Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts Techniques : Crescent Kick Jeet Kune Do Move

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Sifu Dwight
Woods of Unified Martial Art Academy in Miami, Florida and today we are going to be talking
about beginners jeet kune do. Okay now on this next step beginner kick this is what
we called the leave a crescent kick. So one more time watch the mechanics from the ready
position I could easily hit with the arm but since we are working in kicking techniques
right now we would go through that slide up, chamber, extend, retract, down and back. Slide
up, chamber, extend, retract, down and back. So the technique would look like this okay
one more time and one more time and one more time.

100 thoughts on “Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts Techniques : Crescent Kick Jeet Kune Do Move

  1. All these so called "real jkd" or Ted Wong people can really be narrow minded. How easily people forget that there were different stages of development in JKD and therefore some teachers will look slightly different from others.
    I guess they're just insecure with their perception of JKD and have to resort to bad mouthing.
    They should be ashamed of themselves.
    100 years from now every JKD artist should look exactly the same as the other according to their simpleton mindset.

  2. Hey GanjaBhai put down the Ganja and pay attention. This man's teacher gave your teacher his instructorship.
    You're lucky to be able to study with Ted Wong, but be careful and don't absorb the man's resentments.

  3. Thanks for the lesson. Your words speak for themselves.

    Jkdass? That's the best you can do?

    Elementary at best. I must have struck a nerve with you for you to resort to childish name calling my friend.
    Nice to see your martial arts training has helped you control your anger. lol

    No knowledge of JKD? lol

    I can really tell you were angry. Temper, Temper…

    Thanks for the laughs you made my morning.

  4. I can't beleive the posts that I'm seeing that this is not JKD! Has anyone read the Tao of Jeet Kune Do?

    Sweet baby Jesus. The man explains his theories in black and white.

    Page 82
    Kicking Methods:

    -Outside in
    -Inside out
    -Straight on

    Here we are 35 years later saying it's not JKD.

    If Bruce himself won't convince you then no one will.

  5. High kicks are still used in times of opportunity.
    But you're right, the 'expert' should stress that height is relative to how tall the kicker is/what he/she wants to accomplish.

  6. You are not a JKD student and you think you can tell me that I have no idea? It's people like you who have no understanding of JKD, are not a student and think you can tell people you know what it is. Since I don't have patience for people like you and you said an unnecessary comment, I will tell you quickly. True Jeet Kune Do is not about having fifty different ways to punch, but having as many ways as possible to use the best punch!

  7. Like I said, you don't even know what JKD is. How can you tell me that I'm wrong and you haven't even studied JKD? I'm not too sure what you mean about theory but JKD isn't about learning everything. I'm just saying that JKD is about daily decrease, Bruce wanted to simplify techniques as much as possible because why use something that was unnecessary? The more techniques you know, the more you'll have to think in a real situation instead of having techniques that will work in many scenarios.

  8. The way Bruce did JKD, he never tried to learn a million different techniques, he studied various martial arts so he could find ways to beat them using his JKD. What proof would you need that I'm a JKD student exactly?

  9. You need to have experience in JKD my friend. It's not about fighting in a ring using feints, it's about attacking the vital areas and ending the fight as soon as possible. The longer the fight goes on, the less your chances are of surviving. If you're talking about a sport, where your opponent can watch you fight, knows your techniques etc. then you need to unpredictable. You can still be unpredictable in JKD.

  10. The head is not as vital as other areas. Yes you can get knocked out if you're hit hard enough, but it doesn't take as much force to hyper extend the kneecap, rupture the testicles and gouge the eyes. I'd much rather get punched in the head then have my testicles ruptured or my eyes gouged.

  11. All the Jeet Kune Do videos you see with this guy are phony. Please do not take any of his "Jeet Kune Do" as legitimate.

  12. What does that even mean? I was talking about Jeet Kune Do, not the ability to "beat up" somebody. The fact is, this guy is demonstrating the art improperly. Get your facts straight.

  13. That kick is pretty hard but he makes it look easy.
    Jeet Kune do is great but I am not to crazy of how stretched out the stance seems to be…

  14. Dratix, you are stupid. Look up Sifu Dwight Woods credentials and lineage for training and please crescent kick yourself in the head.

  15. That just shows how much of an idiot you are. I don't care what his "credentials" are, he is executing the techniques improperly. If you're going to teach Jeet Kune Do as a style, teach it properly. Dan Woods is a moron. Find any other reputable Jeet Kune Do artist who teaches the same (improper) methods.

