Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts Techniques : Shin Techniques for Jeet Kune Do

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Sifu Dwight
Woods of Unified Martial Art Academy in Miami, Florida and today we are going to be talking
about beginners jeet kune do. Okay so now stay in the Thai boxing mode sort of speak
for a second in this beginners series. You would notice now when we kick we are no longer
using the foot, we are now using the shin which just happens to be another striking
surface. So now we are using the Thai pads and we would just try to do this in slow motion
so you can see that the shin becomes the striking area. One more time in slow motion, that is
it and then we let it go in real time. So go 1, go 2, go 3, and go 4 and now go double
kick just for fun. And one more time and one last time double kick and one really last

38 thoughts on “Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts Techniques : Shin Techniques for Jeet Kune Do

  1. saiga76239mm.what im talking about is this is not jkd.because in jkd you dont deliver rear roundhouse kick,you can,but you dont.because you put your strong side forward,its called the by jon stance.if you knew anyhting you would know this.if you threw a rear roundhouse in jkd even in beginning,its not jkd,because jkd uses strong side forward,

  2. jkd techniques are not chambered.and again if you knew jkd you would know this.yes bruce lee said it was not a style,so if it wasn a style why is there a syllabus.and more importantly why does it have on bruce lee grave ' founder of jeet kune do' . jkd is a style and a bruce lee philsophys on martial arts.i think iv proved my point

  3. @cosmicdingo

    JKD is Bruce Lees art. If it doesnt come from Bruce Lee, its not JKD. If Dan wanna make money from marketing various martial arts as JKD, thats on his concience.

  4. ok guys here is what i searched
    JKD – a method of keeping what works for you
    Jun Fan JKD – is bruse lees JKD
    JKD is a concept
    so start learning instead of hating

  5. Gentlemen, show some repsect. Yes, she's attractive, but she's also got some great technique as a maritala rtist. Let's all grow up here and stop behaving like a bunch of immature 13yr olds.

  6. Why is this labeled Jeet Kune Do if they are showing Muy Thai kicks?
    Oh, and yes she is pretty good, but is also pretty slow with the kick and is extremely telegraphic. Every kick she drops her arms. In a competition or real fight after the first kick or two you would know she is about to throw one of those kicks.

  7. @HadiElzein1 A Snaping kick I like a whip, u strike fast & relaxed with ur leg and at the very lat point of hitting your target you flick your foot out and strike your opponent & retract ur leg just as fast as you hit, a snapping kick is not a heavy hitting kick like say a Thai kick, it is for fast hitting the target and retracting fast.
    It is good for groin shots & striking the joints. It is mostly used as a body shocker where you would hit low & by time they try & counter ur ready to hit high.

  8. that is not a real jeet kune do kick. That is more like a style from taekwondo! You think you can fool people. Shame!

  9. @SirSpun13 I was just answering dude above me's question on why she may be doing tht.Personally tho, i dont think one style can beat out another tho. To me they're 2 very different things anyway. JKD is more a philosophy of doing what you can and doing it fast. Where Muay Thai is a fixed style. The philosophy comes from who's using it imo. U can have someone who wants to be flashy, or u can have someone who wants to get the job done. Muay Thai fighters can get it done. Thts just my opinion tho.

  10. @cleon415
    That is true that JKD is a philosophy, but in that philosophy it teaches you to get the job done as you said but without letting the opponent know what you're going to do before you do it. I guess that is more of what I meant. I really dislike Muay Thai for its telegraphicness…

  11. @SirSpun13 I Totally understand tht.To me it still depends on the person. idk if ur into MMA but look at someone like Anderson Silva. He's a muay thai expert and his striking is disgustingly fast. Kicks included. I think it's all about mastery. But yeah i definitely see where ur coming from.

  12. @corvanjer I don't think you ever heard of push/pull? every action has an equal and opposite reaction? My arm swinging is the reaction to the action of me kicking.
    Ever see how a samurai swings a katana? You may believe it travels straight, but before contact, the wielder will push his top hand forward, and bring his bottom hand towards himself, i.e push/pull
    this helps to create a greater effect in the swing, causing more power in that split second.
    So swinging your arm does create power.

  13. @Drigoroth It gives the katana a greater effect due to it STABILIZING the sword.
    The reaction of your hand is due to your body becoming unbalanced – due to Newtons Law of Motion.
    It feels wierd not throwing your hand back – but it does indeed increase your power due to a more body being thrown into it (ie shoulders / upper torso). Throwing your hands is a bad habit. Osu!
    You getter a much greater range of motion with much more body mass if you don't throw the arm back – Try it out yourself ^_^.

  14. JKD was not a martial arts style…It was a philosophy of fusion.Hence, there is no exact style of JKD.

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