Judo Lessons for Beginners : How to Do a Judo Front Fall

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Richard
Acuna from Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida, today we are showing you beginners
judo. Okay on this clip we are going to demonstrate a front fall that is not a roll and it is
really important if you fall always on your chest, on your belly that you don’t hurt your
belly. And it goes like this stance, slightly bend you knees, pull yourself forward head
is always looking up. My toes are up, I’m off my knees and I’m solid. Show you one more
time. Slightly bend my knees, push my self forward and notice my hands are opened, my
head is up, and I’m straight my belly is not touching the mat, and my toes are up, knees
are up as well. Now I’m going to do it a little faster in real time. 1, one last time.

12 thoughts on “Judo Lessons for Beginners : How to Do a Judo Front Fall

  1. @Whatbecrackin It's actually more stress on the wrist if you close your fists, and because of the angle if you fall incorrectly you'll more than likely break it =/, but give it a try and let me know what you think.

  2. Judo is a fake martial art. Learn real martial arts like quick draw/shooting. Real martial artists shoot. They don't shoot in. That's sports fighting, not martial.

  3. I practiced judo many years ago and we did another forward fall. Quite harder and more spectacular. We would stretch the whole body, hands up in the air, feet on our toes. The head is pulled sideways. Stomach goes ahead. The body forms a section of a circle. As the stomach rolls over the ground, the legs are already in the air. Finally, the hands slam the ground. The head is back and sideways. I could not find this technique anywhere. Perhaps someone will point out?

  4. I snagged my foot once, running full speed down a sidewalk, and ended up having to do one of these – except, with a full running start and swan dive.

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