Japanese Jujitsu Gun Defense Concepts – Ude Gatame (Armlock) Vs Gun To Back

when the gun is not realistic is when he
can’t put his hands on me so only time I really ever to it play with weapons say
like gun defense is when the gun has contact in the back, side of head front
whatever alright… why we’re doing if we do do gun let’s
have a understanding that it’s not bullshit kung phooey, we only could do
something with the weapon if it is in a range and we can touch it
alright so we actually start off first by why I like that is this technique called ude gatame is where I’ll actually have the arm on the shoulder and attacking
this elbow. Alright. It puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the elbow as well as any countering pressure against the jaw
he actually watched Gordon Ryan last time he was at ADCC he swept everybody repeatedly the ude gatame sweep is like a butterfly guard sweep but he had that
grip this is under hook grip which attacks the elbow at socket inline as well as in elbows to the face is like a pulling pressure as well as a waving
pressure if I turn it over it breaks problem it’s doesn’t work that well…
in guard it works really well cuz you’re pummeling on the inside standing you have a a very hard time, right, because of the down elbows we have a very hard time getting that extension
arm to shoulder over here by just from grappling when we do it if I could add
strikes elbows head butts for instance if I am here all of the sudden if I start striking dave it opens it up a little bit So when we do weapons defense
obviously you start feeling like you gotta hit him a little bit, so lets start putting it together.
Can you put… We are going to do is play with the gun to the back. What I do I just take a step to the outside underneath the weapon like I’m moving it
now I have an elbow a capture and a catch elbow boom my on automatic travel
underneath it later on there’s elbow socks like feel my wrists or Mike born
it’s connected right to deep it is elbow that fit lose my knee so I get it now
that is gonna make travel about my shoulder I pop it on my shoulder I want
to catch it trying to squeeze my neck my head into his hand to his luck and this
tan is also driving over so I started getting tacking the elbow down so the
whole thing is down down down I want to always create open space and that’s why
it really shows that principle pudica Tommy is this right here is that you
have this big open space of creating a pocket for the arm or elbow to break
into and he cast to do something like or is elbow Briggs so I can make me go for
by added for pressure becomes back came out and reversed pressure becomes a very
dynamic position to attack right that’s an Smith with my favorite
submissions off the ground the psychical so again
step up turning elbow knee not that my shoulder and I’m keeping my distance I’m
not letting a bend that elbow I talked earlier it’s hard to get the grapple
when he bends the elbow I can’t get back their elbow attacking positions about
always have the elbow so when I got here i reinforced it with my hand like a
frame like monitoring my range keeping him away from me he stays over there
that opens up if I want to add another meeting his head and now I can break
when I’m breaking this corner I forearm arise around the edge of the wrist and
then your nice strong controls cool that makes sense
a little elaborate but I’ll play with it you’ll kind of start feeling how you get
it at the elbow it’s fun all right it’s tough especially
it’s as to get to people as martial artists a lot of the goals interest I’m
trying to kind of talk about the concept well the the idea this is really
important in the beginning I know the gun is right I taught them to get a cue
to reference offense I don’t know where the gun is why no one is done is
something right so like feel it my arm is connects to my leg which whole
idea is to get my body offline all right once my father gets off on that’s not
good enough I got a night arm so mething a nice big step Boothbay my body off
mine I see my elbows just all right underneath this arm that’s what I’m
looking for this is just kind of fold and all in one beat so should be just
fairly smooth why does much as I’m moving in nice
very cool then it flows then it breaks that makes
sense so it’s nice you just feel like the whole bodies is going in one
direction it’s going that way the elbow is gonna move it on the leg you know
where it is now your hand travels in the next to the shoulder touch it to face
this yeah let’s flip it on me stretch right with a hand the elbow is
me as you come down on top of that make sure I maintain my space at the end and
then there’s my break so little I mean I’m all about full of boobs all try to
do this very simple start this big leg back step series big back step just
trying to get a very strong left leg be behind me boom as I’m doing that strong
left leg be behind you to throw the right elbow now all of you guys to the
right elbow right back to where I was all right but it’s good to get the
position if I think about I have a box this whole time by my hands drop calm
being a little bigger than my box time this is like my working area once I come
in I never really lose my box it stays that change the angle of it I’m still
back to my box I used the box you know I top this part
supporting I want to have this this frame that keep them away I can see him
again then great okay but the elbow getting in is important two boxes one
feeling a bug a pool the ones doing a push so once it computer meet my elbow
of my meat I’m now using my left part like my left forearm to pull to me so
it’s stressing out that elbow I keep doing here come to me right them into a
grappler exchange so I’m using my right forearm to keep it away and now I have a
latch it’s not gonna wrap it control my box was still that frame to push pull
that’s why I like this a lot it works so well during get to on the
ground as well you gave up the opposing force on that elbow
cause my paying attention they feel like you’re always attacking an elbow it came
time to kind of mess with her shoulder in their structure gives you a lot of
power no Giggy doesn’t make a difference sleep
