Japanese soldiers learn Marine Corps Martial Arts

Marines at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni
demonstrated basic techniques of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program to leaders in the
Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force. “They are great learners. They have the heart to learn and the heart
to do it. That’s one of the main reasons why I came
out here, because I knew they were going to be interested in learning what we have to
do as far as combat conditioning and the MCMAP program. They are interested in doing that.” Currently, the J-G-S-D-F Martial Arts program
uses several techniques from the Marine Corps’ style. During the training, instructors demonstrated
combat conditioning, basic martial arts and knife skills. “The training was very impressive. I was impressed with not only the martial
arts but also the combat conditioning and how they transport wounded based on actual
fighting.” MCMAP started in 2001 and evolved from bayonet
and sword techniques to the hand-to-hand combat we have today. “J-G-S-D-F has never fought in the battlefield
after the war, while the United States Marine Corps is fighting in the battlefield all over the world today. It is very valuable for us to see the Marine
Corps Martial Arts Program up close.” Marine Martial Arts Instructors plan to continue
cross training with the Japanese junior soldiers later this month. Reporting from Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni,
Japan, I’m Corporal Sara Abrego.

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