Is Shooting a Martial Art? – Jocko Willink

do you consider shooting a martial art
and how has your firearms training been like or unlike martial arts training
well shooting is absolutely a martial art I mean maybe not the way people
pictured martial arts nowadays because when you picture martial art people
picture you know a guy with a gr yeah doing karate that’s that’s right that’s
the generic picture to me that’s not that’s not martial arts actually to me
martial arts is the art of war the art of individual warrior skills that it
takes and firearms are absolutely a martial art because it’s something that
you train it’s something that you get good at it’s something that you need to
maintain your skill at and it is absolutely a martial art and to me it’s
another piece of the puzzle it’s another thing that you shouldn’t you need to
know how to do and just like tactics that go along with shooting are an
important part of being a warrior you need to know how to shoot and the
training is very similar in my mind to martial arts training
in that it takes you know repetition you have to know what the basics are you
have to repeat those basics and then you get more advanced and it’s it’s about
movement and getting efficient with your movement and then you want to train it
very similar to the way that you train mixed martial arts or martial arts in
general and that is you know you’re going to have different threat levels
and how you gonna deal with them and you want to deal with your weak side you
know you can you shoot with your offhand in various environments in the low light
in the dark in the rain and the you want to mix it up so you’re used to all of it
you want to be used to people at close range you want to be used to people at
further range and then once you get all those
mechanical skills down then you want to train your mind around this thing you
want to train your mind around this skill so that your mind knows how to
utilize this skill when things are unexpected and when there’s chaos and
when there’s mayhem going on and that’s that’s one of the things that I really
like about simunition training or paintball training or laser tag training
is it allows you it allows you to have somebody else you back at you mmm which
is just like you know just like rolling in jiu-jitsu or sparring more tie or
sparring MMA is you have to react to the person it’s no longer just a kata right
it’s no longer just shooting paper targets that don’t shoot back and don’t
move mm so you so I love to take it once you’ve got the skills down and then you
learn you’ve got the fundamentals down then you take the advanced fundamentals
and then you begin to train to simulate combat and this is I’ll tell you I had
these um I got these laser tag guns hmm for my son
I just got two of them at first but that escalated very quickly because they were
awesome there were these little nerf laser tag guns and you could shoot each
other at I don’t know maybe a hundred meters which is a pretty good shot it’s
like a pistol and so when I got these and as soon as I got two of them and I
realized how good they were I bought two more so I could go against my son and
his friends and they could go against each other and I taught my son like all
the basic military maneuvers that he would need to know and this is when he
was maybe eight years old okay and he we would play this game all the time you
know and so I taught him out of cover and move I taught him how to get
elevated positions I taught him how to do individual movement techniques where
you don’t show your face at the same spot like twice in a row every time you
up you move a little bit and he he realized that’s how you win in these
little games and they’re real those are the real tactics and so I had a speak
and speaking of speaking of the Marine Corps I had a friend that was was came
over the house one time and he was you know of a Marine and we got the
conversation all of a sudden you know my son comes out with the laser tag guns
and my son’s like oh you know do you want to go and the guys like you know
yeah of course let’s do it so my son looks at him and says indoor-outdoor in
Yeltsin you could see there was something going on and the guy goes
outdoor outdoor so my son you press the button on the thing and it counts down
for 10 seconds and then it’s on so late so you go find cover or something like
that so yeah so 10 seconds my son hits the thing my son takes off out the door
so I’m watching the guys I go this guy’s doomed because you know you’re going
against a training the kid so the guy comes out and and it’s dark right but
the guy comes out of the door and I’m watching he’s kind of crouched a little
bit and all of a sudden his gun cuz it all is in this one system it’s all takes
place inside the gun you don’t wear a helmet you don’t wear anything you
actually are shooting the other person’s gun and when it’s shot when you gonna
get shot it goes and shakes and the red light flashes so he walks out and sure
enough my son had run around the block got in an elevated position and as soon
as he came walking out my son sort of drilling him and the guys like Steve
freezes it’s in wrestling he freezes he doesn’t even think to myself oh I’ll
take cover no he just froze and got drilled and then as soon as it CC sander
he’s kind of looking around looking around looking around finally he sees my
son he starts to point the weapon up towards my son my son just disappears
and then the guys the guy starts kind of walking over in that direction and then
15 seconds later my son pops up on his flank and drills them again from behind
another offense and a whole wall and anyways the ends have killed him the
and then the guys okay let’s go again and my son beat him like three times in
a row yeah and it’s because he had the basic the basic skills basic infantryman
skills is what it was you know he would shoot and then move and that’s what it
boils down to so that kind of thing is is very important in as far as being a
martial art and you should train you know that’s another thing you know I
said this to Sam Harris when I was on his podcast you know yeah maybe there’s
a no chance because you live in the in the bubble and you live in a great
neighborhood and you’re well protecting you have alarm system your house and all
that and maybe you’re never gonna have a problem and that’s great I mean there’s
always a chance I would never believe that you’re never gonna have a problem
but there’s always a chance that somebody’s going to confront such evil
is going to enter your world mm-hm and you want to be ready for that now if
that makes me sound paranoid okay let’s just say you’re not paranoid and you
don’t think it’s ever going to happen but it is still highly valuable to train
in these situations because they make you a better person
they make you sharper they make you smarter they make you more prepared if
something does happen it’s just good to know this stuff and it makes you a
better person more reliable it’s a real skill set you know I always was kind of
bummed out about basketball or football or baseball because those are the there
are life skills involved in them I don’t say that but the skill itself of
throwing a baseball of shooting a basketball of throwing a football is not
as valuable as a skill as number one a martial artist mmm you know Muay Thai
boxing wrestling jujitsu because there’s a real applicable applicable to life
100% and it’s the same thing with shooting a gun I mean that is a real
applicable skill that you may need at some point in your life and you should
have it you know

