6 thoughts on “James Cagney Martial Arts Master

  1. Excellent even with the body double there were some good judo throws there. I think Cagney was punching his opponent in the throat.

  2. Cagney was a real life golden glove boxer and black belt Judoka before Olympic Judo training replaced traditional Judo training methods in the west. The flick kick, edge of hand strike and heel palm strikes seen in this fight scene are all part of old school Judo self-defense/unarmed combat training (not used in competitive Judo). The boxing Cagney mixes with his Judo comes from his golden glove background and growing up as a street fighter in New York City where he had to face a lot of bullies due to his small stature. Cagney trained all of his life in Boxing and Judo to remain fit.

  3. The guy fighting Cagney was John Halloran, a former LAPD policeman, a judo expert and one of Cagney's trainers. Cagney gave him a small but key role in "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" 1950. Halloran also had another key role as Gail Russell's father in the John Wayne movie "Angel and The Badman". He was a decent actor in small parts.

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