Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts Techniques : Reverse Hook Kick Jeet Kune Do Move

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Sifu Dwight
Woods of Unified Martial Art Academy in Miami, Florida and today we are going to be talking
about beginners jeet kune do. So now in the beginner series of techniques we would move
onto the kick that we call the reverse hook like which actually in main stream martial
is actually called the hook kick. Now we are going to change the equipment that we are
using because it is not necessarily a power kick so in the other techniques that we have
shown we use the big kick shield. On this one we would use the focus mitt cause it is
what more we call a impact rather then a power kick. So same idea I slide up, I chamber,
extend, retract, down, and reset. So slide up, chamber, extend, retract, down, back and
when I go in real time reverse hook kick I just hit all stay in line and then just that
going backwards by hand one more time and kick.

60 thoughts on “Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts Techniques : Reverse Hook Kick Jeet Kune Do Move

  1. For me it's a difficult kick to connect, you need tremendous speed and body condition and the right timing in order to not getting beaten up when troing that kick, altough you seem to do it so well 😀

  2. It's a good finishing kick if you can pull it off. I don't know about the person responding below me but my reverse hook is actually pretty strong. Don't know if I could use it in a real scenario yet but it's nice to know I can pull it off.

  3. Next to useless kick IMO. In all the kickboxing and MMA and even TKD I've seen, I've only seen this kick used to any real effect by Cung Le. And even then just one time.

  4. Yeah but you just listed examples of three different sports. Sorry but JKD is no
    I will admit that it's a fancy kick but you never know…..

  5. I guess agree to disagree devourerofbabies. However if the distinction between sport and martial art is arbitrary then your example of this kick not being effective in MMA,kickboxing, and TKD, well that just proves my point even further.
    For example, if I've immobilized you, (eye gouge,ear,nose,mouth rip)even temporarily, I could pull off a reverse hook if it's strong enough. Think about it.
    But then again use what works for you, maybe you can't lift your leg that high, who knows.

  6. Then maybe you can explain to me why if they're "just sports" you borrow so heavily from those mere sports. I don't understand people like you decry combat sports for having a few rules, turn around and use everything in those sports, and then not have a way of testing the shit out for yourself. I don't get why you think you're superior.

  7. I don't think that I'm superior in any way,and I don't borrow anything from any martial art sport. I may borrow from the Martial art itself though. Very different. Real combat is not the same. Don't get me wrong, I sometimes catch a fight or two but I distinguish reality from sport. Research the arts and find what their roots were and you tell me what their intentions were.

    For me to think I'm superior would go against everything I've ever learned.
    I really mean no disrespect.

  8. You're misunderstanding my point. Most Martial arts did not begin as sports, rather they became sport. When a martial art becomes a sport then it looses it's original intention.

  9. I think some people undervalue the sport aspect. No, a match isn't the same as a real fight, but it's the closest thing to it. Develops striking skills like nothing else can. Or grappling skills, or whatever.

  10. "For example, if I've immobilized you, (eye gouge,ear,nose,mouth rip)even temporarily, I could pull off a reverse hook if it's strong enough. Think about it."

    If you have someone immobilised, I guarantee you can find something better to do than a reverse hook kick.

  11. perhaps, but my whole point is having the option of performing this kick. Just because people can't utilize it in a sport does not mean that it's ineffective.
    Hey don't get me wrong sport fighting can be useful if observed correctlt but it is not the ultimate in combat. That's all.

    What works for me may not work for you and vice versa.

  12. "Just because people can't utilize it in a sport does not mean that it's ineffective."

    Well, I don't think that there's any reason to expect it to work better outside of sport. If it doesn't work in a controlled environment, it won't work in a less controlled environment.

    Why have the option to do this kick if there is always a better option?

    That's how I see it anyway. Cheers.

  13. JKD is a distillation of techniques from the sport arts. Bruce Lee learned the useful parts of different fighting styles and simplified them into a powerful fighting style.

