Israeli Martial Arts Techniques : Defending Against a Wrist Grab Using Israeli Martial Arts

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Julio Rivera.
And I’m Ricardo Belad. And we’re here at Premier Martial Arts in New York City showing you
Israeli martial arts. So now the thumb’s on the other side. Now, we’re showing these variations
because it’s just to show you, all it is is looking for the thumbs. That’s all it is guys.
Now the thumb is here, so I’m going to pull down. So again, now I’m reaching underneath.
Before we reached this way, now I’m reaching underneath. So I extend my hand out. It’s
easier that way to grab it. Reach in, I grab that hand. As I grab, again I’m kicking, distraction
and momentum. I kick to the shin. As the foot comes back, I pull downward. Now I’m going
to come up with a strike this way with my elbow or forward this way. Again. Grabs, boom,
thumbs are here. Look for the thumbs. The thumbs are very weak guys. I can just turn
this way and escape. And he’s a very strong guy. So here. I strike, grab my hand, pull
up. Now whatever is forward, I come, boom, and hit. Okay, so let’s try that in real time.

15 thoughts on “Israeli Martial Arts Techniques : Defending Against a Wrist Grab Using Israeli Martial Arts

  1. In my last class at Premier the beginning students started calling us the cobra just because of the Hissing lol

  2. @we1ove thats not complicated dude. once you understand the use of "combative levers" it all just come to you

  3. why do you called it "israeli"? it has nothing to do with real life fighting. israeli krav maga developed out of real life situations. this technique developed out of real life day dreaming.

  4. and then because his head miraculously fell down to waist level for some reaon I use an up ward strike pshh pshh huss

  5. Every martial arts they have couter attack ang recounter like combat judo any tichnique locking holding and grabbing both of us will using for dagger and stick

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