Introduction to Kung Fu

Hello my name is Sifu Paul Hawkes. I’m the chief instructor of the kung fu schools and working with the Confucius Institute we are supplying a resource for yourselves to use through the classroom, that will be a sample session of a kung fu class. It’s a tremendous opportunity to reinforce characteristics and qualities like focus, self discipline, determination, perseverance. Today you’ll see us focussing on focus and we reinforce that with the jia jin and bring them back as that’s the point in the theme for this particular session. However you could replace that with what ever you liked The goal is to supply a resource for yourselves that is simply and easy to use that’s quick to implement and takes very little training on your behalf We understand that you are not kung fu instructors like ourselves So therefore we have kept the techniques very simple and easy to duplicate. It’s also very appealing to children across the board, so they are perhaps a confident or not so confident child. They like sport, they don’t like sport. because it’s very engaging for the children and they can relate to it. there’s so much of kung fu and martial arts on the TV and cinema, cartoons They’ve all got a little bit of an idea, so we feed off that a little bit and make the most of that to bring them in and give them some.. a little bit of an understanding perhaps of martial arts and kung fu, but really that it reinforces great morals, very good sort of character We deliver this exact class throughout loads of schools in the area and throughout London and it’s always received brilliantly. the teachers love it and the children love it. So therefore it seemed ideal to present it to yourselves The class will start with a preframe, an introduction and will go through a variety of questions on how with engage with the children. We then move on to a warm up, a very easy to follow warmup and again easily replaced by anything that you would like to add or change. Then some simple martial arts techniques, again depending on your time you may want to use 1, 2, or all of them. We then go through to some different ways of training that. Either in lines or with a partner. So again this guides repetition. Again, its another way that children enjoy training. However of course it is important that you are enforcing the material. Again, because we break it down step by step they can see clearly what they are supposed to do and of course that’s what helps as you know confidence is being able to do some thing and the children and see very quickly they are able to perform a few of the kung fu movements. This is a resource to use as a step by step guide. You can take parts out and replace parts with you own material However we strongly recommend following the actual structure of starting with a preframe, going to the warmup following with a technique and then closing with a very strong close Sometimes time is going against you or is going against ourselves and we skip something like the preframe and boy do we suffer! So the preframe is as essential as all the other stages. Then what you do in the actual material; you can shuffle around with it. However actually having that structure is what makes it a very successful class. Please email or contact ourselves or the Confucius Institute if you would like any more details or any more follow ups. As I say this is just a skeleton, we often put in a lot more questions to the preframing and engage them with regards to the geography, culture, the language. Which, again there is so much you can do with the children to pull them in, or anywhere between the class. I’m sure you will enjoy this introductory lesson and I look forward to seeing you in the further development of the course.

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