Inside Anfield: Liverpool 4-0 Newcastle | Reds extend lead with Boxing Day win

Merry Christmas. Hey. HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS INSIDE Unanimous. Finally. You look like… Hi, guys. Compliments of the season. Well, Jürgen, we’ve just seen
your team news, three changes, one of the names we notice is missing
is James Milner, is there an injury problem there? Unfortunately, yes, it’s not that serious but still
serious enough to put him out of the squad. He has a little muscle problem,
we couldn’t fix it quick enough obviously, similar to Alberto Moreno,
back problems, so pretty much all the boys who are not in
the squad today have some problems. Dom Solanke as well.
So, yeah, that’s the squad we have. Guys, come in. All right? Go on, Joe. Take care. You all right? CHEERING VIRGIL: Come on! FANS SHOUT OUT APPLAUSE Any studs? Yeah, studs. Good, good.
Nicely sharpened. Let’s go, thank you. ♫ You’ll never walk alone… ♫ FANS: Ooh! Yes, Jürgen, lad! No subs? Come on, boys! CHEERING CAMERAS CLICK FANS: Yes! FANS: Yes! Well, Dejan, that felt like
a massive afternoon here at Anfield, just give us your assessment of it. Yeah, definitely, a big relief for us, it wasn’t how we wanted in the first half, we had good chances but we didn’t score, we scored with the shot I had,
but like I said it wasn’t looking easy, and we did it brilliantly second half. We are focused on ourselves, and like I said we should give
everything in every training session, and not look back. Well, Jürgen, Merry Christmas,
top of the league, six points clear, you’ve made it a very Merry Christmas
for Liverpool fans today. Yeah, it was nice. I didn’t know
what happened in that moment, but the crowd obviously heard
about the Manchester result, I’m not sure if they heard about the result
from Tottenham as well, but when it was pretty loud in the stadium we
thought it was because of the performance! It would have been nice as well. All that we did so far is a combination
of the attitude of the boys and the potential of the boys, that makes it quality from time to time
and that’s what we have to do again.

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  2. Canโ€™t wait for Gomez and Matip to be back. If anything happens to our current defenders (god forbid pls) we could be shipping a few more goals the second half of the season.

  3. Love coming to Anfield, itโ€™s always the game I look for at the start of the season. Shame about the result but I was never expecting anything different, best side in the league this year by a distance in my opinion, really would love to see you win the league this year ๐Ÿ‘โšซ๏ธโšช๏ธ

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  6. COMEEE ONNNN !!! Where's Arsenal Episode ??
    i want to see what happened inside the tunnel between Virgil and Sokratis !!!!
    There's no reason for taking so long to upload it, unless Virgil got beaten by sokratis ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. The Liverbird marches on and sweeps everything in front of her, majestic yet powerful no one can stop her and soon she'll be back on her Perch where she'll remain Forever! YNWA JFT96

  8. If you look at 04:23 lallana has NB sponsor on top and his number underneath but Shaqiri doesnโ€™t. I thin Shaqiriโ€™s is from the child store for lfc

  9. Always LIVERPOOL ! Still get a kick out of sometimes seeing & saying hello to the great Chis Lawler ,who lives not far from me. What a great time this is.

  10. Man City = Saitan

    Liverpool = God

    Saitan and God were once best friends. They loved each other, (no homo) and they did loads together. But one day, saitan went mad and attempted to destroy Godโ€™s home. But God had a plan. Being the underdog, he rose from the graves of the dead and destroyed saitan. He gathered a group of people and they fought their way to victory. 8)

    (to clarify, i do not support Liverpool xd)

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  13. Interesting the final result of champion Priemer League this season…
    I Hope Liverpool make good history this year..
    I am Kop from Indonesia….
    IG : andri_dirgan

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  19. the penalty was given, after that, going back 2-0 becomes more difficult as for a team like Newcastle. There are still gaps in the arbitrations.

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  22. Best team in the world! proud to be fan of this amazing team with best players and best BOSS! Today is our day! GO LIVERPOOL! YNWA <3

  23. Mohamed Salah .. I love you very much .. Frankly, you are the first player who really influenced Liverpool and who made a difference in Liverpool since I came to the club .. And will come to the European Cup and the English Premier League .. Thank you Mo (fan 35 years ago)

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