– Everybody knows that the
birthplace of karate is Okinawa. But did you also know that the roots of karate can be traced
back to ancient China? More specifically, the province of Fujian, right by the southern coast. Hi, I’m Jesse from karatebyjesse.com, a.k.a. “The Karate Nerd” and today, I’m inviting you to be a part of my next secret project. Keep watching. As you may know, I’ve been dozens of times to Okinawa to film and share all of the lessons that I’ve learnt from
different grand masters in all kinds of old styles. And it’s time to take this
journey a step further. I’m going to China to rediscover the lost roots of karate and find out exactly what kung fu styles influenced the birth of what would later become karate. The original name of karate was actually “toudi”. That’s what all the
old masters used to say before they changed it to “karate” and tou di literally means Chinese hand! But what kung fu styles do the roots of karate
actually consist of? I’m gonna go to China myself and find out. And I’m inviting you to
come along for the journey. The result will be a series of videos just like I’ve done in Okinawa where I visit old “sifu”, that’s Chinese for sensei, to ask them about the origins
of their kung fu styles and how it relates to old-school karate. In a world where everybody seem obsessed with how to use karate in MMA or how to win an Olympic medal, I think that we together, as a Karate Nerd community, should look the other way. We should go back in time to rediscover our roots, to see what actually connects us all as karate practitioners no matter what style or
kind of karate you practice because the one thing
that we all have in common is where we came from. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of my next project. Usually, I don’t make my projects public. I like to do them undercover, in secret and them just reveal them to the world but now I’m trying something different. So I’ve created a crowdfunding campaign where you can be a part of supporting this next project of mine and I think it will be the
best one I’ve done so far. Previously, I’ve done
crowdfunding projects, for example, when I created Seishin, the world’s leading karate lifestyle brand, and it was a huge success. And this time, I expect nothing less. I’m inviting you to be a part of a journey from the very start and support this project of finding out what brings us all together rather than what sets us apart. You see, I truly believe in the words of the late Steve Jobs when he said that “You cannot connect
the dots looking forward; you have to look back.” And that’s what we’re doing. With that being said, click the link in the video
description to read more about Karate Nerd in China and see how you can be a part.

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