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  1. Mr. Roy Dean, you are the one who introduced me to BJJ with your blue belt requirements 1.0. It's been a long time now. And to this day, I go back to my notes before each spar. Truely beneficial. It's an honor, Sir! Thank you can't demo my gratitude.

  2. Well it made me subscribe, just over a year into the gentle art, best inspirational video I've seen in a long while.

  3. My experience with jiu jitsu sucked. Got injured intentionally by a purple belt who wanted to show off. BJJ makes wayyyy too many bullies that want to be like the circus they see on the UFC. Gracie Jiu Jitsu on the other hand is good stuff because it teaches you self defense and the basics for self defense. So in other words it has STRUCTURE. BJJ has none. It is a simply lets throw you into the mix with blue, purple, brown and maybe black and see if they sink or swim. The reason why so many people leave BJJ is because of its lack of structure and disciple.

  4. Has anyone purchased this? Can't decide on 1.0 or 2.0. Beginner white belt looking for solid info.

    Thanks in advance

  5. I love jits, and I like Roy Dean's style of Jiu jitsu, and he appears to be quite a good instructor, but………….He sounds like a fricking cult leader.

  6. I bought the 1.0 almost 9 years ago when I started.. was awesome. I'm into my brown belt now but debating getting 2.0 just to see Roy's progression of the techniques over these years.

  7. Sheesh.

    R u now going to tell everyone to get dressed in purple and drink the juice while a comet passes over head??? lol

  8. Would that shit work against aikido answer is no.Aikido is more suitable self defense martial art.We work on real street techniques would work against multiple opponents, not sport bjj your garbage shit wont work.#factscity

  9. Great video. I am still surprised that there are still a lot of BJJ schools that teach by “What I feel like teaching today” vs having a curriculum that designed to help students get the best out of their trainings.

  10. IMO a blue belt should have a basic comprehension of all standard positions of Jiu-Jitsu, and at least one transition between them. Guard, half guard, cross body, mount and back control. A blue belt should also be adept at one move, Or have a “go to.” Mine was the side choke (Katagatame). That’s what my master, a Carlson Gracie Red and Black Belt describes as a requirement to become a blue belt. A normal submission and it’s escape should not be foreign to a blue belt, even if he can’t hit them while rolling. He (or she) should have already transitioned enough through tandoori to have been submitted in pretty much everything. Omoplatas, triangles, kimuras, americanas, arm locks, triangles, Katagatames, RNC, Guilhotines, Darce chokes and some forms of leg locks. They should also know a few sweeps and take downs. Seems like tons of info, but I wouldn’t give out a blue belt to anyone who hasn’t trained consistently (2-3 times a week overall) for at least a year. Obviously a high level judoca, wrestler or MMA practitioner might get one much quicker thru having sparring experience. I’ve only handed out one belt. It was to a Pro Muay Thai and MMA fighter who trained with me for almost a year. He tapped out several purple and brown belts due to his strength and No-Go prowess.

  11. Very good video…. but I think it could be even more compelling if the training partner was someone BIGGER than Roy rather than a skinny kid half his size.

  12. I just started jiu jitsu and I want so bad my blue belt ! Train hard everyday and learn everyday. BE MIGHTY, KEEP STRONG! BE MIGHTY AND KEEP GOING!

  13. prof

    Roy Dean

    what is the difference between subs, reversals, sweeps, and escapes can you make a simplifying video about it

  14. When I was a kid I got mounted on the playground many times by many bullies and if I had just basic knowledge I would have been able to defend myself but I was afraid and I didn't know anything and got beat up frequently,but now I'm confident and I'm not afraid anymore about being on the bottom this really is an art form of the utmost importance for kids and all people who are weaker to learn..

  15. That "sweep" when the blue belt did the guard break into a knee slice was one of the most beautiful/bullshit things I've ever seen. I NEED to learn that! XD So awesome!

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