Judo Bank, in the words of our valued customers.

(ambient music) – I was first introduced to
Judo through my finance broker. I think from memory he
told me that Judo was different to banks, you know it was a new player on the block and now we’re looking at funding and relationships differently to the traditional larger banks. – With the big thought, it’s
all about the paperwork. It’s all about the numbers, it’s all about the records we can provide. It’s all about a ticker box approach. – What I really needed was
a financial institution that was commercial in its approach and understood what I
was looking to achieve. – And with Judo, they were able to simply listen to what we had to say and understand the transaction so that when they were
needed, they delivered. – Right away we just felt that the relationship was perfect. They were understanding of our needs. It felt like the right fit straight away. – I guess the experience we had was that everything went through very quickly I think from that original cup of coffee we had the financing in
place like within a month. – We did the most efficient
I’ve ever been involved in. The guys understood
every, the whole situation and then really the indicative offer came extremely quickly maybe within you know, days of the meeting, not weeks, And draw down the
simplified and easy to do. – The Judo team knew exactly
what I was looking to achieve. They knew the numbers, they summarized the position very quickly and they made decisions very quickly. And that’s what I was looking for. I wanted someone who I could trust, someone that could understand
me and my business, look at my strategy for moving forward and I wanted a long term partner who I could work with
for the next 30 years. – Having readily available access to Judo has been fantastic. Whenever I need anything
I just pick up the phone. – Yeah I think the success
with Judo is understanding the business and the people
side of the business. So it’s just not backing
a 10 page form where 50 boxes need to be ticked. The guys got themselves
right into the due diligence of our business in terms of its financials and its operations, but what they’re able to do is really back the whole 360
degrees of the business, being where we’re going as a company who we are as people. – It’s like there’s a
return of the old fashion banking relationship
where customer service and trust and a handshake
mean something again. – Judo was fantastic,
five out of five for me for the service that Judo provided us. – Overall we were extremely
satisfied and impressed by the way the team operated and how they managed to understand our
business at such speed and offer us a solution that was extremely well-tailored to our needs as well. – Look I’d have no
hesitation in recommending Judo particularly to other
small to medium enterprises. – If I was talking to other
small or medium operators, I would say go and talk to Judo because it might open up your eyes
to something different than what you’re used to. – You know it’s only recently
I was having a discussion with my wife about how grateful we are to Judo Capital for
giving me the opportunity because there was a real and very distinct possibility that this dream
wouldn’t have come to reality. So I do owe Judo a lot and as a family we’re very appreciative yeah, absolutely. (melodic ambient music) (melodic ambient music)

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