Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts Techniques : Hook Kick Jeet Kune Do Move

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Sifu Dwight
Woods of Unified Martial Art Academy in Miami, Florida and today we are going to be talking
about beginners jeet kune do. Okay so now here is what we call the lead leg hook kick
and in jeet kune do what the technique which is known in a lot of other places in the round
house kick is called a hook kick and that simply because Bruce Lee his idea was the
hook punch follows this line. So if I kick on that same line it should have the same
name. So we go through the mechanics one more time slide up, chamber, extend, retract, down
and reset. One more time slide up, chamber, extend, retract, down and back. So now in
real time we go 1, we go 2, we go 3 and we go 4 okay so once again different techniques
but same mechanics and that is a really important factor in jeet kune do training it is the
mechanics behind on what you are doing not so much the actual single technique.

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  1. Ya but just as I said before learning deeply into BJJ or Muay Thai teaches you how to stop people from making those entrances. Here's my point: who cares if your style teaches you eye gouging it matters who the more skilled fighter is. And by the way Muay Thai was developed for war and BJJ's superiority has been demonstrated in numerous under ground fights with absolutely NO RULES. So both of these styles have faced against others in non-sanctioned fights uncountable times.

  2. Why are u guys arguing about muay thai or JKD. thats pointless as Muay thai and BJJ is incorporated into JKD now a days anyways. in fact JKDers learn everything new thats out there in order to learn how to counter and defend against it. Now that ppl fight differently, jkd has to change as well.

  3. Bruce Lee once said that as long as people only have two arms and two legs, fighting will never change much. JKD is about stripping away the inessentials, not accumulation.

  4. wow akjunkie you seem to know a lot…about nothing.
    I suggest you do some research before commenting. It seems you're the one that doesn't know very much.

  5. Only with one's who've never been in a BJJ session. I'm actually a pretty bad all-around grappler. But there are things I've been introduced to that pure JKD practitioners have never even heard of.

  6. jkd is a philosophy.
    bruce lee would train people mma consepts but you would have to develope your own style and feeling when you fight ..a lion attacking another lion is using jkd. he is fighting though feeling and instinct….flow like water my friends =)

  7. I thought she had her left arm covering her jaw when she was kicking. I think the reason why she whipped her right hand back down when she kicked was because she wanted to generate more power in her kick. If she was to keep both her hands up during the kick, her kick would not only be weak but also force her to lose balance. I could be wrong but please correct me if I am.

  8. im not an expert on JKD but alot of ppl asking why she drops her right hand, well come on u try kicking without droping it, when she drops it helps her keep balance, and plus y would you cover ur face when ur leaning back all the way. the opponent would have to lean or walk forwars to hit u on the face, which in return u bring ur right hand up n strike the dude on the face =]

    thats how i see it.but if im wrong im srry as i said im not an expert on JKD but im also not a show off n saying i am

  9. i agree with Uitsdo but u dnt have to be an expert to know when you kick always keep your hands up theres two reasons 1.if you lower your hands for a kick the opponent is going to know that your about to kick 2.just keep the hands up for the guard.i too am far an expert but iv fought alot.

  10. Agreed. One thing though. If you look carefully the left hand is still up and covering. If you've ever tried to kick with two hands up then you'll know that it is very uncomfortable and not balanced at all.

  11. If it is uncomfortable for you then it is something for you to work on. Body control is the most important thing. Your hands should be able to do what you want them to in the middle of any kick. They should not be hindered by keeping you "comfortable" or balanced. Balance comes from proper center positioning, not hands. If you are worried about defense, keep hands up, if you want power, swing them around with the kick. Get good at both.

  12. The chamber is only taught for proper kicking form. In other words in case you don't know the mechanics of kicking. If you notice when the kick is performed full speed there is no chamber.

  13. I read somewhere that jeet kune do can be self taught and is based on one's own philosophy. Bruce originally called his way Jun Fan jeet kune do (as in Bruce Lee's (Jun Fan is his Chinese name) jeet kune do, not just jeet kune do as a whole). I'd still call it a roundhouse or round kick.

  14. All styles, forms, ways, etc. have different names for similar, if not even identical, techniques. A lot of Chinese styles have exaggeratedly long names like "little red fist" and "kick to the sky". Not all martial arts are created from the same place, therefore there would be different names (and I don't just mean different languages). Hell, some styles call the hook punch the roundhouse punch.

  15. Oh man, I live by Unified Martial Arts, I'm going to take classes there and if that chick is there, you best believe that I would ask her out. I can finally have a hot sparring partner.

  16. Two cents! I have never seen a chambered kick in JKD?? Im sure its ok to practice, but in my experance mauy thai round house is the norm rather than TKD/Karate kicks!

  17. turbokitty muay thai kicks are not ment to be snapped like tkd or karate kick and look how wide her stance is shes about to do a split

  18. mastaplann9 I'm not sure if you've trully experienced a hook kick, whether it be JKD or Karate, but I can assure you that it's very powerful. Of course it depends on the person perfoming it.

    There's a hip snap to it at the end that delivers the power. I can tell you it's not very pleasant.

    If you watch any professional fight you'll see the hook kick, usually to the thighs.

  19. I'm a bit confused, that girl appeared to be a southpaw in the switch-kick video. So do I learn this stance with this or the reverse as a right-hander?

  20. I've seen dux ryu practitioners also call this a hook kick. I always thought this was just a front side roundhouse, and I was told by TKD and kung fu people that a hook kick was one that starts out kind of like a stepping sidekick, but the leg starts out extended and then the knee bends to deliver an outward round heel strike. Is it just different wording?

