Israeli Martial Arts Techniques : How to Defend Against a Knife Attack Using Israeli Martial Arts

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Julio Rivera.
And I’m Ricardo Belad. And we’re here at Premier Martial Arts in New York City showing you
Israeli martial arts. A knife defense first coming forward with a stab. Now, as he comes
forward, I have to shoot my hips out of the way, getting my belly out of the way. If I
get stabbed in the belly, the fight is probably going to be over. So he’s come forward, I
block and I move my hips away. Now from here I’m going to slide my arm up–my top arm slides
up to his elbow. As I grab his elbow I’m going to pull his elbow towards me here. Okay, now
I’m getting a grip on his arm. Now from here–if the knife is here–this guy just tried to
stab me, so guess what, it’s going into his back. Okay, right there. From there, I can
knee him, pull the knife, and now I have the knife. If someone tries to stab me, he doesn’t
have good intentions. He’s trying to kill me, so I have no problems about stabbing him
with his own knife. Again, forward. Let’s try it in real time now.

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  1. Only works if the attacker is NOT trying to cut. Otherwise, that was stupid. If you can't keep you distance and arm yourself, attack your assailant's vitals, eyes throat groin. going after the knife DOES NOT WORK!

  2. @Blahb27 That's because in America the laws don't protect the criminal. If an idiot gets stabbed with his own knife, then it's his own damn fault. It's not advocating armed violence when you're the one attacked.

  3. Well, there's no denying we have a huge crime rate. We have a lot of gangs here with a million different reasons for wanting to kill someone and I would want to be able to protect myself and my family if some dirt bag tried to do anything to any one of us. That's why I disagree with you when you say that these guys are advocating murder and violence. And a knife attack is not being "somewhat provoked." I'd say that's a pretty good reason to want to defend yourself.

  4. Not that easy bro. I learned that in silat. Practice many times but in actual I still fails to lock because your oponent will not just wait for you to lock.

  5. @Blahb27 I agree with you. Not because of the point of not killing a man who tried to kill you (in my view, you should be permitted to kill a person in self-defense if necessary, but not in such a case as you were discussing, since he got the knife), but because of some of the laws and the way judging takes place.

    But the more I think about it, the more I realize that REAL self-defense is damn, good, cardiovascular endurance mixed with reflexes and a mind that knows where you're going haha. 😛

  6. What about slash knife? like aimed at the head? i never saw a single Isreali stab to the Gut, they always Slash, Aiming at the head..

  7. my grandpa was a ww2 veteran…i spend hours and hours with him, talking about knife fighting..talking about fight for your life…and one day he showed me what it means to fight for your life against a trained man who knows how to kill you with a knife .until that day i always thought to be a good knifeman after more than 15 years of trainng. i was VERY wrong !! and things like in this vid are too…

  8. does this technique take into accout that the attacker will retract his arm and go for multiple stabs? Not knocking only asking

  9. it's not gonna work, 1st, no one's gonna stab at that low, 2nd, using 2 arms x block isn't that sufficient. should block with one arm and get close to take down or get a hook or elbow going strike ur opponent

  10. Of course it's that easy when he isn't grabbing you, you see the knife, and he doesn't bother retracting the knife after the thrust.

  11. Good luck using this in a real world confrontation against a knife wielding Sociopath intent on fukin u up!!

  12. @knowledgeisthepower1 very true! I am a CO and in jail they don't wait for you to defend and then flawlessly execute your technique on them. that blade/shank is coming at you with blind fury you would be wise not to try and grab it. That technique above in a REAL situation would get you killed.

  13. Well, a couple things. For one, why exactly is it considered shameful to use a weapon against someone who is trying to kill you? Taking the knife out of their hands doesn't necessarily make them no longer a threat, mind you.
    Another thing being adrenaline obviously doesn't make you any stronger, but it does make one more reckless. When someone fails to give two shits that you just punched them in the liver or knocked them down then they can be quite nasty of a threat.

  14. Just as well, snapping someone's neck isn't that hard, it's twisting it a little more off the normal range of angles and you're done for.
    Truly though, you can't just simply be able to knock someone out because you decided it was more honorable to do so hand to hand. What if someone was just as good at you at fighting disarmed than you or better? Die because they wanted you dead and it'd be shameful to attack with a weapon? I think not.

  15. Waitaminute. You're not attempting to murder them, though that would be a side affect that would be worried about later, what is being done here is DISABLING someone who is actively attempting to kill you. Because the other person does not have the knife won't stop them from attacking, remember that the defender could actually be less physically adept than the attacker, so just getting the knife out of their hands doesn't mean they won't just take it right back.

