Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts Techniques : Jeet Kune Do Combination Moves

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Sifu Dwight
Woods of Unified Martial Art Academy in Miami, Florida and today we are going to be talking
about beginners jeet kune do. Okay so punch number 2 is what we call the cross or the
straight rare. So again in slow motion using the boxing method beginner technique you just
pivot and use the body weight in what you are doing okay so if we go in real time we
just snap across here and one more time and one more time and one more time. So now we
have 2 basic punches for the beginners and the arsenal so we can put that into combination
techniques in lead hand, rear hand and one more time, one more time, and one more teem,
and one really last time. Because you want to start out slowly and ease yourself into
so we would start what we call a simple technique so a single technique and then we go into
compound or combination techniques. For example what you just saw which would be lead hand,
rear hand.

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  1. This is called Jun Fan Kickboxing. I know that it is not the vertical fist that everyone is used to but read the headline. "Basic Techniques"! One must begin to crawl before they can walk right? Did you think Sifu Dwight Woods would give away all his secrets for free?
    Like what Sijo Bruce used to say "why should I teach someone else how to beat me"?
    Some of these responses require a little more thought before posting.
    A little more respect wouldn't hurt either.

  2. Jazzman1930, Huh? Professional fighters? This is not a sport. This is combat. If you want sport then go watch a UFC fight and talk to "professional fighters". Leave the real combat to the martial artists.

  3. Sorry man, but youre inaccurate. Sifu Dwight is good friends and training partner with Erik Paulson, the only American Shooto champion and current Mixed martial artist. He is certified in Muay Thai by Ajarn "chai" Surachai Sirusute, head of the Thai Boxing association of America. He has fought, sparred, trained, and lived. He is certified by Guro Dan Inosanto and hee is an incredible conduit of Sijo Bruce's message. Sorry man, you just dont know.

  4. to your statement about there is no jet kune do in the ufc. did you know jeet kune do is the father of mixed martial arts so jkd was the first form of mma. know in our time mma has evolved in to a more modern style

  5. JKD is a modern style itself. Bruce Lee said it was the only non-classical style of kung fu in existence.

  6. The so called people on this page want every JKD instructor to look the same. They want to stylize JKD. "This is Western Boxing", this is wrong that is wrong. I guess everyone should look and act the same huh?
    That makes me laugh.
    Some people are more lost than they think.

  7. If you think that JKD is was not influenced by western boxing then I suggest you read the Tao of Jeet Kune Do written by Sijo Lee.
    There are other ways to punch involving the Chinese arts but look closely friend before making judgements.

  8. By your comment and judgement on Jimi, I realize what kind of training you have. It is not wise to claim superior knowledge for it only makes you sound less intelligent.

    Be careful about passing judgement friend.

  9. By your comment and judgement on Jimi, I realize what kind of training you have. It is not wise to claim superior knowledge for it only makes you sound less intelligent.

    Be careful about passing judgement friend.

  10. You're right, but it is mentioned that they were originally written in the late 60's. Bruce had time to adapt and learn, as JKD was and is consistently changing…

  11. You're right mastercombat. What some people seem to forget is that JKD is a rebellious "art". It's ever changing. So long as you carry the essential aspects of JKD with you, there should be no confusion.
    I see way too many people out there gospelizing Bruce Lee. He said it himself that all martial arts started with a hypothesis but somewhere along the way it became gospel. I see this happening with the so called Original JKD people. The've taken a great idea and made a religion. It's sad.

  12. i agree that it's less efficient, but you also have to consider the angle of the strike. if the opponent is off center then the type of punches she was throwing would be more effective.

  13. this woman has some realy powerful strikes for her size. a true testament to the effectivenes of jkd. excellent form. i think i'm in love, lol. i love to see women involved in physical fitness, especialy martial arts. its far more attractive than the media perpetuated sexist skinny bullshit that hollywood tries to tell us. keep up the good work.

