Inside GLORY – January 2019

tonight on inside glory we take a look
back at the year that was as we present the top moments the best
fighters most exciting newcomers and some of the incredible fights and
knockouts that made 2018 Glory’s biggest year yet welcome to inside glory I’m todd grisham
happy new year and if 2018 is any indication 2019 looks to be Glory’s best
as the premiere stand-up combat league has a full schedule featuring 14 events
including our 75th event and 150th show once again glory returns to China for
the third straight year as well stops in the Netherlands France and of course
the United States on this edition of inside glory we’ll bring you our annual
awards as voted on by you for newcomer of the Year, knockout of the year, fight
of the year and fighter of the year but first let’s look back on the year that
was 2018 saw some of the biggest upsets in glory history titles changed hands
champions came and went and new stars emerged it was a year to remember and
has set the stage for an epic 2019 and the women’s super bantamweight division
Anissa Meksen started and ended the year with the title but it took a
controversial detour to Jady Menezes in the middle of the year before Meksen
returned with furious vengeance at glory 61 new york the featherweight title was
taken from Robin van Roosmalen by muay thai master Petpanomrung he ended the
Dutchman’s two year winning streak Petch the professor faces former champion Serhiy Adamchuk in the first event of 2019 at glory 63 Houston February
1st also on the card rising star Asa Ten Pow who is looking
to crack the top five lightweight legend Sitthichai continued his own reign at the
top with a record four title defenses in 2018
but behind him the division is shaping up with Murat Grigorian, Tyjani Beztati, Christian Baya and Josh Jauncey looking for revenge against the
killer kid the welterweight division remained Glory’s most dangerous and
Harut Grigorian took sweet revenge over Murthel Groenhart to avenge that
controversial KO back at glory 42 Paris and take the belt at Glory’s landmark 50th event
Grigorian remains atop the division but with the always
entertaining French ex champion Cedric Doumbe on a roll throughout 2018 hopes are
high for an epic first meeting between these two early this year the
middleweight division saw Alex Pereira retain the top spot as challengers Simon
Marcus and Yousri Belgaroui came and went for a second straight year can Pereira
continue his dominance or will someone come along and deroad the Brazilian
champion the light heavyweights brought a little stability to proceedings as
Artem Vakhitov remained at the top for another year but with recurrent injuries
allowing him only one title defence in 2018 the next 12 months are set to be
his toughest yet with possible matchups with number one ranked Michael Duut and
the resurgent Luis Tavares claiming unfinished business with the Russian
master and in the heavyweight division Rico Verhoeven continued his unbeaten
run at the top but Jamal Ben Saddik impressed the world with a huge three
fights and one night win to take Glory’s first ever heavyweight eight-man
tournament at glory 62 and Badr Hari returned to win at glory 51 against Hesdy Gerges with Big Ben and everyone’s favorite bad boy waiting in the wings
2019 is shaping up to be can’t miss we’re just getting started on this
season opening edition of inside glory still to come we’ll share our top five
moments of 2018 and later on announce Glory’s fight and fighter of the year
but up next it’s time for our first two awards newcomer and knockout of the year welcome back to inside glory I’m todd
grisham what do the names Sitthichai, Tiffany van Soest,
Artem Vakhitov and Rico Verhoeven have in common well over the past five
years these fighters have become glory world champions following their
successful debuts inside the glory ring to later on capture the world title in
2018 several others made their first step towards glory gold here are the top
three and winner as voted on by you for Glory’s newcomer of the year the best
up-and-coming stand-up combat fighters from around the world were added to the
league’s roster in 2018 with nationalities worldwide on display these three were a
cut above the others making their glory debuts at number three the young
Russian Dmitri menshikov showed that he has some of if not the heaviest hands in
the welterweight division by claiming two devastating knockouts in the first
round of both of his fights this year menshikov may
think that he’s hurt Hagemen had him on the ear
catching him again and now the Russian letting his hands go hey you got to watch
out for Menshikov’s right hand
and right hook there big shot
Menshikov unleashing again here in round one current training partner and light
heavyweight champion Artem Vakhitov told glory before he even stepped in the ring
that this kid has dangerous hands glory’s number two newcomer of the year
started his glory career at the last event of 2018 of Moroccan heritage he
now joined a long list as Hamicha made a statement by knocking out one of Glory’s
most aggressive welterweight Miles Simpson with a left head kick just two
minutes into the first round with only one glory fight under his belt
he’s already proven to be a force to be reckoned with highly regarded with great
potential looked for Hamisha to become a force in glory in 2019 at number one it