  14. Very interesting. i have not trained in jeet kune do im more of a Muay Thia and Brazilian Jui Jitsu kind of man but theirs a jeet kune do seminar near were i do thai boxing so i might take it up. the move here could be good at shocking some one of balance if you got them in the face with it.

  15. bruce lee said that the reverse hook kick was a scraper is only a means to an end only to set an opponent off balance and sometimes is one of the only kicks that would get tru a good oponent's defense

  16. I'm a big fan of JKD.And i love the philosophy of it.I wanna thank you man for taking the time to teach other people Bruce Lee's methods.If it was'nt for Bruce,a lot of people would'nt be picking up martial arts.I love the video and the tips that you're sharing with people….keep up the good work and I really bless you for showing me the art.I practice everyday and I feel a lot motivated thanks to your video.You helped me out a lot


  17. This video shows the kick truly weak and with the wrong technique.
    1.- Rear leg must cross the lead by a fast and low jump, as if the rear wants to tread in the oppenent´s front foot.
    2.- Without hessitation you must turn your hips until your butt cross 45 degrees away the opponent.
    3.- Using the momentum and making use of the high level of power generated make the kick suddenly just like a whip extension an hit turningall your body.

  18. oh shut the fuck up
    he isnt trying to break the girl's hand hes only doing a demonstartion so stop acting like ur some kind of martial arts god

  19. Comments like this give actual kung fu artists a bad name. Bruce Lee used kicks from TKD, true, but he also used kicks from Muay Thai, Savate, as well as his original art, Wing Chun. BTW, the girl in this video is NOT fat.

  20. stop talking shit about bruce lee, lee was a fast, strong and aggressiv fighter. more fighter like the fighters today! but lee would never fight in a ring! and jeetkunedo, i dont know. bruce was the first modern fighter who use mma crossover technikes for selfdefense. Get some knowledge before talking shit!! A real fighter is never talking bad about bruce lee. just a stupid little asshole who dont know a shit about fighting and martialarts talks bad about bruce! remember!

  21. there are no videos of bruce lee fighting a real full contact fight or could actually do well in a real fight. To say bruce lee is the greatest fighter in the world is to perpetuate a lie. bruce lee was the greatest actor choreographer of fake fighting. he was world famous for this. with out the movie fame he would have been just another student of the arts who was misguided, and sought truth and pursued it diligently, and died in the experimental stages of his pursuit.

  22. Is there any place where i can see a Bruce Lee or a Chuck Norris REAL fight,not a movie fight?

    FACT: Chuck Norris doesnt wet himself in bed,the bet wets itself out of fear

  23. uhhh…we're talking about back in the 60's and early 70's…first of all, recording isn't something they do often back then…and when there IS a fight you think they would have a camera handy like how we do now? Think about the situation back then, itz not the same as now.

  24. sorry I was replying to the guy below who said lee was the greatest fighter in the world. but never saw him fight. So if there is no evidence or witness he know of then its just a big hoax. and the lee propaganda lives on.

  25. people sell the myth and the hype not the real man. his self-defnse moves in his books were unrealistic and was more like TV choreography than someone with real self-defense experience. check them out.

  26. his movies and selfdefense books were great coreography for entertainment but unrealistic. I was not attacking his personality, character and inspiration. On other ocassions I have sung his praises. are u saying no one is allowed to give their view on his public work. He wanted to be challenged and to be criticised, he was a show off and did not hide it. He challenged and criticised the world view and world leaders. u all treat lee like he was a baby.

  27. I merely point out flaws that were not as visible years ago. cheeesh…years later we have technology and improved fighting methods today. We are now challenging bruce as he once challenged the world. This only fair. Is he a man or mouse. u all pamper him like what… let his work stand as it did for years and fall as the new future of fighting reveal itself. and new heroes come along. there is no shame in that. he will be crticised till the end of the world in good & bad. live with it.

  28. Its not so much the fighting style that made Bruce, it was his Energy and passion for knowledge that comprised his character as a teacher of martial arts. The whole philosophy of Jeet Kune Do is not to solidify.