  21. Hey Jeffdoeskungfu,

    Many different arts call kicks by different names. No one is neither right nor wrong. Just different ways to describe the same thing.
    The kick you were describing we call a reverse hook kick.

    Not really a big deal.

  22. It's quite interesting to see another version of the "hook kick." In my style that considered a "roundhouse kick." But it's still pretty cool.

  23. i noticed that actually with roundhouse kick u dont slide up then chamber nor use lead leg with original roundhouse u use the back leg the chamber then hit so u can incoperate both kicks with jkd lol that ownz.

  24. this is a lead leg round/ roundhouse kick, you can call it a hook kick if you like, whats so unique about it that makes it jkd?

  25. Do you realize exactly why martial arts where originally made? To protect the peasants from assailants, which were generally armed, whereas it was illegal to carry a weapon unless the government allowed you to. Meaning they were for self defense, when was the last time you heard of a martial art master mugging someone? Never. I would buy a gun if i wanted to hurt someone, because if a martial artist were to attack someone, they would be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

  26. bruce lee did it in a certain movie … I forgot which but type in Bruce Lee wing chun…its definetly out there

  27. Realistic? Are you saying taekwondo is not realistic? Muay Thai is kickboxing with elbows and knees, so of course it would be more refined for ring use as we see it today, it is not, however, any more realistic or useful than TKD. Muay Thai is an extremely easy martial art to learn, it has, from my knowledge, one kick with a few variations of height and counters, a few punches, the elbow and knee strikes and the clinch, all of which I learned before I was in TKD for a full year.

  28. Roundhouse kick: raise knee with leg bent, direction the knee goes depends on how much power you plan to use, then extend leg, generally with foot in line with the leg so that you have a longer flat surface to hit with. Variations are extensive.

  29. i dont see why ppl are taking so much thought into the name of this kick and how it came about … its called different things in different arts … slide-up flip kick, hook kick, round kick… w/e … different arts, different names

  30. This kick is NOT proper. He compares it with am existing kick calles roundhouse but the JKD hook kick is very different than that. Also this kick is not power and AGAIN TELEGRAPHING. I've done some comments now on several video's of this man but i would never go to him for instruction in JKD i'm sorry to say. I think of the phrase that Bruce Lee put in one of his books "showing off is the fools idea for glory" PEOPLE, WAKE UP! Or if you like Wing Chun or wrestling stay but IT'S NOT JKD.

  31. its because it follows the same line of attack. do people seriously just come here to nitpick and twist words around? you guys are such losers. THATS NOT JEET KUNE DO, JEET KUNE DO IS THIS! DUR DUR DUR

  32. stop trying to perpetuate lee. teach self-defense from yoor experience not his. u dont know what or where he was going with his theories. maybe today he would hav given up JKD an call it crap. people change in time. teach what u hav learned from life. dont try to capture de essence of lees jkd, try to capture de essence of selfdefense.

  33. @R3nagad3blaz3r92 omg chill… get a life instead of looking at the girls in every video….pervert

  34. costs a lot of time to perform these kicks. lee was fast enough, but trained it. i guess most ppl wont have the success to perfom them fast enough.

  35. @narutodamp Well I can tell your gay, cause you have a name like Naruto? Like c'mon grow up already. And so what if I love looking at women? Wtf is wrong w/ that? Exactly Nothing! So get your own life and maybe you'll get some women. Comment on your life, nobody elses. Loser.

  36. Hands dropped to low again, somone with decent timming could KO with one kick or punch. This would only work if you are infinitely stronger and faster then your opponent.

  37. @23mjwill Haha ok whatever no matter what i say you are gonna say something dumb. b4 you say things look up the meaning first. So say what you want there are plenty of people who think you need to grow up im done wasting my time here.

  38. This is not the Hook Kick Bruce Lee taught. Bruce Lee version of the Hook Kick was more efficient & economic in movement. And you really take away from the art showing off the girls epic ass cheeks.

  39. @M45trKLLr What are the major things that she's doing that make the technique wrong? I have a feeling that you're going to say the angle of the kick. I would angle it at a 45 if I was coming to the groin, but if I went to the body or head I'd come up horizontally so as not to catch an elbow.

  40. I agree this on this not being an JKD kick… and aint this "expertvillage" the same channel that spammed bullshit "tips" for bodybuilding… ?

  41. Not trying to be negative but I disagree with the breakdown of the hook kick. The movement (as I learned it) does not chamber. She's doing the kick correctly but she is not chambering – then kicking. The kick is one smooth action with the kicking leg bent (not chambered)as the hips drive the kick, the leg locks into the kicking shield as the thigh is still driving into the pad. She doing it right. His breakdown is incorrect.

  42. Not saying this is not jkd but in the books i had by Bruce and his students they said that there are no chambers in the kicks in jkd in jkd the round house is called the hook kick.

  43. the stance is too wide limiting mobility and the hook kick is dode in a small arch not a swing like the roundhouse when you chamber it you tell your opponent what youre going to do

  44. the stance is too wide limiting mobility and the hook kick is dode in a small arch not a swing like the roundhouse because when you chamber it you tell your opponent what youre going to do

  45. @geoplasm hi! Maybe that right leg is stronger than the left, and maybe to surprise the opponent, who thinks as you and me and do not wait for a middle kick of the right leg

  46. @expertvillage much respect sifu woods I have problems with this kick and this helped me out a lot but the only problem I have is the person you used to show the kick dropped her lead hand I don't believe that is proper technique but again thank you for the video

  47. Hey woods, I heard you are around kendall. Do you know a dud that sent his son to you that the father's name is rick. It would be a coincidence, because I was showing him the difference in the JKD hook kick. Than told him about you and he said he knows you. If so we will see you. My cup is empty.

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