was the American ninja Asa Ten Pow whose impressive technique and unique
movements put him as the top newcomer to Glory’s roster 2018 already at number
eight in the featherweight rankings Ten Pow fighting out of the United States
comes from a kung fu’ Sanshou and muay thai background and he has some spectacular offense we didn’t see it in his first fight because he ended it so quickly and and that fight
was stopped on a big right hand by Asa Ten Pow yeah Asa Ten Pow has a really high
finishing rate with of the six wins five are by knockout
Ten Pow is the kind of guy
that will come in absolutely he likes to exchange improving his
record to 3-0 he has his eyes set on a potential title shot in the
upcoming year we won’t have to wait long to see Asa Ten Pow in 2019 as he’s featured to open the card at glory 63 in Houston
against fellow American Nate Richardson we now move from new comer to knock out what makes glory the premier stand-up combat league is its high percentage of
KOs three three-minute rounds leave no time
to hide and our top three finalists each delivered knockouts using their
strengths precision and technique let’s see who you voted number one last year
was filled with great knockouts inside the glory ring out of all these
skull-cracking and career defining moments a top 10 or even top 20 could
easily be made but we had to pick 3 these are the top knockouts of 2018 at number
three glory 60 Lyon delivered an unprecedented amount of finishes the most
beautiful that night had to be Abdellah Ezbiri KO against Victor Pinto after the opening skirmishes of the
first round Ezbiri forced Pinto against the ropes setting up a beautifully
executed spinning back kick landing precisely on Pinto’s liver it left the
executioner in ecstasy and his fellow countrymen in agony at number 2 alex
Pereira’s first round knockout over Yousri Belgaroui at glory 55 new york was
from the stuff that dreams are made up the finish itself was impressive enough
the circumstances of rematch in a world title fight in the main event at Madison
Square Garden made it even more so the way Pereira lured Belgaroui in order
to deliver his thunderous right hook and leave his opponent flat on his back
deserves nothing less than utter admiration and our number 1 knockout of
the year features for the second time Abdellah Ezbiri only now on the
receiving end and it’s the Thai phenom Petpanomrung delivering the
lethal blow and their encounter at glory 53 Lille Petch already issued a few
warnings with his trademark devastating left body kick and he decides to take it a
bit higher I’m calling a pet for Petch because
that’s his nickname that his camp calls him everything about this finish the
ferocity and power of the kick the leap towards it and the way Ezbiri slams into
the canvas not to mention it was my personal favorite call of the year that
makes this the undisputed knockout of 2018 the head kick knockout is
considered stand-up combats most devastating blow still to come the top
five moments of 2018 but who did you vote the best fight and fighter this
past year we’ll have that for you next on the season opening edition of inside
glory 2018 saw over 200 fights inside the glory ring selecting the top three
took hours and hours of viewing with an eye on the fights magnitude continuous
action and display of stand-up combat at its finest
while this list could be a dozen fights or more here are the top three with the
number one fight included it’s the fight of the year as voted on by you with so
many battles from bell to bell in 2018 glory once again showcased the best
stand-up fighters on the planet giving the fans what they want but it was these
three fights that were the best of the best showcasing everything from
technique to endurance to power at number three the culmination of what a
Glory’s longest rivalries was settled in the lightweight division between Sitthichai and Murat Grigorian at glory 57 Shenzhen, China this bout which had the
title on the line proved to be their closest yet as Sitthichai played matador
and countered Murat’s relentless forward pressure coming away with a split
decision putting him 4-0 against the Armenian showing the fans that Sitthichai is the better of the two and one of the best ever step into
Glory’s ring also in the lightweight division and at number two in our fights of
the year Josh Jauncey and stoyan koprivlenski did battle at glory 52 in LA
this encounter was a masterclass and technical expertise as the two went
moved for counter move and prolonged exchanges clean attacks defense an
evasion made for a violent ballet which showcased the best kickboxing has to
offer Jauncey walked away with a split decision
victory but koprivlenski stock still rose with the fight putting both in the
top five of the division and our top fight of the year was two of
Glory’s most experienced heavy weights coming in at the semi-finals of Glory’s
eight-man heavyweight tournament at glory 62 in Rotterdam after both going
through Wars in their quarterfinals Benjamin Adegbuyi and Jahfarr Wilnis clashed until the end of the last round this heavyweight slugfest was
a war in which advantage passed back and forth the two had a round a piece in the
bag before Adegbuyi found a head kick finish which ended the fight
instantly and left Wilnis hanging between the ring ropes in a night where you had to win three times to capture the