  16. "The moment you use a weapon against an unarmed person, that's murder"
    So, not assault, not manslaughter, even if they survive? It'd be criminally negligent homicide if you left them there to die, most likely.
    Just as well, as I said again, a disarmed person is STILL a threat, they CAN still kill.
    And leaving someone armed doesn't seem much of a better alternative either, considering that they could still kill anyway.

  17. Things have to be done to save one's life, and to be honest there isn't much else to do in this situation, right?

  18. You're wrong about that, my friend. A guy randomly tries to stab you with a knife, and you find a way to use join manipulation to get a hold of his weapon…what then? You've got the knife, he goes off to his friends, you get killed by some gang. –> You need to make sure he's down to the ground, and instinct tells you to use the knife he tried getting you with , against him. Stab him in a stronger area of the body, keep him down, call the police, give your statement. Walk out alive.

  19. It's not power that causes you to break bones, it's how you manipulate the joint that causes you to snap it. You can twist someone's arm and break/snap it if done correctly, very easily. —> If you were to get hold of someone's wrist, grasp the part below the thumb, twist the wrist with both hands and bring it towards the assailant as you step back and continue to twist to the side with full strength. You will break that bone, no doubt. You will destroy his wrist. So what you said is wrong…

  20. ohh thats why u cant defeat Hezbollah cuz ur fucking losers,an advise dont try this shit or ull get ur ass killed in a fight

  21. The issue with this is if they lunge forward, and you do a low X block, on double edged blade such as in the film; the attacker can just direct the knife towards him and pull back (cutting your wrists along with multiple veins and arteries)

  22. That's great, but how about a different angle of attack? I don't think anyone who knows how to handle a knife is going to stab one area exclusively.

  23. There is no perfect technique and there are many variables involved. Bottom line, it is a nice technique and one that I personally teach.

  24. Knife attacks are unpredictable. The best thing to do is RUN. If you cannot run, distance yourself from the attacker and use your legs, especially front kicks so as to maintain distance from the attacker. If possible use a wall to balance with a hand on so as to give your kicks more power and more balance.

    If you attempt to block a knife you're just going to get your arms cut to shreds, unless you're a master. These guys should be careful about what they're teaching.

  25. the truth is that if you get a knifeattack from a trained silat/kali person you have no chance ,doesn't matter what system you learn,all of these krav tecniks can be countered ,they are the best with blades period

  26. All of these techniques, where one guy is empty handed and the other one has a knife are EXTREMELY unlikely to work, except in movies maybe. If the opponent is determined to stab you, he will at least succeed at cutting you.

  27. one way ticket to heaven…..the good old x-block……bring both of your hands down hoping that the attack is not a feint so he can then stab you on the high line…….

  28. Pick up, dirt, gravel, bottle, shoe….throw it in his face. Then attack or run.

    Or pull out gun, shoot.

  29. To all the bad comments man, I am a security guard at londons most busy clubs and this technic does work if done properly, if you look the first thing he tells you is to move your body out the way, the is common sense guys, secondly many different ways, but this shows you one of them, and lastly the x block should be done so hard that it will hurt him and that he may even drop the knife

  30. Which martial art/combat tactics is that? I know not it's not Krav Maga. Is it commando Krav? But must also stress that technique doesn't work against committed or trained opponents. May work against drunks though.

  31. Next time show us the move where you wrestle billions of dollars of 'aid' from the American tax payers despite being the richest tribe on Earth. And also the strike move where you kill thousands of Palestinian civilians while claiming to be the victims.

  32. Real time was too slow. The attacker waited for like 1 second for the guy to execute his move. In a knife attack, just grab the hand deflect snd run away. Dint try to "stab him with his own knife"

  33. It's funny how he showed us to how do the move but then when he did speed he completely messed it up. When he did "real time", he didn't even do the axe block, one of his arms was all the way up his opponent bicep while his other arm was all the way down the arm.

  34. I love the comments about Israeli actions against the Palestinians. NO ONE ever discusses the reality of what Israel is doing to them. Too much to even begin typing. Watch "Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land" for an accurate wake-up from all the U.S. media horse shit

  35. What color of this martial art? What philosophy? What I see from this martial art is not genuine …. taken from many sources …

  36. An X block againt a knife is obsolete. It is so easy to pull back the knife and your cut your hand and fingers. The attacker could even trap your hands and pull back the knife and stab you again! They should pressure test techniques first before showing them in public or else this might show seemingly how bad your school is and your content.

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