JERSEY GREATS | Shakur Stevenson :: Newark’s boxing prodigy

As a little kid I remember I fought at home one time in Newark When I was young And mad people from my school came to see me, and I fought a kid from Philly, and he beat me in front of everybody I was lost I guess my love for boxing made me keep going As I took them losses I felt like people was actually out there working harder than me The drive to want to be great Actually came into me, I guess Sometimes I be doubting myself I be like, what if don’t do it What if I go somewhere and I lose but… when that time comes, when I start to walk to the ring I remember all my people back home are watching me and what I am doing this for I guess I love the moment. I get nervous but I shine. My alter ego tells me, man, you can do anything. You are already proved that you can do more than what people expect from you being that you’re from Newark.

2 thoughts on “JERSEY GREATS | Shakur Stevenson :: Newark’s boxing prodigy

  1. Another fraud mayweather in the making; Running, Ducking & Elbowing…… no knockouts or beat down's…no heart & no BALLS….. just shitty fights, enjoy.

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