Inside All My Life – Dambe Boxing, Yoruba Fashion, and Burna Boy

All these ones, traditional boxing. All of them If I win: Bronze. One bronze If you win two, you get silver If you win three, you get gold Dambe boxing is a form of traditional boxing from the northern part of Nigeria. It’s one-armed combat Initially it was done in festivals and ceremonies to entertain the royalty and also the crowd who were gathered to celebrate It is a noble form of combat I personally think it’s sick I take inspiration from Dambe boxers and from the Yoruba culture which is such a huge part of the Lagos metropolis. The Yoruba culture here they have like a kind of fabric they use the Adire, the Asoke specifically Nigerian, but still traditional. For the dancers materials were all locally made here by either artisans or nigerian designers. I started dancing in Nigeria here. We keep pushing and pushing Naija commercial dance: Shaku Shaku, Shoki, Galala, Shakiti Bobo. Old school dances and new school dances, and they just fuse that, but also very modern, contemporary, urban dance as well. They are very young, they are very hungry , they are very fresh. In love with what they do. If you are from here you can fit in anywhere in the world. You just always have like I don’t know if you should call it – hope. or something like that. This location is filled up with memoirs and souvenirs of things that I know, that I grew up around. The artists, they are responsible for setting up a foundation for the music that exists in Nigeria today. It just brings on a lot of culture, a lot of music. It’s like a powerhouse of memories and memorabilia. Nigerian music is at the forefront of new sounds, like innovative sounds. I think why people are gravitating towards Nigerian music is because it’s fresh. You have artists like WizKid, Burna Boy, Kizz Daniel Those type of guys who are creating dope sound. It’s just going to get bigger and bigger. For african music, you can’t separate it from the culture, and you can’t separate it from the history. And a lot of young people today think they are the first at everything. But they really are not. It started a long time ago from something. It’s good for young Lagotians, young up-and-coming musicians to also see the beauty in areas of their city. This is the result of who you are and you are just setting it up on a plate to the world.

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  6. is there possibility that you = major lazor collaborate with guetta ? i think the idea is interesting, if you could have another angle.

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