Israeli Martial Arts Techniques : How to Defend Against a Side Headlock Using Israeli Martial Arts

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Julio Rivera.
And I’m Ricardo Belad. And we’re here at Premier Martial Arts in New York City showing you
Israeli martial arts. A headlock from the side. It’s a common way to grab someone. He’s
going to come in, grab me in his headlock. Now, here we’re fairly–we’re not kind of
slumped over here, so I’m going to reach and I’m going to strike with my open palm to the
groin. Okay, it’s a bigger surface area for me to find something, I strike. You’re controlling
the hands here. I’m going to reach over, put my finger right under his nose. Okay, now
notice as I extend my finger, it’s my middle finger, my other fingers are out of the way
so I don’t get bitten. Because, you get bitten that’s it. The fight is right out of you.
So here I’m going to pull back on his nose. No matter how big someone is, that’s painful.
Strike, take him down, continue to engage. Again, grabs me in a headlock right away,
boom I’m going to strike. Control the hands, come over, right under the nose, and down.
Let’s try that in real time.

72 thoughts on “Israeli Martial Arts Techniques : How to Defend Against a Side Headlock Using Israeli Martial Arts

  1. If that guy really had that happen he would've fell over. It happened to me many times when I didn't step over the guy's leg once he got me in a head lock.

  2. this is a version of kappap, fair enough,you hit the balls he pulls you down,not good,try sinking your teeth into the side of his body when the headlock is on and bite hard as you can see how lond he holds you for..yes i have done it for real,about one and a half seconds he held me for…remember no rules on the street!!!!

  3. Well pushing somebodys nose is painfull and u can totaly use the chance to punch him in the stomach the nose grab saved me couple of times

  4. You answered your own question. You never know exactly where his nuts are, so an open hand maximizes the area of attack. If you don't think it works, smack yourself in the nuts and let me know what you think.
    But don't be a pus$y about it. Smack 'em gooooood.

  5. if ur life is threatend anything goes hit him where it hurts especially if ur physiclly weaker.anything goes if ur life is threatend

  6. also try to grab his head backword by the hair..(if its long like here) or by fingers to eyes sockets ….very painfull……!!!!

  7. wow, finding the guy's nose is not easy in a real fight, let alone pulling it back to move his whole upper body backwards? nearly impossible!!!

  8. Actually the classic ancient move devoloped thousands and thousands of years ago, probably as old as the homo sapiens is the hit to the groin technique. U wont fail and make sure u hit w/ an open hand. (more change to find something LOL 0:22)

  9. I study CKM and another nice optional variation of this (the one in the vid works brilliantly anyway) is to use your thumb to attack the nose, whilst simultaneously gouging the eyes. It's a beauty!

  10. If you give 'em a nice enough smack to the bollocks they should come down low enough for you to grab their nose. If not you can keep trying again., but chances are they may loosen their grip anyway (unless they have nuts of iron).

    Also, arch your back when you want to move him backwards, as it generates more force than just trying to "push" him with your arms.

  11. The reason the finger on the nose works is cause he stuck it in his ass like 2 seconds before he slapped his balls.

  12. @Soulshroude …….why dismiss it…….i guess you dont understand what krav maga is all about…..its not honor or respect to the ones standing in front of you trying to kill you…..i dont know if you saw the last action in Israel with the flotilla….but if you saw the video on board the ship with the human right activist trying to kill the soldier….this is krav maga scenario …

  13. @iFightDaily right, and america didn't step into a pile of dogshit. we didn't even try cleaning off our shoes, we decide to enforce picking up shit, we give out tickets. this is a martial art. used by israeli forces, sure. but it was developed for the jews in bratislava. so prove yourself wrong again by firing down the comments of our superior force. oh, and fightorflight2, i think blackwater …er… liquidated the technique.

