Israeli Martial Arts Techniques : How to Defend Against a Stick Attack Using Israeli Martial Arts

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Julio Rivera.
And I’m Ricardo Belad. And we’re here at Premier Martial Arts in New York City showing you
Israeli martial arts. So now we’ll do defense against a stick. Now, if someone is good at
using weapons, run. But if he’s not good–most people aren’t, ninety-nine percent of people
aren’t–you have a chance. First we’ll go wide. So I’m going to come in here with a
hard block. Again, here. Sometimes just from a hard block the person will drop the weapon,
if it’s hard enough. So from here I’m going to slide my left arm over his arm and right
under his elbow, rotating that elbow up. I’m clasping onto my own forearm, my right forearm,
and my right hand is on his shoulder. Now I’m going to push down on his shoulder as
my left wrist comes up under his elbow, creating a lock. From there, I can come behind, take
him down, and control him here. The stick is right here, I can grab the stick if he
wasn’t dropped it already, and strike. In real time now.

74 thoughts on “Israeli Martial Arts Techniques : How to Defend Against a Stick Attack Using Israeli Martial Arts

  1. I teach Krav Maga foe a living – This is not Krav Maga, I dont think its ment to be, it just says Israeli martial arts. Looks more like a japanese style.

  2. Sorry, but u americans think u are the center of the world! The reall Krava Maga is practised in Israel and didnt have any influence by "american martial arts" (i dont know almost none either Kajukenbo) The influences on Krav since the beginning are from arts and sports like Boxing, kick boxing, Mhuai Thai, Jujutsu, Brasilian jiu jitsu, and we can see some similares with Philippine martial arts and some wing tsun.

  3. If there are some diferences thats between the krav praticed in the US and from thr one in isreal and europe, most reliable schools are linked to the IKMA (Israel) and to the european federation. This video is not about Krav.. searche by IKMA and u will see the diference

  4. Actually there is in Ameria a great school of Krave Maga, directed by David Kahn that is an awsome Practitioner and instructor that have learned from IKMA in Israel. His school is also linked with the IKMA (Israeli Krav Maga Association) directed by Haim Gidon the legal sucessor of Imi Litchenfeld. So i advise you before saying something so absurd like u said, first search, investigate and learn

  5. son muy buenas tecnicaspero no las desarrollaron los israelis.
    eso lo usaban mucho en mexico los guerreros indigenas.

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  7. Umm… you should block the stick hand earlier and only with one hand. The other hand should be used to counter strike the attackers jaw.

    Then lock the arm, pound the face until he's ready to sleep

  8. Actually making does sounds help creating force and you breathe at the same time. This is because if you strike or kick without breathing the air will come out automatically, then you do not control your breathing and it can be really annoying.

    And for those who say Israel doesn't have a history, you must be pretty stupid. The hebrews have fought many wars and have always been excellent warriors as a people.


  9. I ment to say:

    "Actually making sounds does help…."

    And this is an Israeli martial art called Krav Maga used by their military. Read the description!


  10. Wow, is this is so the opposite of what you should do in a Krav Maga stick/bat defence drill. You never stick your arm out to do block it unless you want to risk breaking your arm in the process. lol :p

  11. My grandmother, who is 93 years old stands 5 2, weighs 104lbs..she is a 8th degree black belt, the other night I watched her take on 11 biker men, who all stood over 6 3 and all weighed over 250lbs..she put all 11 in the hospital, knocked their teeth out and beat them senseless. She can do a standing drop kick over 10ft hight to

  12. In most of those video they don't anticipate the possibility that the guy will face punch you with there left arm!

  13. @GzDaBawm
    Don't underestimate the stick. 🙂
    A stick fighter would've cracked this guy's skull at the first block.

  14. u guys have no right to critasize any martial art, if u had any clue what u were talkignabout u wouldent talk shit on any martail art practicioner. exept tai kwon do….that art is a joke

  15. the technique doesn't claim t be krav-maga. this move is not my cup of tee but it is well presented and plausible in a self-defence situation. nice video. thanks guys.

  16. @don20190 people with stick do come close, even if they do not come close, Krav maga teaches like many other distance defending technique, do check them out.

  17. Who the fuck is going to attack someone with a stick anyway??! Its not like it gives you any freaking advantage if you're not Mr. Pro Stickfighter

  18. The technique is specific and practical…the attacker's weapon can be a stick, a bottle, or a knife or anything – it doesn't matter as long as you can execute the proper technique and the opportunity to use what you've learned here is there.

  19. @don20190 Agree. I looked up this operation and they claim to teach 8 different styles of Matrial Arts. I doubt they have any true expertice outside of "martial arts" for fitness. Their web dite contains no information on their instructors credentials. I guess they are avoiding fraud charges this way.

  20. I agree DON20190. Most Israeli's don't fight effective knife and stick fighters statistically, so Krav works in their "field of play". It really comes down to context in which you are applying your skills and mindset, not moves based on a marketing strategy client niche. Best way to learn to fight is to……………………… you guessed it, fight!

  21. @blitzgame1 of course carry a gun, thats no illegal. im sure the amount of times you use such a weapon will be totally worth it. not

  22. I don't think the attacker with the stick will try and strike you with it with an opening that allow's the target to use that technique. You see.. Pause the vid at 1:09 it looks like the attacker is trying to slap the target with his arm not the stick. This won't do in a real life stituation.

  23. let me start by discrediting myself — "if he is good with weapons, run" LMAO How the hell are you going to know the person is good or not with a weapon if you have not fought them already…. Oh yeah, he's going to be beating me to a bloody pulp…..

  24. If ur going to train for stick and knife fighting then u better be doing a shit load of sensitivity drills in different ranges of combat. This kind of self-defense demo is useless. See Paul Vunak or Burton Richardson if u want to know the real deal. No disrespect intended if u guys know of other Kali, Escrima, Arnis or Silat instructors though! I'll be glad to take note!

  25. @don20190 this isn't krav, idk what the hell this is. it might be israeli, but we don't practice this in krav. if it was krav he would've struck him in the face while he blocked the attack near the wrist. this is terrible

  26. what i dont get is… while the guy is on the floor he is completely limp but in real life he would probably try and hit you with his left arm or something…

  27. @PillownDuvet It's not as easy as it looks to just punch with the left arm. He cannot rotate the body to get power and the other guy will easily break his locked arm or something.

  28. … Im not sure who is going to attack me with a stick when he could buy a knife or a gun for cheap… But if this happens i can tell my family i stopped a stick attack.

  29. Like how he's realistic at the end of the video so LESS people start COMMENTING that it's impossible in a real fight just because they don't do ANY martial arts themselves…

  30. @don20190
    You´re right. But listen to the first two sentences he says. "If someone is trained – run!" nothing wrong about that.

  31. "If he is good at using weapons, run" This is the most stupid comment ever. If you have the opportunity to run you should run without trying to know if he is good or not. And if you can't run try to defend yourself even if he is good.

  32. But a lot of people are learning Kali/Eskrima/Arnis just to learn how to use the knife and stick efficiently. It's getting more popular to normal citizens instead of just military, especially in America. So you never know who is trained or not. At least that's the way it is here in Cali.

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