JesseJane McParland Martial Arts Champion & Actress  – JJ Golden Dragon

sorry we had to drunk you you almost clawed one of my habits eyes out about there know our feelings I hope you’re a vicious little thing on you doesn’t usually take three of us to get the job done you were jumping about like a flea with an itchy ass oh yeah adorable to come with a blade very impressive little flea are you quite finished very nice we good hmm Wow you are full of surprises where did you get this poker you could trust me father he gave to me before he disappeared huh can you read it father only taught me one word Ezra esra well that’s a good start this book this stays between us okay I’m Bashi what’s your name Miller Oh manova it seems a dear mother fate has brought together for a reason you forms would you see Jessie J earlier that was amazing she is such attack yeah she’s a I know her personally for many years she’s a lovely young lady she’s over 200 million YouTube hits she’s a YouTube celebrity but she’s a great kid right best to look err what a day yeah we’re I’m excited what can I say I’m just excited and happy to have this in Ireland and for the sport of kickboxing and art it’s really a part Jesse gene you were on Britain’s Got Talent what has life been like since then it’s been amazing she’s incredible and what have you got up to well I was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week and she’s so nice it’s just incredible what was that like she seems like a really nice person she is he’s lovely and they flew all the way to America for that yeah Los Angeles Wow now I’ve seen you on lots of YouTube videos and I’ve seen you like millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of people have seen your video yeah why do you love doing what you do so many it’s just passion it’s just what I love and like I’ve heard you’ve been interviewed before and you didn’t like ballet and you didn’t like a dance or acting or anything like that but when you found your sport were you just the happiest girl in the world yeah well I love acting but I just do like ballet and ash Johnson Oh will you do like acting will actually to know much you can see that when you’re performing because it really is a performance is legit yeah really and how long do you have to train for every day I train for two hours in the morning I do my stretching in my core work and then in the evening time after my homework on my dinner I would say for about three to two hours again and then the and daddy would practice our techniques at nighttime about half seven to laughing very good that’s a lot isn’t it yeah and I mean you obviously you love it what has life been like in school at home it’s since Britain’s Got Talent it’s just incredible let’s go into so supportive you chose my family really who is the most famous person you’ve met so far that is a fan of urine wonder action you are joking me where did you meet them I met them in Ellen DeGeneres and I also met the Nile and Louie sorry give me a chance the predator him he had no qualifications wits crews race to you train upon your death said go Deena and I you cherish sedan Vienna pret stylish Oh hiccup Oh God video chat a buscar oh yeah emo stop Milian I keep Raglan a youtube on ia Arab ski is red skip rava cookie box ooh disciplinary musica former a Massimo desert godina oh my god enabler of in a loop written scoped olanta dummy ghost photo jesse jane McParland Siana declared stava dananana so check where jesse jane McParland is ears care Sam Odessa godina yellow Yoshi on indiscipline azano knez Naoki oxytocin which perform a pas de mal OV esta noche no secure adi opposition mallanna catio karate wall in nan Chi barbosa’s a machine wrote una comida protein it SEMA whose place choreography itaku itaku industries emission of nutrition for the rich Podesta closely issue Gordon assassin evil Provenza Robbie is rated from Israeli press the monkey walks you with a shitty person endures forever forever Kaczynski the widget safari concerns the Arabs kick Roman style as varieties are so so invention swing era Tellem going nice and a little odd computation some of relative height oh really you boy Tommy tomorrow desi Coachella Valley Kosovo terrestre Dora we are performers why do video Francis a Tokyo story server Java Prabhu inscrutable aloo crime November mess it’sa gym santa lucia BTW ruiji Foreman odyssey discipline a full-contact marijka form a light contact by Google Search Appliance nobody panic attacks are a deposit exactly palace

4 thoughts on “JesseJane McParland Martial Arts Champion & Actress – JJ Golden Dragon

  1. Jesse-Jane is the fighter with the most Champion titles in the World
    (April 2017 JJ got now 283 Champion titles unther her belt incl 21 times World Champion)
    October 2016
    Jesse-Jane (10) currently holds over 240 martial arts titles and is 14 times World Champion and 12 times European Champion. Other titles include 9 times Double WAKO World Champion, 6 times WKC World Champion, WKC Youngest Female World Champion, 3 times WOMMA World Champion.
    And she has just taken part in a Anti Bullying Campaig for UFC.
    Jesse-Jane was the youngest ever World Champion in Kickboxing and Karate at age 7
    Jesse-Jane McParland was also twice Female Sports atlete of the Year.


    Extreme Martial Arts
    Kickboxing (all diciplines – Points Fighting,
    Light Contact, Full Contact K1)
    Musical Forms
    Shaolin Kung Fu / Wushu
    Traditional Karate

    JJ is honnered as M A Expert with the official title "JJ Golden Dragon" (Gold Dragon is the highest title as Grandmaster in Shaolin Kung Fu / Wushu

  2. 0:00 JJ & Nick Frost – Into .Tthe Badlands
    3:29 JJ (8) scene The Martial Arts Kid (2015)
    .3:41 Kickboxing Gala (performens & Interview)
    6:51 JJ (9) World Championship .Kickboxing (K1) 2015

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