100 thoughts on “Ip Man 3 Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Donnie Yen, Mike Tyson Action Movie HD

  1. I'm generally of the opinion you seen what Kung Fu movie, you have seen them all, but not so it seems. Ip Man is loosely based on a real person, the Grand Master who Bruce Lee was a student of. This movie has both emotional depth and a plot, and the relationship with his wife is both a key element of the movie (and quite touching in fact), and balances the action well. The martial arts choreography is well done and fun to watch. The characters have depth, and none other than Mike Tyson plays the Boss Man bad guy, and does a fun job of it too. Best way I can describe this movie as Kung Fu with class.

  2. I really like the fight scenes in this 3rd installment much better than the previous two, overall i thought the movie was okay. Three fight scenes in particular, the elevator the Mike Tyson and the final battle.

  3. Ip Man 3 is the WORST movie in the Ip Man series: Bruce Lee appears like twice for the whole movie, none of which have any significance nor say anything relevant to the plot. Tyson's performance and occasional Mandarine remark were awkward as f***; all the villains and the rest of the characters have such shallow personality.
    It's like the directors and screen writers were so desperate trying to give each characters some screen time, unequally, that none of that time is even of any significance. Whatever you see in the trailer, the best part of Bruce Lee and Tyson: they occur ONCE! And it's not even that impressive.
    The fighting's choreography is no better than the previous prequels. What a waste of my time, hoping it won't suck.

  4. watched IP man 2 earlier this year cause i happen to pass by it on Netflix and was surprised i hasn't heard anything about a second one. now On Netflix i have the same reaction!!! had no idea there was a 3!!! already??? yes! time to eat and watch this one ! ❤❤ all IP Man movies have 5 stars, every time!!

  5. i look forward to the movie i am glad that we are keeping the legendary ip man alive as he has bin for meny generations! !!

  6. I loved this movie more than the first two; it was a beautiful full circle. All three movies have been an unconditional love story.

  7. As soon as I saw dude at the end flick his nose, that's when I knew I HAD to see this movie now that they put Bruce Lee (character) in it!!!

  8. It would have been Ip man vs micheal jay White vs jet Li vs Son Goku. Still, I'll watch it when i have the time.

  9. Terrible movie. First 2 was 50x better. Felt like 3 plots trying to fight it's way into the movie. Mike Tyson was pointless, the whole gangs trying to trash the school shenanigans was pointless, why could they not have focused on Cheung trying to train and prepare for his final confrontation against Master Ip? The ending easily would've been suited better with only 1 good plot rather than 3 interfering plots.

  10. Beautiful high definition cinematography of Chinese environment, ancient building architecture, Chinese hand-made objects in that green clean period, as movie camera technology becomes advanced over time for Netflix home internet and bluray discs. Ip man at his prime middle age gifted with decades-experienced kung fu, as with others like Jet Li and Jackie Chan …………….,, '"'"'"'" (<<*0,>>)

  11. He's a bad Mutha
    shut yo mouf! I'm
    talking about Donnie! then we
    can dig it!! He's
    a complicated
    man and no one
    understands him
    but wife and child!!!
    Donnie yeeeen!.

  12. The # 1 attraction
    to Donnie yen is
    that he can really
    do this in real life.
    this is no fake
    camera tricks!
    he can really punch
    you 30 times in seconds! close combat shows
    swiftness, speed,
    timing, accuracy
    and broken bones!!!!.

  13. I don't watch alot of Chinese Movies…But Ip man is a Freakin Exception…This Movie is So Good…Fighting Sequence is so much better than many million dollar Hollywood movies

  14. Donnie Yen absolutely and guaranteed 100% full blast action, but with Mike in a movie like this, it was ruin all the beautiful choreography and fighting scenes. If it was about boxing then okay, but this… ugh…. i don't think so.

  15. so tyson used time machine huh . . . .
    ip man: if you defeat me ill teach u boxing.
    tyson : if i defeat u teach me wing chun.


  16. As a cinema buff, people always ask me "what happened to good action movies? Most modern action movies are trash!" To them, I say that they have to look east. Ip Man, The Raid, anything with Donnie Yen or Sammy Hung in it. It's basically all good, if not visually stunning.

  17. I love it that Mike Tyson outside of films has mellowed,as he has got older.He actually has a gentle side to him that people seem to miss,Which is a great shame.

  18. I came here because of the new movie, because of they are so long to release that part 4 i didn't remember the other scene on the other part of this series

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