Jadoogar Joker – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Big brother, we will plant more trees in the jungle, we will go on planting trees every year. This jungle will go on expanding every year and so will the greenery. Oh my god! This jungle is so huge but there are no animals visible, why is that? This is not a joke, but it is all because of a magician joker. Oh my god! Magic! What kind of magic? Once upon a time a magician joker came in this jungle. And he tried to make us all the animals his slaves and take them along with him. But the king of the animals, Lion king didn’t allow him to do so. The lion king attacked the joker with other animals, the magician turned all the animals into statues. Before the magician could turn the lion king into a statue, the lion king turned the magician into one. Because he knew magic too. Mangroo baba, the story was good. This is not a story Motu, It is a reality, come I will show you all the evidence. May all medicines goes in your mouth, these statues are carved so nicely. Seems like they will speak any moment. The tourism people have carved these excellent statues to attract the tourists. So you all don’t believe me even now, no problem, look here, there is a coin in the lion’s paw. Oh my god! Is the lion going to buy chicken biryani with that coin? Chingam sir, there lion’s image engraved on one side of the coin and there is magician joker’s image. If anybody has guts then remove this coin and toss it in the air. After the coin falls if the joker’s image comes up then he will become alive. And If the lion’s image comes up then the rays will come out of it, and on whichever animal the rays fall on. That will become alive. Oh, so this is the matter, look, I removed it. Now since you have removed the coin you will have to toss it. There is no other way, If you won’t toss it then you all will turn into a statue. And if after spinning I become alive then I will turn you all into statues. Oh my lord! Now whether you toss the coin or not we are ultimately gone. Toss it, you brave man, toss the coin, don’t be scared, now only you can save the animals life. Now nothing can be done Motu, you will have to toss the coin or else we all will become statues. I am not worried about that Patlu, but we have to do this to save these helpless animals lives. We have to make them alive and make the forest green and dense, take Patlu, you toss the coin. May all medicines goes in your mouth, the deer has become alive. Oh my lord! This time I will toss the coin, I have an experience of twenty years in this work. Oh my god! Now it’s my turn, I will spin the coin. What did you do Chingam sir? I didn’t do anything, whatever has happened it is because of that mirror. I am the magician Joker. Shall I catch you or leave you? Tell me what shall I do with you? Ok Big brother, I will get some wheat. And I will go on my duty. If you don’t mind Mr. Magician, I am going with Motu. Even I have got some important work, I am going. Oh my lord! Then what am I going to do here? Even I am going Mr. Magician. Wait, wait, why are you all in a hurry? Motu, you picked up the coin right? So I will make your statue first. Motu! Run!! Patlu, where has the magician gone? Don’t be scared, Just get ready to turn into statues. Patlu, this land has become a treadmill machine, we are not moving ahead, we are running on the same spot. Now you guys would not have to run ever again. Motu, do something. My mind doesn’t work on empty stomach, you do something. Idea! Motu, your turn is left, toss the coin. I am a magician joker and I am running away. Where are you running away? Come and fight. I will come back. He will attack again from behind, break his wand, all his power is in that wand, Motu, you are a brave man. You sit on this eagle and break the Magician’s wand. Ok Big brother, I will do anything to save the life of all the animals of the jungle. No! Don’t break it, Motu, don’t break it. This world doesn’t need a useless magician like you, we don’t even need your wand. Motu, you are a very brave man. Today, because of you we all animals are free from the magician’s trap. And our jungle is again complete! Thanks you very much. Long live Motu Patlu!

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