The vision of Limitless is to cultivate people through Martial Arts. We believe the practice of Taekwon-Do is a holistic endeavour in that the physical training and character building which applies in the class is translatable to our everyday lives such as our workplace, peers… … our relationships, family and even our future ambition. Building people internally develops great practitioners because when one is developed inside they have the capacity to excel outside in this case – Taekwon-Do. Furthermore, if one is able to train effectively and diligently they develop the capacity to excel in the outside world. I think Limitless is an exceptional school and not just because I am the Head Instructor or it’s my particular school it’s because of the way in which we approach excellence. Children and students enjoy coming to classes because they know that they can have fun they could learn and that they could grow and get better as a practitioner and as a person. And that to us is very, very valuable especially to us as instructors and us as owners. We take great pride in our students in how they grow. Being a person who struggled with many things over the years with any endeavour and finally finding my groove in how to actually excel in whatever endeavours that I pursued I found that it was when I developed myself as a person and it’s that understanding or it’s that knowledge that I want to pass on to our students. So what I’m trying to say is there is something special here at our gym and that is a manifestation of the culture that we’ve built as instructors and as students and the community such as the families and the parents. So, with all of these aspects of different people who have contributed to our dojang and to our gym, we are creating an environment where people are just growing and getting better and becoming better people and practitioners.

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