Hello my name is Basia, I’m 28 years old I’m from Poland and this is my last week in school I spent here one year I came here, because I really wanted to train intensively. Before I was dancing, but I was dancing and I was working, so I never had enough time actually to have the improvement I wanted to have and I thought training here will make my dreams come true. This was one of the most difficult times, but as well one of the most beautiful times. I really fall in love in kung fu. Because I was not happy really with the life I had. I had to work and I had to train and I really wanted to just train just focus on it. I watched a lot of kung fu movies. I didn’t know kung fu. I just watched the movies I saw wow this looks like kind of dance for me I wanted to try it, because I was always dancing never tried martial arts. I found in Berlin Tai Chi and kung fu, and I said wow this is cool. Somehow, I found the video in youtube about this school. I saw the training and it was perfect. It was stretching, power training, everything, what I wanted. For one year it’s really cheap, and I can do it, and I saved the money for more than half a year and I came here. I really like the training. I really like jumps and rolls, and power training. After half a year I wanted to focus more on improving my jumping skills and the school, my master, allowed me to resign from the classes, which weren’t so important They were still interesting but they weren’t so important for me at that moment and I could focus on the thing I wanted to learn. What I can say about Tai Chi is that master Miao? He’s a master of Tai Chi He knows so many beautiful forms. So in kung fu forms you need a lot of power, strength action, jumps. It’s really tiring, amazing, but tiring and when you go to tai chi classes It’s more like a dance. So I can relax my body eventually. And I can feel it more I can make it slower and some of the forms are so beautiful. They are amazing, like my tasseled form. I loved it. The Masters are amazing. The Masters are real Masters. Real Shaolin Kung Fu Masters. When they do jumps. They do it that your eyes just open and you admire them. And it’s amazing because my way of learning things is through observation so I can ask my master Can you repeat lotus kick and he doesn’t warm up, and he just do it perfectly, and then I’m okay I try to do it this way. So you have perfect example. The facilities are Nothing to add and nothing to take away. Toilet is really clean. The kitchen ladies clean I think twice a day or three times a day. It’s crazy. Training hall. They just renovated it, so I’m really happy with the soft mats. So the jumps, which I was making, which I’m training are very comfortable right now. We have trampoline as well, and we have, how you call this line slack line. So outside we have as well a lot of equipment, so we can use it Yes, I am a vegetarian. The food is really good. At some point, because I stayed so long, you just get a little bit bored with the food, but still you can go out to the restaurant. So it’s not a problem. But when I was traveling with my mom like one month in China. I was missing this foot so it’s good Yes, I came in the time, when most of the students went out for the competition and I came with three other girls in the same time so we were new and Immediately, I felt really comfortable with people around. It’s really like a family. You spend all your time with these people. You struggle together, so yes, it’s like family Definitely, two jumps kick up and head flip. I couldn’t do it at all at the beginning I was landing on my ass. My form looks stronger. Still my master says more power, but I think it’s much better as at the beginning. With the flexibility. I have to say it’s a little bit better, because we train so much muscles, we get as well so much stiffness. It’s the thing I really want to still work on – flexibility. I’m more confident in the performance here I had to perform during the grading solo everything alone on the stage I had to perform in front of 300 kids and hundreds adults I had to perform in the competition with a lot of different people and of course at the beginning I was totally scared But yeah you go through it. You see I can do it. You get better with your forms. You get more confident with yourself and you do it It was a big benefit for me. This school allows you to confront the public performances I really recommend the school, and it’s not just to promote the school or whatever. The best example is I’m coming back and Most of my friends, who were training with me for this one year are coming back as well. So even you struggle here a lot, your body is painful. Somehow We still want to train. We still want to come back here. Yeah, I recommend this place. Come and try. Most of the people actually come here for three months. When I was three months at school, it was too less. It was, like I learned nothing. I want more I just touched the surface of the knowledge they can provide and after one year I want to train stuff I want to train sword and this needs time. For me one year was not enough Okay some advices After one year being at school. If you come for longer than half a year You will definitely need breaks. Traveling in China or out of China I really recommend it at the beginning. Don’t push yourself too much. The amount of hours you train here is a lot. What I think, to achieve the goals the most important is continuity, that you train, and you don’t get injured. When you came here. Be careful. Take care of your body. Take some maybe supplements as well with yourself Yeah, maybe see you guys at school. Bye. Bye

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