submit manipulate you don’t you mean all right keep going he bends it okay now I
want to pull on it drop sorry I drop me when I try to keep the weight on drop my
weight on it stuff to the bow right on strike hit punches wall do not but all
your emphasis is that I’ve done not pointing at you keeping it where it is
now you’re beating up the camera we’re peeling off the hand crap them and then
you’re all right questions into finishing it on the ground again so okay
first thing but the true nature this is the break okay it’s a control option but
the first idea of issues that’s Mickey once we enter in I have it’s made me
quick Wow there’s no there’s nothing about the body it’s meant to be very
destructive finish man hit me up an elbow bumps out with a gun I was just
trying to break it and you did to be action or grab me and a lot more
question I can’t break him down the problem is you’re doing the weapon
that’s part of that smart singing especially had a power break the elbow
that he has a weapon of his gun hand in do it but was very common and somebody
started tackiness I again it they roll the hand all the way we turn as well
this way yeah they roll that they hide the elbow okay so this cuts into what we
look just like a Kimura all right his elbows facing down so now we have to get
holes again on the hook feel to it for a youth combination attack and elbow and
attack my shoulder by making exact right around his elbow joint so changes and it
turns into that it changes both up also roll but officers watch stress on the
elbow it gives you great control but we’re not going
we’ve gone and pointed up at the end or one more time to come through I tap it
he bangs pull my Val Venis steps it out out of his hand come on put a break
scale let’s just use that for now as a finish so one more time take now my head
drive it down peel it two hands on one crack them
don’t use a gun no don’t do that never publish me keep my hand draw on
the ground so that that right hands driving his hand and that left hand
should be hitting him ruthlessly as much as possible you got to get him to go
through that gun don’t want to get a batch like this whole idea to be
painting that wrist like this like opening your hand like stopping it down
and then now now that that’s the Anchor Point alright now this hand is it’s
Harriet hard for him to get back he’s so focused on that gun
he’s probably be shooting ramming god forbid is someone over there but you
know what the fuck he gonna do this guy just tried to kill you you know I mean
but you’re trying to get losest thing of Judas you’re trying in a very dominant
position the idea those not one looking for submission now now we’re looking for
a position like keep that weapon and control that weapon away from you and
then this break the brain you know again they’ll let go and stop then you can go
to a control or whatever exactly that’s what only fidgety from self-defense
respects perspective that’s what’s for the control not enough not the cool the
cool shit last time that dead then we’ll roll through the minute hip and right
arm as well I’m gonna tap it so right now my hips aligned with his shoulders
my objective is to get and so my centerline is basically at his
centreline rounds belly belly my objective is get my centerline
directly over his face right now our centre lines our belly
belly I switch so I create paths I’m helping yourself i create paths on a big
big step or big hips which or hip drive so that my hip socket outlines with his
shoulder right now I go back to side control but his shoulder which was out
of sight between four he’s nothing in my center line is now his head but that’s
why it works because all my pressures here and I can just hang out where is he
gonna go he’s got nowhere at all my submissions
available they say myself offense it’s a great place to strike up to it that
makes sense that’s why it works that’s why it’s great I think a very powerful
position because you’ve just learning the shit that helped shift the hips it
looks more dominant Hank your old position Regan do more damage
yeah watch out one more man you good if one man yells roll yeah woman good by one of my favorite pasta missions
from side control Tommy and I and I do it by by trying to
get all my weight pressure on the head and then attacking the straight arm ah
so inside control I like to drop my I rear leg back down and so I have a very
strong me here I thank my right hip is in his hip right
hip and especially if I feel like I’m losing like he’s able to get his elbow
down right off the bat likes to have passed things that is elbow down I like
to have this like a keepeth 12 his hip but also to attack his elbow again and
then slot let it all clean waters get much higher up so I’ll slide my knee in
and drop my body right on top of his face
there’s a lot of pressure here we’re all sheet touch almost in a straight arm I
played here but I really wanted this one so you guys come over but I really want
to do is get this arm I popped my shoulder so I work my body down and then
just cut sorry alright so the whole idea is I get nice and tight and then sucks
in and I bring my own body to shoulder bite all my hips all my pressure smushy
as hard as I can not a lot of pressure right here work my body up they make my
forearm straight up now they look to find the body of his tricep work my my
elbow cut I’m sorry my form only match into his elbow so stomach up there it is
and then it’s get tight up it’s very painful
break and that’s just my life every once it feels like you’re probably looks like
from a big guy technique but what I like he’s done putting all my pressure here
right we talked about Ottoman control he can’t get his hand his shoulders off the
ground I’ve got a criss cross like this probably would have taken a leap I’ll
get right on top of him and just hold Dave down if his pressure evenly
distribute he’s attacking that elbow it’s very tough apart so it’s not it is
looking kind of big boy thing with so if it’s a smart thing that all my
weight all my pressure all my energies right here where I could hurt him I not
the deal with a in that cool Russia’s spy

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