  29. @POKeMONsucks41516111 Don't waste your time on these 'new age' punks. MMA is the fad of today and they think they are the best. Keep in mind that those on this site, while perhaps they train, are not any example of a true MMA fighter. Chuck would never go around bashing any style or saying how his is the best. Only fanboys and wishful thinkers go around bragging about one person over another. "i know someone who is better than you" they just can't say the same about themselves.

  30. When they said lee was a great martial artist what did they mean.
    Was the best fighting champion in the world. Was the best actor, or best promoter / best public figure, best book writer, best theortician.
    He had no fullcontact fights against worlds best fighters so this was not they meant.
    People got confused – they thought back then that what they saw (in the movies, fancyful demos on stages) for real MA.

  31. hay que reconer qe bruce lee sintetiso muy bien el wing chun con el boxeo y agregandole algunas patadas simples del taekowndo

  32. @bajanfights Bruce had no full contact fights against the best fighters … in the 60s…I assume you're talking about Joe Lewis/Chuck Norris and the like. they did not do full contact, it was point sparring and hardly the same thing as real fighting. Ask anyone who worked out with Bruce or sparred with him and see what they say about his ability to fight… something from someone who knew him before making comments about him.

  33. bruce lee did fight 4 real, he constantly got challenged because ass holes like you thought he was a joke. but of course he kicked their ass, he was so humble, afterwards he would tell them why they fucked up. its called wikipedia, shit heads use it.

  34. @ArmourExe u must check out this book by Bruce called The Art of Expression The Human Body…it has ALL HIS WORKOUTS!!!

  35. bruce lee believed in full contact fighting and his daughter said he would have loved ufc so leave him alone jeez he is the greatest fighter in the world but there are people just as great so calm down 😛

  36. @clearcombat You don't want to chamber your kick yes, the only "chamber" you would use is just enough necessary for the kick to travel in a straight line. Any kick above the waist will require a slight knee in order for the foot to reach the target. You just don't want to chamber your kick to the same extent in other arts.

  37. @bundle
    I don't know, it's as fast as a roundhouse, looks like a roundhous, you hit someone in the face with that while they expect a roundhouse from the other side, you could bust somebody up.

  38. My advise, never execute this kind of kick in competition or in real fighting. However, is good for strengthening the thigh muscle.

  39. @julianlookh It's works pretty well in kickboxing sparring because it catches people of guard. It's best used just to score points though.

  40. for all the major chuck norris nut huggers or mma fanataics or just keyboard warriors who doubt jeet kune or bruce lee or real martail arts put whatever you had in your mouth before you saw this video or anything with real martial arts back in your mouths

  41. Now would you want to use this kick in a first strike.think not. that would I think be a finish move to the face or body right

  42. Most kids/grownups think, if you train Martial Art, you need to compete. Not even thinking about, that some people just train it for the sake of the art. Like some people paint. Some people grow plants, Some people take Yoga, etc. Martial Arts too can be expression of ones feelings. Much like anything ellse. Bruce Lee enjoyed it, that was his passion. He was working every day to improve his style, but not for the sake of public, but for the sake of the passion for Martial Arts, and love for it.

  43. @Keelox100 cause it aint gonna work unless you know you can USE IT in a real life scenrio thats why so many people laugh at all the different martial arts cause when they are tested they flunk…

  44. @AThousandYoung well, JKD of a person depends on that person. so if I think this kick is good for me, ill use it.. JKD is DYNAMIC man, thats what Bruce wanted to say.. Martial art is an expression of yourself. It has no standard kicks/punches/grappling styles.

  45. Thought I'd throw this out there. That is a kick we learn in Shaolin kung fu at Brown Belt level. TKD may use it with a different emphasis (speed vs. power, or the other way around), but seriously, there are only so many ways that the human body can move. Compare all the different styles, and you'll see a lot of similarity in the techniques we all use, but the guiding principles can be vastly different. Just something to think about. Also, "This dude gives JKD a bad name"? How dishonorable.

  46. Very handy kick for setting up for a spinning hook (disguise) kick which has some real power.Like his kick nice technique.

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