  14. "When has bruce ever and i mean ever thrown a horizontal fist? If you can find me proof that he taught a horizontal fist i will be amazed."

    page 75 of the Tao. Left hand column under hook punch and rear cross.

    Hope this helps to clarify.

  15. Hey guys. i was just wondering. A lot of kung fu martial arts focus on centerline. Are the punches normally towards centerline? (btw i do wing chun)

  16. Its neither true nor proven. I was a boxer for 4 years and now ive trained JKD for 1,5 years. Keep your speculations to yourself until you got the experience to back it up.

  17. Depends how good you are with your punches. I used to be into boxing but i realized the JKD punches were doing more damage. They have concepts behing the vertical punch as well.

  18. Chi has actually been traced through the body by scientist. also when you here martial arts masters say sumin along the lines of "you must draw your energy from the ground" that is because 60-70% of punching power comes from the ground, if you analyze a punch or more specifically a good punch it will often start from the ground. legs-hips-fist.

  19. well that depends on how u look at chi, martial-artist who punch through stone for example centre themselves (concentrate) this allows them to focus all their strength and technique into the punch. i personally feel chi is a mixture of mastering ones emotions, focus and technique. as for the stuff you see in movies or on dragon ball z, very

  20. What are you talking about? The only difference between vertical and horisontal punching the the bone structure of the lower arm or shoulder. The vertical fist gives the optimal bonestructure for punching, thats why wc use it. While MMA just punch horistontal without knowing why.
    I used to punch horisontal becouse thats what everybody else was doin, but over the years I noticed that my lower arms got sore and learned that it was becouse of incorrect bone structure. Now I use vertical fist…

  21. This is wrong..
    JKD does incorporate some techniques of boxing
    But it is also based on subsidy..
    The weapon (hand) nearest to the opponent is what the JKD practitioner should strike with
    But the strike must be straight..
    And the wing chun part of JKD will follow up
    (Wing chun punch)

  22. Of course sir, but remember that you speak in the context of combat, not method of training. Of course a jkd man would choose to develop boxing skill and the ability to open with the rear as well as the lead. As a student of this school I may tell you that we, of course, place due emphasis on the lead vertical fist (wing chun punch).

  23. don't think its meant as a pc-speed-course into JKD, but moreoff some sort of teaser to get people to go train it in a professional environment

  24. dont say karate is just defense il do it for 20 years now and i think that all martial arts can used both sides to attack or to defense depends on how u will use it

  25. woah dude, martial arts is very peacful, go check out some tai chi, and youve got to look at it from the fighters point of view. When they compete, they are testing themselves, in their mind, they are testing their own skills, its friendly competition. Just like swimming, if you want to swim you have to get wet, if you want to fight, your going to get punched. They all know this and reconcile with it. Just because other ppl tend to shred it w/ impluse and anger doesnt mean its not beautiful.

  26. @hotmale4u91 they think karate is learned to be brutal show no mercy when its really about turning everything we do everyday into ur own techniques Spirtual karate is true karate jackie chan said so


  28. @lightsaberIJKD Well first off JKD isnt a set list of techniques. And Bruce Lee does write a good bit about this kick in The Tao of JKD. so maybe you should actually read a Lee's book b4 runnin your mouth like you know what jkd is

  29. @lightsaberIJKD I obviously know more about JKD than you do. You whom have probably never taken a martial arts class or read even a quote by Bruce Lee.

  30. @lightsaberIJKD I obviously know more about JKD than you do. You whom have probably never taken a martial arts class or read even a quote by Bruce Lee. You still havent answered my question as to what makes this not JKD.

  31. @psycedelic123 i ve been doing j.k.d. for 20 years and the western boxing style is the power attack before u learn lee's wing chun and master it .great start off learn boxing in power it will break wing chun attack by lye mans but know both u got j.k.d. .Then u just learn leg style best is kickboxing ,stopkicks ,attack defense repeat thats jeet kune do

  32. nah….these KIDS CAN DO BETTER:
    search this on youtube:


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