Is Mario Lopez Bringing Back the Mullet for the ‘Saved by the Bell’ Reboot?

Hello, Mario. Hi, Ellen. I missed you. I miss you. I don’t see you as much anymore. Unfortunately. You’ve been injured. Yeah, I know. I got to– I’m sort of like– remember that
movie, Blues Brothers, where the car at the end
just collapses? Uh-huh. That’s me right now. That’s you. Because I literally tore
my rotator cuff one year. Then the next year,
I tore my Achilles. Right. And then I tore my
bicep this last– And this is all from boxing? It’s all from boxing,
which, ironically, I’ve always said has made me
feel younger and I feel alive. But I’m breaking down now. Yeah. So I got to chill a little bit. I’m not ready to play golf. Which was the worst of the– [LAUGHTER] You know what I mean? I feel like you play golf
when you’re all broken down and decrepit. Yeah, you– [LAUGHTER] You know? With all due respect to golfers. And then it’s long, Ellen. It takes like five
hours to play one game. There are a lot football
players that play golf. There are a lot of
athletes that play golf. Well, that’s
because they can’t– they’re not allowed to
do anything else that’s really physical– Oh, Is that right? –getting hurt, yes. I see. They got to keep them–
as an insurance policy. But still, it’s a
game of skill and– No, absolutely. –you would like it. The level of skill
and finesse, no. Yeah. But it takes a long time. Right. And who has got like
five hours for that day? And I’m too hyper. Too hyper. Well, just do nine holes. Don’t do 18. Well, I guess I could. Yeah, I guess I could. It’s just I just am
worried about your health. Yeah, I know. [LAUGHS] Which was the worst
of all the injuries? The Achilles probably
took the longest. But this was the most
painful post surgery. Yeah. Got a lot of nerves
upper body, I guess. Yeah. But I bounced back quick. Oh, look, that’s
when I was at the– every Emmy’s, I’m injured. That’s when I’m
rocking the boot, and I wore the shorts
on that one right there. And then– That looks good, though. And then there’s
my sling this year. Wow. Next year, I’m going
to be in a body cast. Yeah. Do you know what I’m saying? Hopefully, God forbid– Somehow– –that doesn’t happen. –you manage to keep
having children. I mean– Yes. That’s not broken. [LAUGHTER] That’s all right. All right. [LAUGHS] How old
is this newest one? The newest one– I can’t
believe we didn’t bring them. That is Santino Rafael
Lopez, Sonny, in the middle, and then my son, Dominic, on
the left and Gia on the right. Yeah, I know that– we’re so happy. That just– obviously
the highlight of 2019. And yeah, I’m trying
to negotiate one more. That’s our first born,
Julio Cesar Chavez Lopez. You know, he was our dog– Yes, exactly. –in the beginning. He’s 10 now. He’s doing great. Getting a little chubby,
but he’s doing great. I want to show a picture
of you as a baby, because this baby looks
exactly like you– Oh, speaking of chubby. –as a baby. Yeah. Oh, my gosh. That’s the arms. Look at the rubber
band arms right there. I think I was about
eight or nine months. My son’s barely five
months right now. He’s a chunker already
at five months. He’s 19 pounds in five months. Wow. So he’s going– yeah, he’s
my biggest baby so far. So he’s going to get there. But I love chub– I mean, what’s better
than a little chubby baby with the rolls? And they smell
so– you just want to eat them up with a spoon. All babies are like that. They’re all adorable. I love it. Now you’re coaching your
son’s wrestling team? Yeah, as busy as I am,
I love that I still get to be able to be a coach
on his team, which is great. Because you used to wrestle. Yes. Does he wear anything
like you used to wear? Only when he’s going to
compete in the singlets. Uh-huh. Yeah, those little–
it sort of looks like a tank top and a shorts. Yeah, like that. Oh, that’s old school. That’s when I was wrestling
for the Chula Vista Boys Club. We were such a ghetto club
like the Bad News Bears. Look, I’m missing letters. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. The whole thing is just bad. That’s Chula Vista right there. That’s Tijuana
