Is Karate good for weight loss? – Fred Mergen

Martial Arts is a great way to lose weight.For
an hour of non-stop kicking, punching, blocking and exercising time flies by. I’ve been to
the gym where you sit on the treadmill for an hour and you’re just counting down the
seconds so hopefully you’re getting there. In the martial arts when you’re taking your
class you’re having a great time, you’re moving, you’re punching, you’re kicking, you’re blocking
like I said before and you’re losing weight without even knowing it. One of our assistant instructors dropped 30
pounds in his first two months of being here, so he’s a great example of how you can lose
weight. If you want an even more intense workout,
we have a class called Evolution Fitness which is done outside for all ability levels, all
ages and it’s a cross fit-type workout where you keep your heart rate going for an hour
and you push yourself to do your best. For more information, check our website out.

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