Jak zawiązać pas w BJJ / Jiu-Jitsu / Judo / Karate / Taekwondo

I will present You two knots
on how you can tie your belt in BJJ … … Judo, maybe Karate or other martial arts. If U have the belt, U Can tie it this way. Very often, beginners have a problem with that. They tie the belt in strange ways. Parents, children, do not know how to tie a belt. So I hope that this video will help you in this
and teach you how to tie a belt correctly. 1. Knot faster, weaker. First of all, we want to get rid of
the entire empty space on the back of the kimono. I give the right part of the kimono
to my stomach and then I put my left one. I hold them with my hand …
Left or right … I put the belt on my hips, where I feel comfortable. I give the end of the belt the way
I want it to stay after tying the belt. I tuck around my hips … After the first tuck,
I do not have to hold the belt anymore. I’m tied on one on top of the other … It should look nice. I put the upper part of the belt under the bottom two. The belt must not curl,
it should be laid naturally. Note that one part of the belt is longer than the other … So I correct myself by dragging him
to the side and then down, up … The ends must be more or less equal. Then I put the upper end under
the bottom and tie it in this way. I enlist with a strong, energetic movement … 2. Strong knot, for photos. The starting entry to the second
knot is exactly the same. I get rid of the empty space in the back. First, the right part of the kimono, then the left one … I hold it with my hand and belt … The first binding, the second binding … I correct … I give the upper part of the belt under the first two … I am correcting and enlisting … For the second knot will be better
if the lower part will be longer … Being here, I give the upper part of the
belt between the two layers of the belt … I put on the belt so that it would make a loop. I put the bottom part of the
belt in this loop from the top. And again between the two layers of the belt … I try to keep the belt from curling. You will see for yourself when the belt works out nicely. I put between two layers and enlist … I’m enlist, correcting … A nice knot is to be created …
We have a belt properly tied … The ends of the belt are uneven. The belt is too long. The belt is too short. The ends of the belt are vertical.

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