Japanese Laser Engraving on Martial Art Equipment – By Seido (w/ subtitles)

Hi guys, this is Jordy from Seido! Today I would like to talk about engraving. “Laser engraving” is a very interesting work. It is about the wood itself and craftsmanship, and especially how the different kinds of wood react to the laser it is about computer science, it is about hard science, it is about many things. I will try to show you in this video today everything we do here and I would like to mention that we, regarding the equipment we sell but also the services we offer, embroidery and engraving etc. we are always looking for the best quality available on the market. For the laser engraving machine we heard that one of the best companies existing in the world is a French company called Gravo Tech. So we imported the machine directly from France to Japan and we also had it a little customized. We opened both sides of the machine to be able to put the long weapons and everything we engrave in it we adjusted the machine to improve the quality and the workflow and I am going to try to show you that in this video. Let’s go! This is the engraving machine. It is quite small, but still big enough to perform a 40 cm wide engraving. we have the two side panels cut open to be able to place the weapons inside. And this is the software. I already have several templates on the screen for each font type and size we offer. Although automatic positioning is possible, I feel more comfortable adapting the position individually for a better result. In the software, I prepare the content of each engraving I want to perform. Luckily, I have a logo engraving to perform today. Here it is. This engraving is for a hard ebony Bokken. It is not possible to work on different levels of gray. The logo that we received from the customer was quite small. So I enhanced the quality. I will just make it black and white and delete the Japanese letters – as requested by the customer. And finally, I have to resize it to fit the handle of the Bokken. This is my working spot. We have the machine on the left and the computer on the right and as you can see, the engravings I set up before are already on the screen, since we are going to start with the engraving right away. This is the machine itself and you can see that it has a cover with a radiation protection because of the laser. We have a few buttons here, but it is manly controlled by computer. The only thing that we control here is the position of the laser and a small red pointer that helps to find the starting point for the engraving. It is pretty simple here, everything else is set up on the computer. All major settings are already preset. and I will only adapt those depending on the wood. Speed and power of the laser. These settings determine the depth and burn effect of the engraving and must be adapted to the wood you are working on. I also do some minor adjustments, based on my appreciation for the wood of a specific Bokken. Then I put the Bokken into the machine and now I am positioning the laser, using the red dot. The grid below the weapon, but also the laser movements will help me to find the alignment. Once positioned, I set the focal distance between the laser and the weapon. And now, the engraving starts. The masking tape allows to add some guides and prevents as well from scorch marks around the engraving. Let’s move the camera to the left panel so that we can zoom in. slow motion and then fast motion till the end of the engraving. And here is the result. Now the logo. A logo engraving is a bit more complicated so I already run some tests and made the presettings. I am checking that everything is correctly set before sending the data to the machine. And here we are again, zooming into the machine. Ebony is a hard wood, with traces of metal, that reflect the laser and burn the air around the engraving. That is why I have switched on the integrated blower. And here we have our logo. Let’s fast forward the part where I check again the Bokken and the engraving before passing it on to the packaging. So, as you can see, it is not that easy to have a good engraving even with a computer guided engraving machine. It is a combination of everything I like, all my passions. It is about the wood itself, how the craftsmen selected the wood the humidity in the wood, and how it will behave depending on the power of the laser and it is also about hard science, about computer science, about how to use the software, how to set up the laser it is about focal distance and other hard science elements. As you know, here at Seido we have our own website, to sell very traditional hand-made, 100% made in Japan equipment. It is a very good definition of Japan: It is a combination of tradition and modernity – it is like everything we do here at Seido. I hope I could transmit a part of my passion in this video. And if you liked it, you can just leave a comment below in the comment section or you can just click and put a thumb up or subscribe to the YouTube channel. I hope we will see you soon for another video on our channel. Thank you very much for watching and see you soon.

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