run out of flags, we lose the game. Oh no! Kaden, you’re right! We can’t lose our flags or we’ll be stuck in Jumanji FOREVER! RUN!!! [Screaming] Hello players, hop on in. Huh, how we gonna get in? Nevermind, just follow me. Welcome to Jumanji! Jumanji is in great danger. We are in great need of your help. To return the jewel and break the curse! What jewel? This jewel! It’s huge! It’s really, really heavy also. Let’s put it in your backpack for safekeeping. [Singing] “Backpack, backpack. Backpack, backpack” All the things I loaded up with things and nick-nacks too. All the things that you might need I got inside for you. Woo hoo! Backpack, backpack Yeah! Remember your nemasis, Dr. Badguy? He stole the jewel from the top of the mountain and put a curse on Jumanji. [Gasp] Yes! I have the jewel of Jumanji! I have the power! Muhahaha! He has power over all the animals in Jumanji So he will try to stop you from returning the jewel. Jumanji needs you. First you must find the missing piece! Return the jewel and break the curse! Bye-bye! Bye? Hey guys, I think the way to get home is to finish the game. We have to save Jumanji! If we are in the game, that means there will be levels. Each level will get harder and harder. Hey guys, look what I found. I think it’s a map of Jumanji. This reminds me of a song… [singing] “I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map!” I can’t read this thing. Let me see if I can can. I think we go, this way! Follow me! I guess this is where we find the missing piece. Keep your eyes open. Rations! My favorite! Doughnuts! My favorite. I could eat all of these. I’m starving! No! No! Doughnuts are your weakness! [Yoink!] Oh no! I lost one of my flags! I’m so glad you’re here. Jumanji needs you! Follow me! [Jumanji drums] Oh no! I bet there’s a giant snake or something scary behind that curtain. Jack and I already lost one of our flags, so so you have to see what’s inside. Fine. Peek-a-boo! Hi! Oh no, it’s a staring contest. No, that’s not it. Her weakness is babies. Don’t let that baby touch her. Goo-chi-goo-chi-goo-chi-goo! [Baby laughing] [Yoink!] Bye-Bye, bye-bye! [Groaning] What happenened? You got hypnotized by the baby or something. Now we’re all down to one flag. Look guys, there’s something on the floor. I think it’s the missing piece! Yoda? [Laughing] When you see me, climb you must. I guess we should put it in the backpack. There they are! Let’s get them! [Gasp] It’s time for… “Karate Kade” [Hi-ya!] Round house kick! Upper-cut! Let’s get out of here! Hey guys, come follow me! Kalia!!! Through the secret passage! Watch out for traps! They got away, didn’t they!?! Yes boss. It won’t happen again. Won’t happen again. It better not! Go find them and don’t disappoint me again. Yes boss. [Yelling] [Drums] Oh no, how are we gonna get passed those guards? Somebody needs to distract the guards so we can get passed them. Do you hear that music? Something is taking over m body! Dance distracting! It’s one of your strengths! [laughing] It’s the transportation yard. Which vehicle should we take? Airplane! Hey, I can drive. [Airplane propeller] Here we go! Oh my! They actually did it! Kalia is flying a plane! How are we gonna get Jasmine if we’re flying? Hey, I have an idea. Jazzy, climb up! [Grunting] [Falling whistle] Oops! What do you mean, oops? When the plane tipped to the side, the jewel fell out of my backpack. No! We need it! What!?! We’ll have to turn around. Uh, don’t look now, but we’re being followed by a giant cat! [cat hissing] [Screaming] The cat’s sitting on the jewel! Coming in for a landing. Everybody hop out, I landed. [Cat hissing] [Cat meowing] [Cat moaning] Come on backpack, what do you have that’ll help. Oh, what is this? It looks like a giant piece of cat food. Yeah, i think it is. Why in the heck do you have that in there? [Cat meowing] Who’s gonna feed the cat then? I’m not doing it. I’m not feeding that thing! Ok, I guess I’ll do it. [Cat moaning] Look, he ate it. It’s making him shrink! You’re not so scary. All you need is food and love. That was really brave of you. I think we’re on the last level you guys! And I see the mountain in the distance! Me too! Let’s head that way! We made it. This must be it! When you see me, climb you must. We made it! I think this is where we put the jewel. Not so fast. Hand that jewel over to me! [Hi-ya!] [kiss-kiss] [Singing] [Dink, dink, dink, dink] I’m outta here! [Jumanji drums] Nothing happened. I think we’re supposed to call out Jumanji. 1 – 2 – 3 JUMANJI!!! Well, done. You have lifted the curse. Are you ready to go home now? YAY!!! Hip-hip-hooray! Click your heels three times and say, there’s no place like home. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. We made it! Yay! [Celebrating] [Dink, dink] Perfect timing! I’m starving! We have one last thing to do you guys! So kids, what did you guys do today? Nothing! [Jumanji drums] Make sure to subscribe below! Make sure you push the like button. And hit the bell button below! Bye!!!

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