eight-man heavyweight tournament these two battled in the semi-finals and it
took a last-minute head kick by Glory’s only three-time tournament champion to
put Jahfarr Wilnis away and capture the fight of the year
well three down one to go over a hundred and fifty fighters battle it out
reaching for glory it’s now time to unveil the top three with you the fans
selecting the 2018 Glory fighter of the year 2018 was a thrilling action-packed
year as the leader in stand-up combat featured more memorable fights as the
world’s best fighters put everything on the line in a year filled with upsets
dominating performances and rivalry matchups these three fighters earned top
honor at number three after already winning
and defending the glory middleweight title in 2017
Alex Pereira continued his dominance into 2018 first round knockout
over Yousri Belgaroui in New York at Glory 55 proved an exclamation point on his
status as the world’s number one he he then followed that up in September in a
title rematch against Simon Marcus at glory 58 Chicago dominated over five
rounds taking a unanimous decision extending his glory unbeaten streak to
five at number two Petpanomrung began 2018 he delivered a knockout of the Year
contender with the ferocious head kick against at Abdellah Ezbiri at glory 53 Lille at glory 55 in New York became the interim
featherweight champion after beating Kevin VanNostrand setting up a
unification title fight against reigning an undefeated featherweight champion
from Robin Van Roosmalen in an impressive showcase He dethroned
the champion and he is mastered his craft already Joe, through 9 fights and
could very well tonight become the new featherweight champion of the world becoming the youngest ever Glory world title holder number one belonged to the
killer kid from the lightweight division in 2018 he defended his lightweight belt no less than four times against the top
four ranked fighters in the division four title defenses on three continents in
2018 make the killer kid not only one of the world’s best end of combat fighters
with the 2018 fighter of the Year we’re not done just yet when
we return it’s the top five glory moments 2018 welcome back to inside
glory I’m todd grisham before we turn our attention to 2019 and glory 63 in
Houston how about a last look at 2018 the best of the best here they are the
top five moments from the year that was as glory enters its 7th knockout year
it’s time to take a look back through the top five moments of 2018 a year that
saw 13 events spanning the United States China and Europe and with it new stars
new challengers and new champions and at number five is a record-breaking
night of knockouts at glory 60 Lyon in October Glory is known for brutal finishes but
the super fight series went straight into the history books with a glory
first all fights ended in knockout at number 4 November saw the return to the
historic Hammerstein Ballroom for glory 61 New York where the women’s super
bantamweight title was on the line revenge was a dish best served red hot
as Anissa Meksen reclaimed her title in dominating fashion over Jady Menezes and
avenged the most controversial decision of 2018 at number three returned to Glory
season-ending event at glory 62 rotterdam and with its first ever
eight-man heavyweight tournament Jamal big ben Saddik left a trail of
destruction in his way as he steamrolled over three opponents to take the prize and he now eyes a rematch with the
champion Rico Verhoeven at number two glory reached a milestone
in February with a return to the Windy City for glory 50 Chicago a huge night
crowned a six-year journey then seen glory bring more than 200 jaw juttering
knockouts to over a dozen countries on three continents the event delivered the
best of stand-up combat as Harut Grigorian took the welterweight title in a
rematch of his own against the predator Murthel Groenhart Sitthichai continued his dominance in
the lightweight division and Benjamin Adegbuyi became the first ever
three-time tournament winner at number one its glory’s triumphant return to the
spiritual homeland of modern kickboxing the Netherlands with September’s glory
59 Amsterdam held at the johan cruyff arena
Amsterdam’s largest Rico Verhoeven successfully defended his heavyweight
title for a record 11th time in front of a sellout crowd and the largest sports
television audience in the Netherlands for all of 2018 oh my god Amsterdam
Johan Cruyff arena you guys look beautiful 2018 was a standout year for
glory but with the title challenges tournaments grudge matches and new stars
lined up for 2019 the next 12 months look even better
taking off with Rory 63 Houston on February 1st in addition to Petch’s his first title
defense of his featherweight championship glory 63 will also feature
the 2018 newcomer of the year Asa Ten Pow 18 year old phenom Rebecca
Irwin along with Americans Omari Boyd Troy Jones and Richard Abraham
it all comes your way on Friday February 1st check local listings for time in
your area that’ll do it for this season opening edition of inside glory don’t
forget to check out all things glory on our website or
follow us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram as well as catch up on all
glory features shows and fights on our outstanding youtube channel i’m todd
grisham and i’ll see you in Houston

