Judo grip fighting: 4 ways to deal with trapped tsurite (lapel hand)

Okay in a previous video we went over right side versus right side looking at the sleep in but this video I’m gonna really focus On the retailer of lapel here. Okay. So right Cypress is right side of it just to be very classic improved position I did a shoulder roll video. I bring my opponents hand down in order bring my hand down. Okay, I have lots of tension There’s no slack in this key. Okay, I’m gonna go over collect the material and pin this elbow down to the hip, right? From this position Peter feels danger So what he wants to do is neutralize his power has he’s gonna put his chin over my hand Okay notice that the hands down the weights going It’s very difficult for me to go or so little turn thrown now. So I need to address this right away I’m gonna loop my wrist around the face and then return my friend here. Okay notice my hands higher. I spell up downward pressure I can go Kochi Colonel. Oh Ho chi dashi. Oh so Good Right, right right Good dominant position going into the mic it chin over there. Okay. Oh boy. I returned Peter goes again Great timing for me to go off the side It’s a known thing that I could do Also the way I like to pin this end my opponent couldn’t do to me it also so Peters gonna now Pin this elbow down to my head. Okay so now he doesn’t need to put the chin over the hand because The point of control is right by my elbow from this position is very difficult for me to finish a solo Even a turn throw, so I’m going to release the pressure in the direction that he’s already putting pressure on my elbow Release hand goes up Oh gee Etc okay Another thing that I might do lots of pressure. I’ve done this one before right pressure down. Push it down. I roll the deep Elbow to the outside of the hand really sad, right? There’s my ocean It’s very difficult to do judo two hands versus two hands When you’re not in good position, okay. So now we have the three tail of a sleeve get a series we have the three days You

10 thoughts on “Judo grip fighting: 4 ways to deal with trapped tsurite (lapel hand)

  1. Hard to believe this art is popular, it's very difficult and practically impossible for most people, it is as complicated as rocket science.

  2. I do the first one but didn´t know the explanation so your video taught me something as always.
    In randori or competition you step inside or outside for sasae ?
    Depends of the opponent ??

  3. Could you explain how to defend against tomoe nage? I'm pretty new at judo, started about a year ago but haven't done much since about February and none since may, so very out of it. I often had a problem in randori where I always felt like I was being threatened by a tomoe nage no matter my position. Of course I had other problems in randori but I think this was a big one, where I never felt like I was in a dominant enough position to throw without being thrown.

    This could just be because the only people who did tomoe nage were much higher belt than me and so I was never in a very dominant position, but it's always been on my mind even when against weaker people, the thought of "If they did tomoe nage now, how would I defend myself?"

  4. Dude your vids are rad. Been training bjj for years now and this standup stuff fascinates me – you make it look like magic. Thank you.

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