Interview with Judo Athlete, Rustam Orujov | Baku 2017

Do you like reading books, magazines? Well I mostly read sport news in sport magazines and on the Internet. You probably enjoy eating tasty food. Well, who doesn’t? And what is your favorite food? I like our national cuisine, kebabs and basturma. Your favorite drink? Coffee is my favorite. Well, then maybe you can make coffee for us? No problem, of course I can. Don’t you get tired of intense training sessions? Of course I get tired, but this sport is my job, my life, I enjoy doing it, if I don’t work out for 3,4,5 days I just can’t help it, I even start workout at home So what can drive someone to train every day? First of all, you need a goal, then patience and power to train every day come to the gym twice a day – early in the morning and at the evening. I think we all can do it if only we have a goal we want to achieve. How do you get ready for the Islamic Games? Right now there is a lot of work going on before Baku 2017, moreover, we also have European championship which will take place before the Games, so we’re preparing for both sporting events. Hope we’ll show great results. Judo, Rustam, Medal, Victory, Defeat and Time. If we’ll combine it all what can we get? Thinking about this words motivates me for future victories.

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