Is peanut butter good for dogs ?

People wonder, can you really give
your puppy or give your dog peanut butter? hey guys this is dock trooper
most recent graduate from doggy medical school and I am ready to talk about
everything peanut butter today we’re gonna talk about is peanut butter safe or is it not the thing that you have to watch out for though is an ingredient
that’s in some peanut butters that are low sugar or high protein to have a
peanut butters and that’s called xylitol xylitol spelled with an X we’ll put it
in the video so that way you can see what we’re talking about big stamp it’s
going to break now okay so that is a little is something that we can actually
hurt your dog because it can cause your dog to feel a weak dizzy even kind of
pass out probably even kill them and what it does
it lowers your dog’s blood sugar not good if you’re a healthy boxer that
loves to eat peanut butter there are plenty other foods out there
that are also safe to give to your dog from apples to carrots they even
broccoli and then things you can’t give your dog things like grapes you know
these are some things that you have to really think about so health and fitness
and great diet that’s really important for a dog especially as boxers so I want
you to just hang tight because I’m getting ready to show you a video that
has some important stuff in it it’s gonna be of my wife and how much she
really likes peanut butter lilo I love her she’s awesome
alright so stay tuned we’re gonna go ahead and play the video now hello play
the video wait wait no that not that video my fans
don’t want to see that that not take that video up ah how could you do this
to me how I thought I was your friend Sean Linda take the video down that’s it
where’s my manager makeup makeup okay so I just want you guys to know I love you
a lot more than I do Linda and Sean right now for putting that video up
there peanut butter I know I know
I’ll give you so give me a second okay with the baby is there something over you all
something and it’s big dog you really raised a little you definitely can talk
to me is there are you sure oh my goodness okay I’ll give you something okay I love
you you definitely can talk mmm sit down you’re one bean pants
baby you have to die Bing you’re not dead you have to put
your head on the ground because you’re pregnant okay okay so we have peanut
butter here hi babe I know where is my girl go come on my
wife lilo she’s pregnant yeah yeah I know congratulations to me
but one thing that she has been really really wanting more than ever his peanut
butter so that’s why I decided to take a break from seeing patients today and
tell you about peanut butter and puppies and peanut butter and dogs and what not
to use and what to use and all that good stuff as long as this dog does not have any
peanut butter allergies than peanut butter is okay people say but top
trooper what if my dog has peanut butter algae there has been no documented cases
of dogs with peanut butter allergies that have been in any text for
veterinary medicine so having said that should be safe and the answer is yes
give that doggie some peanut butter here in it you can give it to them out of
spoon you can give it to them in a Kong you can give it to him on your finger
not the finger don’t give them to on the finger all right so what you can do is
follow us give us a like thumbs up and we have many more videos coming about
boxer pregnancy lilo me and some new additions to our family that you’re
gonna really love we’re here for you to educate and entertain thanks guys two
paws one wagging tail dr. Burke Oh

24 thoughts on “Is peanut butter good for dogs ?

  1. Me encanta el vídeo donde sale el perro con bata de doctor como si de un verdadero doctor se tratase jaja. Me parece súper divertido. MYU

  2. Ay pero que vida tan sabrosa duerme tan agusto patas pa'rriba, hermosa tiene antojos de mantequiila de mani, gracias por la información MYU

  3. Que bonitos son Los perros me encantan jajaja jajaja super divertido que lindo se veia con su vata gracias por la informacion MYU

  4. Ay me encanta ese perrito doctor!! Esta super que des esa info para quien tienen perritos. Yo tengo entendido que cebolla y chocolates no pueden comer, pero con la mantequilla de maní no hay problema

  5. ¡So amazing! Me parece súper interesante todo lo que cuentas en el vídeo. No sabía lo de la mantequilla de cacahuete pero si que sabía que los dulces no se les puede dar porque puede que se queden ciegos #MYU 🤱🎥💪

  6. me encanta ver lo educado que son estos perros yo extraño ami perrita hanna ❤😪 le tengo miedo alos perros grandes porque nunca supere el trauma que me causo un perro al morderme cuando era niña solo puedo tener perritos chiquitos 😁

  7. Oh no sabia lo de la mantequilla de Mani, muy gracioso y bueno de ver, esperamos mas de ti doctor jiji byee. MYU

  8. Me encanta este canal de perros boxer, hacen vídeos muy divertidos, cada vez que les veo me río mucho, los perros boxer me encantan, mí perro es de raza pequeña pero adoro tus perros Linda sobre todo a Lilo, míralo cómo te entide que bello🥰

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