Judo for Kids : How to Tie a Belt in Judo for Children

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Angel
Perez from the Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida and we would be teaching judo for
kids. Hi the first thing we are going to be teaching today is how to tie your belts very
important. You can not do judo with out a belt obviously you need to know how to tie
it. It is a lot easier then it looks we are going to demonstrate that right now. Let’s
all please remove our belts how we tie our belts is folding it in half, right side first,
left side over, start in the front go all the way around to the back, all the way around
back to the front, crossover, outside part under, and over. Top part, around the bottom
part and tighten it. Correct.

4 thoughts on “Judo for Kids : How to Tie a Belt in Judo for Children

  1. WRONG!!! lmao, that is not the way to tie it, close but that is incorrect, maybe you sould watch more youtube and get it correct..

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