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  1. I guess we all wanna see rico vs hari 🙂
    But besides that I wanna see Wilnis fight just about anybody. Its always a great display of toughness and hardcore action. I would especially like to see a match up with Wilnis against Guto or Tafa as it would make for interesting matchups.

  2. ok I going to keep mentioning this…… this is kickboxing and NOT Muay Thai or K1 so in championship fights the men and elite need to be separated from the boys and contenders and 5 rounds isn't enough they need to extend to at least 8 round fights minimum right now most of the fighters know how to survive for 5 rounds and it really favors the Thai fighters minus the clinch and elbow big whoop they still have an advantage because they know how to pace for an easy 5 round fight Champions and elite fighters need to be separated come on people demand 8 round fights guaranteed to see more KOs and less surviving

  3. Rico vs jamal its 1-1,
    Badr vs some idiot,
    Winners fight each other.
    I really believe jamal would make a better change then the last time to win vs rico. That tournement win improvet him enough

  4. GLORY Kickboxing
    Need to sign Tawanchai , Rithewada , Suoerbon , Yodwicha and Superlek for lightweight ASAP .
    Sittichai outclassing Baya and Beztati a second time is boring , Jauncey did well but still he can't dethrone Sittichai and Marat … a fifth fight would be again close but Sittichai has looked better than ever and will again win .
    Only a fellow Thai stylist can read Sittichai's style and beat him ( look at his fights against Superbon , you'll see that Superbon is familiar with Sittichai Thai style and is able to beat him ) .
    If you guys are ruining of fighters to dethrone him just look into the stadiums or in discussions forum , plenty of guys can give Sittichai a run fro his money .

  5. So many good kickboxers leaving Glory for other promotions. Israel Adesanya, Robin van Roosmalen, Joe Schilling, Nieky Holzken, Raymond Daniels, Gokan Saki, Artur Kyshenko and myself. I know their middleweight champ is thinking of leaving for MMA. 😕 Got to keep more great fighters to grow the sport more.

  6. Well we know now that Badr and his opponent tested positive for illegal substance.
    Glory even went down a dirty road to end the contract with the doping agency right after the positive test results. Something is fishy.

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