Preston: Hey what’s up guys? My name is Preston.
Chris: My name is Chris. Preston: And this is another episode of Grappler
Going Abroad. Today what we’re showing you is a choke from a front headlock gator roll
from a turtle. Preston: Chris is going to be my Uke today.
What we’re going to do is Chris is in turtle. What I’m doing is I’m reaching around his
head. Now, I’m not reaching up his lapel like you would with Jigoku Jime. I’m reaching with
the back of my hand down, like a baseball bat choke. I’m grabbing relatively high up
on his lapel. The other arm is over-hooking, taking a meat-hook in the ditch of the arm
and pulling up. I’m going to pressure back into him so he pushes back a little bit. I’m
going to roll. My other arm is going to reaches over, grabs my other elbow. My hips cut from
here, to here and he’s choked. Alright, I’m going to do that a few more times real fast.
Preston: so guys, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Big shout out to my buddy Chris
for helping me out with this technique video. I want to try and get him on the channel as
much as possible before I leave for Japan. So yeah Chris, thanks so much for helping
me. Chris: Yeah, I’m definitely looking forward
to helping out Preston here with his videos so you guys can see some pretty cool techniques.
Preston: Yeah, so if you guys like this video, please like it, share it, comment on it. If
you guys want to see more of my videos, definitely hit that subscribe button. Don’t forget, I
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you guys sticking around and watching. My name is Preston.
Chris: I’m Chris Preston: This has been Grappler Going Abroad.

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