  16. he is shit sorry wot a crap kick he cant even hold his leg high air for 2 sec ..u can see he was stumbling if u wana learn to kick den join taekwondo

  17. hell ya jkd owns and plus jkd kinda different u do seem kick with lead leg tkd u ussually do with rear like hook is roundhouse kick but lead leg

  18. @thefuturefighter good point, nevermind the haters. IF it works it works, fuck all the bollocks. Kata is for fashion lovers, but fighting aint a fucking runway show.

  19. @mazdaplz good point. Oh yeah Arona, I heard that name once.
    ANyway, I think Bruce was teaching for self defense, not for sport fighting and so I doubt muggers are going to tape their attacks on people and then watch them to study for when the next mugger attacks the same mark. Just a thought.

  20. @DJtheNigel are you kidding me? You are damn right, I actually made a playlist of all the vids with her in them and I'm faving them.

  21. @thefuturefighter: I agree with you my friend. it's not how the kick looks, but how powerful the kick is.
    It's kind of funny that someone with a contradictory point will be thumbed down even if it's a valid point

  22. Why stepping back again? You have to close the gap again before yoy can trough another punch or kick to stop the attacker.

  23. @odin23581 You are balanced when you step in instead of stepping back, with the benefit of the opportunity for a follow up with at least two more techniques to overcome the attacker.

  24. @odin23581 I wonder if the kick you perform in this video will have the effect you wish it will have? I never ever will use such a kick. Bruce Lee himself wasn't a person who would teach you to kick above the midsection of the body. Atleast i never was tought this in JKD in Holland where i live. Thank you for your comment.

  25. @iamhereforyou you know that theres already been mma fighters using these kind of moves in the cage for century now, fights happen so fast that most people only take note of the basics stuff.

  26. @Swagaization
    Absolutely right, but you wouldn't throw this unless the situation allowed. a few front kicks, followed by a round kick low,high, maybe double round kick, then crescent kick out of the blue, done right with enough surprise on your side, you could really mess someone up.

    Also, in close quarters, without grappling, just in close, it's hard to even SEE this kick coming. you got a guy punching the hell at you, you keep backtracking, then hop up with this sucker? BAM! Maybe. XD

  27. what what can somebody tell me how to do that cresent kick again cause i was concentrating on her ass the whole time.

  28. it angers me that this video has over 80,000 views but only 71 people liked it why dont people just like the video if they liked it and dislike if they didnt

  29. Funny…I didnt read anything about this kick bruce lee's fighting method or the tao of jeet kune do. LOL thats because this kick telegraphs alot

  30. @ikcjjtt wow…i guess you are right my friend. i too know a whole load of TKD kicks, but i still only use the kicks bruce taught us xD you are wise, a good martial artist.

  31. Her arm went back because so pulled it back to show the full rotation of the kick, not sheer power. Plus he didn't even lean back with his kick or breathe out. I think it was just for demo purposes though.

  32. And for the people who say " I use Bruce Lee kicks cause I'm a bad ass"; Bruce changed his kicks every single day and he used a lot more than just a few. Bruce was so good because he made himself good through his own technique after learning the basic. If you think you can just copy his kicks and be great you are wrong. It is like a pro golf player and his caddy. Sure the caddy knows how to play, but only the pro can execute it.

  33. @VikingWarCry in the demo no cuz he was just showing technique and a cresent isnt the mst powerful kick its just fast and a good leading kick but get caught in the chin wit one and tell methere is no power

  34. @killarmy75 no way! tkd kicks are fast and hard, but I wouldn't suggest using pure tkd in a real fight. Well I wouldn't, but someone who really can work their distance can apply it.

  35. For this crescent kick is one of my fav knockout kicks I use in tkd. Its best to go all the way through for some real damage. I'd say if you snap that kick and he's still conscious, ohhh boy… Would only take your opponent a sec to respond before you drop that leg. "Don't play with him. Hit it and quit it" as I always say.

  36. I met this guy at the Bruce Lee memorial in Seattle a few years back, the guys is pretty easy going. I didn't get a chance to train with him but I could definitely tell that he's no joke. It requires a lot of practice to get that much fluid snap in that kick… Good stuff!

  37. The funny thing is that i study or experience karate, kempo, tae kwon do, Hwa Ren Do, and kung-fu. That is not a cresent kick. It a lotus kick. A cresent kick basic makes a full circle.

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