John Cena’s most shocking losses: WWE Top 10, Feb 10, 2018

[MUSIC] [SOUND] John Cena with
that gold in his hand and the referee desperately trying to prevent
Cena from using that championship.>>And John Cena will use it.>>Wait a minute.>>Whoa, whoa, whoa!>>Carlito’s got, that’s the steel
chain Cena carries around.>>Wait a minute.>>Carlito’s got the steel chain.>>Cena has no idea! Right off the jaw!>>Jaw!>>Here’s the cover, by Carlito.>>No way! No!
>>Carlito stole the title! Carlito stole the title!>>I spit in the face of people
who don’t want to be cool. [SOUND]
>>He’s wanting to hit a superplex.>>There’s the table one of these men
must go through to end this match-up.>>[INAUDIBLE]
[SOUND]>>What?>>We have a new champion!>>The winner of this match and
new WWE Champion, the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus! [SOUND]
>>Look at this. That’s like the green mist. Green mist completely legal
into a massive powerbomb. Here’s the cover. Tensai just upsets Cena.>>Yeah! [SOUND]
>>Laurinaitis pleading for mercy like the Big Show did last week.>>But John Cena.
>>Out the basket.>>No!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Big Show just knocked out Cena.>>Wait a minute, did he?>>Big Show knocked out John Cena.>>Was he trying to hit Laurinaitis or
what?>>What the hell just happened?>>Come on, Johnny, get him over. Get him over, Johnny. Come on, ref. Count, count, count.>>One two, three.>>Yes. Yes. Yes. Big Johnny did it. [SOUND] Cena was kicked low,
then in the face. And now the Accolade.>>[NOISE]
>>How could Cena have anything left?>>As he is out.>>I think Cena’s unconscious. The referee’s gonna have
to stop this match. [SOUND]
>>[NOISE] [SOUND]>>And Cena looking for that Attitude Adjustment.>>The Rock? Rock?
>>The Rock, rock bottom! A rock bottom!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The rock bottom on John Cena and remember it’s no disqualification. Can Miz take advantage? And Miz pins Cena!>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]
>>No! No!
No! No!
Wait a minute!>>And Cena is gonna take
things a little too early. Look out.>>My god, Umaga. Umaga assaulting Cena, and
remember there’s no disqualification here.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>This match continues because remember, it was named no disqualification. No, no.
>>You gotta be kidding me. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.>>No, come on! No, you gotta be kidding me.>>Wait a minute.
>>Yes! Yes!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
>>You know the universe love this.>>[INAUDIBLE] by Bryan.>>Whoa!>>Running for a cover! [INAUDIBLE]
>>One, two, three!>>Daniel Bryan is WWE champion! [SOUND]
>>Therefore there’s one more match to happen here tonight. And this individual is cashing in his money in the bank privilege that
he earned at WrestleMania, Edge.>>Well, I thought and
I said it earlier tonight. Are you kidding me that Edge
would use it at WrestleMania?>>[NOISE]
>>And again.>>Cover.>>One, two, three.>>He got him. [SOUND] Edge had shocked the world. [SOUND]
>>There’s that clothesline.>>It’s pop-up powerbomb. Cover on Cena, hooking the leg. He’s got him.
>>He’s got him.>>Owens got him. Kevin Owens just beat John Cena.>>Here is your winner,
the NXT champion, Kevin Owens.>>That maybe the most
monumental win in WWE history. [SOUND]

100 thoughts on “John Cena’s most shocking losses: WWE Top 10, Feb 10, 2018

  1. Wwe is the most fakest thing I have ever watched , I mean sometimes it is real with some of the fights but a lot of times it is fake

  2. Any one noticed
    Only daniel brayan and
    Kewin owense defeated him without cheating 🤔
    That means u need more then 2 players to defeat john cena 🤗

  3. No john has lost 11 times. Well this video got posted on 2018 and his 11th lost was in 2019 with The Rock

  4. John Cena should choose his matches using less violence methods and more tactical approaches. He needs to focus more on his wrestling skills. He needs to make these wise decisions for a better career

  5. Rusev defeating cena was also a cheating beacause before putting acolade rusev hit the low blow on cena where lana distracted referee

  6. John cena is the legendary super warrior,most of wrestler won by cheating but they had the beating by Mr.hustle loyalty and respect

  7. John Cena
    Tere chaddi me pasina
    Tere dil me katrina

    Tu ek kutta kamina

    This is joke guys dil pe mat lena

  8. Damn straight, these matches that John Cena lost, were not fair because he was cheated out of his epic victories he should have earned. Especially when John Cena was going to Challenge the Undertaker, the one epic fantasy match that came true, but Elias decides to step in first to take away the energy that John Cena needed when John Cena defeated Kane on Raw that was the night before Wrestlemania. So clearly it wasn't a fair fight for John Cena against the Undertaker.

  9. Sorry to say but dhiyan se dekho jyada match cena jan buzkrr hara hai sab fix h shemus ke samne cena khud jan bujkar teble prr girta h

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