35 thoughts on “Is Shooting a Martial Art? – Jocko Willink

  1. Great video ,
    All I will say is that I feel that a firearm is a major step up and a escalation of events in a confrontational situation.When the guns comes out , all bets are off and you better be prepared to kill someone .Jocko has lived in and totally understands that world , but I wonder if 99.9% of the people watching this truly understand what that means and entails .

  2. I respect Jocko and I listen every week, but I think it is time for Jocko to have Governor Jesse Ventura on the podcast.  I am a huge Chris K fan but I do BELIEVE he lied about Governor Ventura, and I am no Ventura fan.  Jocko always preaches how you have to engage with who you are dealing with, don't be scared of dealing with problems head on, and it would be a great interview.  I want Jocko to ask Jess is Chris knocked him out straight up and see how Jocko handles Jesse's reaction.  And how Jocko reacts to Jesse.  I know Jocko and Chris were great friends so this is going to put Jocko in one of those uncomfortable positions when Jesse calls Chris a coward.  I want to see how Jocko reacts.  It would be priceless.  Go book to Governor Jocko/Echo.

  3. This video had 223 likes before watching it. So given the video topic, I almost felt bad putting it over to 224 lol

  4. I so agree when he mentioned the skill of martial arts/marksmanship holds more value than throwing a baseball, football, shooting a basketball. It seems as if a man isn't into sports or cannot play sports, that he is less of a man. I do agree that such sports can build team building skills and whatnot, but the value of learning and applying a martial art and marksmanship is leagues beyond simple sports in my opinion. dunking a ball in a rim, hitting a homerun, or sacking a quarterback isn't going to help you in a life or death situation. Even when one gets old, martial arts skills can still be applied to protect oneself. This goes for the same as marksmanship.

  5. Martial arts to many people is east asian martial arts and maybe other fighting styles but the term martial comes from Mars, God of war. Martial arts the art of Mars or the art of war. Anything combative is most likely a martial art. I would've thought that this fact is obvious but then I remembered how many people consider martial arts as karate, judo, kungfu, tkd, boxing, kendo and other fighting styles like those.

  6. I respect Jocko, but you can't just change the definition of something just to fit what it means to you. Guns are not Martial Arts. I agree with everything he's saying about them, but they are not a form of Martial Arts.

  7. Jocko.

    If you read these comments. Please, make a tutorial on the information you begin to discuss at around 3:55. Or if that is impossible, "or unethical", maybe point a brother in the right direction with the correct military FM or TM reference.

  8. @JockoPodcast Peace, Sirs. I'm a Judo/BJJ lover & I'm seeing some BJJ guys showing gun & knife defenses out there that are just absolutely atrocious (no respect to the arm not holding the weapon, no solid wrist control of the hand with the gun/knife, element of surprise, etc.etc…). But, maybe I'm wrong. And, that's why I'm here..
    Will you PLEASE offer your experience based advice on BJJ as a Street Self Defense Discipline… And, the veracity of gun defense tactics against an assailant who has a gun & there's no option except engaging or expiring?
    Thank You.
    Much Respect.

  9. This argument can be used to defeat anti-gunners who claim you wouldnt be able to defend yourself with a gun. If someone who has a gun and is trained in its use cant even do something as easy and simple as point the barrel at the bad guy and pull the trigger, then how does someone trained in bare hands stand any chance? If shooting cant help you, how can Krav Maga or Wing Chun help you? Whats the point then in training any martial arts for self defense at all?

  10. "Art" in the sense of a skill and proficiency, and "martial" meaning appropriate to combat, it clearly is. It's a far less athletically demanding martial art then something like BJJ, but nonetheless it is.

  11. Hello Mr. Jocko, would you mind in putting English subtitles on your videos?
    I can explain, here in Brazil few people speak English and there are still less fluent people to watch their excellent videos. If you agree, I can put subtitles on your videos, but I really don't know how to edit your videos to accomplish this task. If you put at least English subtitles, you could get a large following.
    Cesar Mello

  12. It sounds simple to shoot a gun. Right?

    Load (obviously) and "cock" the weapon. Raise it into position. Settle your eye behind the sights. Center the sights in unison on or just under your target. Squeeze (do NOT pull) the trigger… and remember this thing's going to recoil (kick).

    Simple does NOT equal easy… remember that. ;o)

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