behind me, literally. That is. Yeah, my fro was on point. Yep. I won Outstanding
Wrestler that trip. That’s why I got the big one. You’ve always been an athlete. Yeah, growing up. Yeah. So that’s why I’ve always
needed that sort of outlet to still get that energy out. And you’re working
out every single day. Are you still boxing? Can you get back to that yet? I’m not sparring,
because these happened when I was actually sparring. So not yet, not yet. But I think I’m going to
chill out a little bit, or not be as intense about it. Smart, smart. Yeah, thank you. You look good, though. I saw pictures of you. You were at– where were you? On a beach in Mexico or
something with your family. Oh, yeah, we recently
went down to Punta Mita. [WHOOPING] And it was awesome just to get
away and recharge a little bit. That was Sonny’s first
time on the beach, and it was a lot of fun. You all have matching suits on. That’s so cute. –matching suits. He’s got holes in his
face like me, too. He’s got little
dimples and stuff. That’s adorable. Yeah. And is this real that Saved
by the Bell is coming back? Yeah, it is, actually. Really? Mm-hmm. [CHEERING] It’s going to be– I won’t be rocking those pants. But it’s going to be on the new
NBC streaming service, Peacock. Uh-huh. And yeah, it’s a big reboot. We’ve got a great
writer, Tracy Whitwell, who did 30 Rock and
The Mindy Project. Wow. It’s a great team. And it’s single-camera, as
opposed to the traditional three camera that we did– How many episodes are you doing? We’re doing 10 this
first installment. So yeah, I’m back in class. Will you be rocking
a mullet again, or– It’s funny that you say that. Well, I’m supposed
to not say anything. I feel like when you’re
on Game of Thrones, you’re not supposed
to say anything. They told me not
to say anything. But I guess we’ll
just have to see? Is that what I’m
supposed to say? Uh-huh. Oh– We’ll just have to see. –so you will have a mullet? So we’ll have to see. [LAUGHS] You’re a busy man. You’re doing how many shows? Access– three shows. Yes, yeah. Well, and I’m also
doing my Netflix show, The Expanding Universe
of Ashley Garcia, which is coming out this summer. But yeah, at NBC, I love– I’m doing three
shows over on Access. We’ve got Access Daily during
the day, and Access Hollywood, and All Access. So I’m sort of like
Universal’s Mickey Mouse. Yeah. I’m just kind of
there all the time. And because you’re
there all the– because you used to
shoot Extra there, too. Right, right. And so I’ve remained
at Universal. Yeah, that’s amazing. Everybody moved but me. Yeah. [LAUGHS] I just stayed. But yeah, I’m having a
lot of fun, staying busy. That’s what’s ironic is
I still get to be there for my son’s wrestling team
and all those other projects and stuff. Yeah. [CHEERING] All right. You can watch Mario weeknights
on Access Hollywood. We’ll be right back.

53 thoughts on “Is Mario Lopez Bringing Back the Mullet for the ‘Saved by the Bell’ Reboot?

  1. Wow he seems like the most genuine person in Hollywood. A lot of other celebrities should take notes. Stay humble and be a real person! What a great guy!

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  3. I couldn't be loud because my husband is sleeping but it sounded like I was weezing the way I screamed with just my breath when i first heard of the reboot❕❗ Saved By The Bell was part of the best years of television, along with The Fresh Prince, Boy Meets World and Full House❕❗

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  5. 😄 he is so energetic , so charged, might be on some kind of medication that he won't let host start a new question 😄

  6. Ellen I’m a big fan of you please keep being kind and encourage us to be the way you are May God bless you long life more happiness wealth and good health

  7. I’m such a big fan of Mario❤️ I love what he represents as a Mexican American. He’s very family oriented, so real, and has so much positive energy

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