Iron Fists and Kung Fu Kicks | Trailer

[MAN] Martial arts has infected every form of media right now. It’s almost like a fever that you catch. [BOY] It’s a virus that’s spread everywhere. We’re not fully aware of it being there anymore It’s just there. You watch a commercial you watch a soap opera a music video,
a kids show [WOMAN] So many video games, so many films… [BOY] In music and dance… and it’s a universal language… But everyones takes what they need from it. We’ve twisted it,
we’ve remixed it. It truly has evolved tenfold. [MAN] I would never have believed that Keanu Reeves would do Kung fu That a Kung fu movie would win an oscar. That just seemed impossible. Whoa

3 thoughts on “Iron Fists and Kung Fu Kicks | Trailer

  1. This is awesome work! good to see the Shaw Brothers has still much impacted today society's media.

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