  14. good move -i would add instead of pulling head back -push it to the side as a very strong man will lock his neck so it will not go back-i learned this in warsaw poland from IKM instructor who is in polish special forces-oldsgtmajusmc

  15. Pushing on the nose works very well, however it is not well explained on this video. One must brush the hand parallel with the surface of the face. This pushes the soft cartilage of the nose upwards towards the sinus cavities and produces a lot of pain and is very hard to resist if done properly. A hair pull is also very effective. One then punches them in the throat or does an eye gouge or some variation thereof.

  16. you could grab his balls and make him scream like a girl also. then you break his windpipe with a whack from your whole fist krippling him in seconds

  17. yes or he can call an apache helicopter and prevent his family from being murdered by palistinians and protect his homeland from destruction. WOOOO LEFT WING LIBRALS! its sad, because when our troops leave Israel, it will be worse then hell for them

  18. @iFightDaily Why do anti-Israel youtubers commonly accuse the Israelis of killing civilians? We all know that it's false, and yet you have no problem with people walking into cafes or buses and blowing themselves up, killing dozens of people. So hypocritical

  19. @ernhutch187 Lol you can be a sodomy fan and not be a victim of it, it's called being a sodomy fan lol. I don't think victims are ever fans of it. That's like saying "A new study shows that 6 out of 7 people enjoy gang rape"… Know what I mean? 😛

  20. @rockwool77 live and let live? that fucked up for u and allah dident it =P what with the MALEEEYAEEEYAAAEEE *BOOM* and what not =P

  21. strike to mastoids is a good un aswell, they will move away from you slightly giving u time to execute some brutal shit…

  22. Grab twist and pull works better than simply smacking the nuts. Reach down and grab a whole handful (if he has that much) of his junk, twist, and pull as hard as you can. If the pants are too tight to twist, grab and squeeze.

  23. this is retarted haha seriously how are you going to have time to get your finger exactly under his nose :S

  24. @preayas
    in israel have developed "israeli krav maga" by militiary people from real experience.
    these guy dont know israeli krav maga but claims he does.
    these video specific is kind of correct- hit the groin and use a wek point in the nose, but everything else is just wrong.
    the other guy dont know how to headlock and if you get bit in the finger it will not stop you from fighting. that man have never had a fight in his life.

  25. @ThrashedSkull
    that is the instructor mistake. you should put all you fingers on the nose area and one of them will get under his nose for sure. you just feel it.
    your accuracy in real time fighting is decreasing by 200%. you cant do what he show when your body is pumped with adrenaline.

  26. GROIN AND TOP LIP/EYES SIMULTANEOUSLY, then you just about got KM, top lip is dodgy cos you can get bitten, agfter the eyes or hair if attacker has any a nice punch to throat – or gut if you're showing kids and job done, but has to be actioned quickly and decisively

  27. my friend does this to me alot and he dosent stop giveing me a nugie is there a gentler way to get out of this

  28. KRAV MAGA FTW! using the groin as a target is a necessity in some fighting situations especially headlocks, its much harder to get free from a headlock without use of a groin attack, however i am taught slightly different. i am taught to to the nose pull and groin hit similtaneously (almost)… groin hit then straight away a nose pull and also attmepting to poke my opponents eye(s). finally strike the neck when you pull his head down.

  29. @diddymuck Talented? It would be better if you had to test this in the ways of combat, to actually learn some basic skills 1-2 years is very good, talented you would probably have to have natural talent for this and probably be practicing for 10+ years

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  32. When an Israeli farts, Arabs and Muslims scream "war crime….the Jews are poisoning our air". I'm so sick of it. We don't hate the Muslims or the Arabs. You can't even have a simple fracking video of something beneficial for everyone with the word Israeli in it without extremists coming out from their misery holes screaming insults.

  33. A lot of times with adrenaline pumping groin strikes are ignored and then felt intensely after the ordeal is over. Think about your hips as a leverage point. You can take them down and stay standing if you know how my friend.

  34. Thank you so much for positing these videos. It means so much to me. I just had a case of sexual harassment at my job and I want to take precautions against any unwarranted physical contact. I'm only 5'2 and the guy that has been harassing me is about 6'2. I reported the incident after he tried to play innocent and my boss took my side thankfully. I have to work today and these videos give me a little more comfort.

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