Iranian wrestlers condemn Olympic omission

Bad news for wrestling fans this week with
the IOC’s decision to drop the sport from the Olympic programme. The decision has made a lot of fuss in Iran
which has long been a cradle for wrestling. Iran’s National Olympics Committee held an
emergency meeting today to address the issue. At this downtown Tehran club, the youngsters
fear their Olympic dreams may now never come true, and coach Israephil Dodangheh strongly
opposes the decision to omit wrestling based on poor viewing figures. “Look at wrestling competitions in the USA
Olympics, the fact that few people watched wrestling in London Olympics can’t be a reason.
The British people didn’t watch it because they don’t have any prominent athletes and
none of their athletes stood among the top ten wrestlers. In my opinion, FILA (international
governing body of wrestling) should change its regulations to its previous one and by
omitting some of the new pushing and pulling regulations make it more interesting for spectators. Mohammad Aliabadi, the head of Iran’s National
Committee of Olympics, was quoted by Iran’s official IRNA news agency as calling the decision
by the IOC executive board “very serious.”

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